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Espresso Velluto (#295)

Vashon Coffee Company


Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Chocolate, Fruit

Bean Box Breakdown

This rich espresso roast is a chocolate bomb! Thick cocoa in a luscious body, balanced with just a touch of brightness. Big and bold in a pour over. Sheer decadence with milk.

Vashon Coffee Company Story

Our organic espresso blend, which is lively and rich in the cup and comes through in milk-based drinks. Velvety-smooth, with notes of chocolate and hints of fruit.

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Ships roasted-to-order on Feb 20 (1-3 day typical delivery).

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Customer Reviews

19 customer reviews  write a review

"Very much a chocolate bomb. A little one note but sweet and smooth."

"I enjoyed this one! Good flavor and made a great latte!"

"I truly loved this one. I like black, no sugar and found it delicious."

"Not for me, I had this as an Americano instead of the iced latte. Bright cherry notes that run milk sour for me, but I bet if this were to be without milk it will taste less so."

"I usually have a favorite in each box and espresso Velluto is definitely the one. Smooth, full body, and love the cherry and chocolate notes."

""Not my favorite - much too bright for my tastes. Played with different amounts of milk but still never got it right.""

"This was good, my boyfriends favorite in a long time... not so much mine ;-)"

"Excellent coffee! Tried black first and then added half and half. Creamy and smooth. Wanted to have a second cup, but will save it until tomorrow."

"This isn't a favorite, it's a bit bitter for my taste, not a lot of flavors going on. "

"Not my favorite - much too bright for my tastes. Played with different amounts of milk but still never got it right."

"Very light roast. Too light for me and too much fruit"

"Not my favorite. I would consider this to be a light roast vs. a medium. Sort of left me with a bitter after taste. "

"The Vashon Coffee Company has something here. This is the second roast from Vashon that I've given 5 stars. Really love these medium roasts with a light chocolate and strong citrus blend."

"This blend was my favorite out of four I received. I'm a very cautious coffee drinker so when I read chocolate and fruit I was apprehensive. However I was very surprise by it's rich taste and beautiful aroma. Highly recommended. "

"Brewed in automatic espresso machine. It was good alone in a shot or long coffee with milk. But, my favorite way to drink it is to brew a double shot and add it to my hot dark chocolate!!! Amazing!"

"One of the smoother espressos that I have received from Bean Box. A nice chocolate flavor, but not too bold. I would consider ordering this in the future."

"Wasn't my favorite. Boyfriend liked it more and happily drank my portion. A bit more on the bitter side, also seemed a little more acidic. Just not my taste but may be for others."

"Really good, not super strong. Perfect for drinking black "

"I gave it three beans only because it just didn't stand out as much as some of the other sameples I fell in love has a lovely creme, is very smooth, a nice every day cappuccino, not bold or distinct enough for me, but not bad at all, if you like a mellow shot, this is for you.."

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