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Seattle Coffee Works - Costa Rica Valle Central Las Lajas Perla Negra

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Costa Rica Valle Central Las Lajas Perla Negra (#217)

Seattle Coffee Works

Roast: Light roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Blackberry, Raspberry, Black Currant

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

This roast is berries galore! A juicy-sweet coffee that has all the flavor of a blackberry pie fresh from the oven (but none of the baking required).

Seattle Coffee Works Story

Las Lajas is organically certified and follows strict sustainability standards. To counteract the lack of altitude, Francisca and Oscar have opted to only use Honey and Natural processes in processing the coffee. That way, they preserve all the fruit flavors available in the coffee cherry. You will be hard pressed to find more delicious coffee in Costa Rica or anywhere. Medium round body with notes of blackberry, raspberry, and black currant, with a milk chocolate finish.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

15 customer reviews

"Wow! WHAT AN AMAZING BLEND! I don't know if its the fruitiness or the chocolate notes that I like more about it! Great flavor all around! "

"Just opened a bag of these and made my first cup as a pour-over, and I don't understand how anyone can not be blown away by the taste! This is one of my favorites for sure. I do love naturals in general, but this one is more lively than most. If you are not loving it, you are making it wrong ;-)"

"Brewed with a v60 and really enjoyed. Berry notes were pronounced with a chocolatey finish. "

"Not my fave one. But I dont hate it either. The flavors are nice until I get to the currant, which Im not fond of. Other than that, the other berries are there. Definitely a bold one."

"well, this is definitely the best coffee I tried so far! I ordered this twice "light" and it's my favorite. I like the taste of this one because it has a chocolate and fruity taste. "

"Wonderful light flavor! One of my favorites! For a more bold and rich flavor I used my french press"

"Excellent light roast. Would definitely order again."

"While I'm typically not a fan of raspberry I enjoyed how all of the berry flavors paired nicely together with this roast. The chocolate wasn't overpowering, but ever so present with each sip. Definitely a win for the start of beautiful spring day!"

"chemex. Really quite good. Very fruity, but really a bit darker than I like for these fruit flavors. I prefer more of a floral note with those flavors. That said, would try again. Tempted to get a bag of this one."

"As soon as you open and grind this coffee it smells like a bowl of berries. chemex brewed it. Very pleasant acidity to it. Has a juicy flavor with those hints of fruit. It feels velvety on the mouth. Super impressed with this coffee. "

"Pretty memorable coffee. I prefer more fruity notes which I could not pick up in this one. Made this coffee in my trusty Kalita pour-over and think this would be the best way to enjoy this particular coffee."

"Light brew is normally not a flavor of mine and when I read it taste like blackberry pie I was like 'no way'. Then after my first sip seriously it taste like blackberry pie. This coffee has so much soft berry flavor I loved it. "

"chemex brewed. Delicious berry flavors with smooth milk chocolate throughout the entire cup. Delicious."

"Loved this juicy delicious coffee. Made first cup in my chemex. yummy!!"

"I just received this coffee as