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True North Coffee Roasters - Stacya's Blend

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Ships roasted-to-order on Aug 28 (1-3 day typical delivery).

Stacya's Blend (#113)

True North Coffee Roasters


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Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Caramel, Chocolate, Citrus

Bean Box Breakdown

We taste chocolate, sugary citrus, and just a hint of toasty marshmallow in this easy-drinking coffee. A true crowd pleaser: sweet and smooth enough for light-lovers, rich enough for dark-lovers. Serve at your next brunch, birthday party, holiday dinner... or save it for yourself!

True North Coffee Roasters Story

This year's version original blend, a combination of coffees from Central America and Indonesia. Named for a long-time friend, this blend has an enticing aroma of chocolate and brown sugar, lush body and a sweet citrus finish.

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Ships roasted-to-order on Aug 28 (1-3 day typical delivery).

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Customer Reviews

81 customer reviews  write a review

"Excellent mouthfeel, nice light-to-medium body, with a richness that doesn't overpower you. It's a very steady coffee that finishes on the sweeter side, which I love. Great for a drip or a french press. "

"This is a solid 4 star coffee, great for everyday drinking. Will buy again."

"caramel and citrus are my an excellent combo. great brewed in a french press"

"This is a solid go to coffee. Looking forward to trying the other True North offerings. Highly recommended."

"One of my favorites. fruity soft and a sweet finish. Just dark enough. Drink one you will finish bag sooner then expected. "

"Very smooth and silky. Perfect any time of day. Hints of almost a s’mores in your cup. Makes a great cold brew as well "

"Yum! I knew from the description I would enjoy this one and it definitely does not disappoint! Delicious chocolate and smoky marshmallows make this an instant favorite!"

"I agree with the other reviewers. Notes don't pop on this one. It is smokey and acidic. By the description I expected a lush creamy taste with the chocolate notes. If you like the slightly bitter coffees then this might be for you. It is a solid slightly acidic coffee. Not my favorite. "

"This was pretty good. Tasted some chocolate notes, but not the marshmallow (which I was hoping to). Wouldn't reorder, but it wasn't bad. I made this in an aeropress and drank it black. "

"A little too light of a blend - smelled great, lacked the bold flavor"

"Tasty cup in my aero press, mildly acidic and great with cinnamon and cream. "

"It was good but a little on the bitter side rather than smooth. Tasting notes didn’t quite match the flavor "

"Good coffee, however was not impressed. I was hopeful for a stronger caramel, marshmallow, and chocolate taste. Definitely smooth and gives a pleasant aftertaste that fills the mouth. Disappointed by the disparity between the tasting notes and the actual taste. Overall: Good coffee; Not interesting"

"Nice smoky medium blend. Brewed this drip and cold brew. "

"These are coffee beans so I would grind it daily and use the Keurig to provide a 12 oz cup of coffee. It was rather tasteless. "

"Yum!! Only have had this new bag a few days but it's really really good in the french press! Not sure I really notice too many notes but I'm glad I got to try this as part of my subscription."

"A bit more acidic than I had anticipated, but it had a nice finish. The overall flavor was nice; it had a certain sweetness that helped with the acidity. Overall, a nice coffee that I'd drink again for sure."

"Lovely morning cup of coffee. Very smooth. Delicious sweet notes. No need to add anything. Would absolutely recommend to anyone."

"This is one of our family favorites! It definitely doesn't have the flavor of a dark roast, but it is fabulous none the less. You have to hunt for the tasting notes, but that is how we like it...coffee first and the tasting notes as hints of flavor."

"Sweeter and more acidic than I was expecting for a medium roast. I taste caramel with a somewhat peppery finish. Despite the description from Bean Box, this tastes more like I’d expect a medium-light roast, definitely not a crowd pleaser for dark roast fans. "

"Bolt flavor yet not too much that is unpleasant. Good warm flavor, perfect for a cold morning or evening! "

"chocolates, bold, yet rich and smooth. Mix in some creamer!"

"It would be exactly what I wanted if I had signed up for a light roast. Unfortunately, this was given to me as a dark roast, and it is definitely NOT a dark roast."

"My favorite coffee of the ones I've received so far. If you like your coffee on the sweeter side then this is for you! Love love loved it! "

"Yum! I could drink this all day. Just right sweetness and super smooth. Love the caramelly goodness!"

"This is probably one of my favorites. It's the perfect coffee. Not a whole lot going on in the flavor department other than some perfectly roasted coffee beans. So smooth. This is what I want when I just want that perfect cup of coffee that can be drank black because, well, it's perfect!"

"I'm drinking this coffee as I type this! I love all the different flavors in it. I am using a mocha creamer so it tastes a little more "chocolatey" but I LOVE it! Definitely one I want to get more of next time."

"Good coffee. Really smooth and flavorful. Would recommend to a friend."

"Soooo good! I brew this with a chemex and it's so smooth. I generally can't drink coffee black, but I can actually drink this one without anything in it. "

"Seems like another one that might be better cold brewed but was kind of boring brewed as hot drip. Definitely a smooth, not bold coffee so pick it up if that’s what you’re into."

"makes a real good hard coffee, good late night, maybe with some whisky."

"Brewed in a Ninja coffee pot. Smooth coffee. Lighter beans than I often get. I Wanted more of the caramel and smoky flavors that were described. Not as flavorful as many of Bean Box coffees"

"This was an interesting one to try out and smelled really lovely while being ground. The flavors weren't quite a home-run for me and I ended up preferring some cream with this one. "

"I loved this coffee i had mine will a little cream and it was the perfect morning cup my favorite out of the sampler , perfect for my husband and I he loves dark and I love medium it was a perfect blend "

"A nice strong espresso coffee with definite hint of sweet caramel. Very nice. I really liked this one!"

"I used a pour over while trying this blend. It is definitely a dessert coffee and the sweet notes come out"

"I describe this as a dessert coffee. Taste is different but good, Thought I wasn't going to like it as it is dark roast, but it was great."

"4.5/5 (Excellent) "Dark Sugar Cookie Roast" Some spice on the nose, with hints of lingering "sugar cookie" and caramel. On the tongue, this roast begins savory and slightly spicy, developing into a lingering sugar-cookie-like finish. Very good."

"Su sabor es exquisito, lo probe con una barra de chocolate hershey marshmellow y graham y sabe muy bien"

"One of my favorites. Not particularly bold, but smooth and velvety taste profile. Went great in iced lattes."

"Very sugary sweet and almost an alcohol sting on the finish. Drank as espresso. "

"Brewed by cold brew method. An excellent choice for this brew method. Very sweet and rich."

"This coffee is a medium roast but has a bolder, darker flavor than I usually get from a medium roast. Lovely flavor, but probably won't order again."

"Very tangy taste that I had to get used to. Not my favorite by far but was able to get it down. "

"I got this blend for my wife and she loved it so much we ordered it again. It has a fantastic smell and taste."

"Made with a moka. It was a sort of a confusing taste--strong but light, full, smooth, and near sweet taste with almost grassy undertones. It's a good, solid coffee overall but the flavor is hard to place & not particularly strong. I enjoyed it but it isn't my personal favorite."

"This is a good medium roast. I drink coffee for breakfast and after dinner as well. This one goes well with breakfast and dessert."

"We brew our coffee in a chemex with a reusable filter and it was very good! Was the better roast of the box!"

"Perfect in the morning, or late in the evening with a light desert. It has perhaps my 3 favorite tastes in one coffee. A must try!"

"Nice medium brew that fell a bit flat for me. I liked it but I just expected more. I didn't pick up on many of the flavor profiles. "

"An excellently balanced blend, with something for everyone (or at least my and my SO). Delicious without being overwhelming, but you may want to make it a bit stronger than usual if you're looking for that extra bite."

"Loved the smoky finish at the end. It was nice and strong(for weaker blend). "

"A very deep roast. It is a dark roast but has such an intense set of flavors of sweet cocoa. Very nice blend for all different tastes."

"chemex brewed this one. A fairly bold medium blend. Though the color of the beans seemed very light. Wife and I thought there were more earthy tones to it rather than caramel and marshmallow. Medium acidity. Overall not a bad blend , would drink again. "

"This sweet coffee was perfect for an afternoon treat. My husband, who prefers dark roast, did not like this one but I found it to be smooth with a hint of sweet. "

"Mild and slightly sweet. I like it a little more complexity in my coffees, and we both found this one to be pretty "meh." (v60)"

"Bold medium roast, very complex. Finishes strong and slightly smoky. Nicely done!"

"I just logged in to order a separate bag of this because it is the one my husband and myself agreed upon as the rival to our favorite organic blend we buy separately. It's smooth and sweet and it tastes almost like a caramel flavored coffee. So delicious!!"

"This is a wonderful roast, with soft a subtle tones of sweet with any lingering bitterness. "

"I love this coffee! You can really taste the caramel notes, but they do not overtake the coffee flavor too much. I brewed the entire sample bag in a french press with 4 cups of water for 4 minutes, using a coarse grind."

"My daughter and I loved the flavor of this coffee it was heavenly."

"I truly enjoyed this coffee and will probably order again. "

"I enjoyed this coffee, but it is not something I would buy on a regular basis. I ground it on Christmas morning and brewed in my keurig single cup maker."

"I drank this coffee in the morning. It has a great smell and tasted wonderful. It was strong enough for a morning coffee but still, smooth as a medium roast. It had nice bold flavors that you could really taste with each sip. "

"Great product! I love the chocolatey/sweet notes that this coffee has. The marshmallow note creates a nice touch that I didn't expect. Would love to try more from this company in the future!"

"This coffee arrived in my second box. It was a complete surprise. This is a good breakfast/dessert coffee, nice in the morning and at night. I might even consider buying a bag of beans. "

"Right out of the bag this coffee has an impressive aroma that excites the pallet. Freshly ground I get notes of roasted nuts (hazelnuts mosty) layered under milk chocolate. In the cup the flavors are not as clean. Medium to heavy body, definate dark chocolate, nut and a sweet acidity. Brewed chemex"

"I'm not normally a fan of marshmallow flavors but this roast is perfect! The coffee marshmallow combination was like a camping experience for my mouth minus the bugs & outdoors. "

"Verynice and smooth. Can definetly taste the caramel notes. Great as a after dinner coffee"

"This blend was quite a treat. It was great for a evening coffee to sip outside on the balcony. A smooth finish made it drinkable for both of us. "

"This coffee smells lovely and tastes even better. Brewed in a french press it doesn't even need cream but the cream brings out the described marshmallow flavors"

"Amazing. Great medium blend for everyone. It doesn't need anything added to make it yummy."

"Really lovely medium roast. Super smooth and very subtely sweet. Would be happy drinking this every day."

"Brewed using pour over method. Very smooth blend with hints of the caramel, marshmallow, and chocolate in every sip. This will appeal to a wide range of coffee drinkers."

"I like a darker smokier blend than this but still enjoyed it."

"Appealing roast for both medium and dark roast lovers. Served to family over the holidays and the pot was empty in no time. "

"A good smooth wonderfully flavored coffee that both my husband and I enjoyed."

"It's almost like a s'more in a cup! I'm a cream and sugar kind of girl, but with this coffee, I added a little cream and was good to go. Great flavor, I'm especially fond of anything with caramel tones to the taste. "

"Just when I thought i found a favorite for re-order this one comes along. A bit of heavy cream really brings out the chocolate, and a pinch of stevia brings out the marshmallow. A smooth shoe in for re-order."

"This is our new favorite coffee! So smooth, but still has a delicious, full flavor. Pairs well with sweets AND savories. Great balance. I usually add cream to my coffee, my husband sugar, but we can both drink Stacya's Blend black. "

"A delicious, smooth, and easy to drink coffee that my husband and I both love. This pot of coffee disappears quickly in our house!"

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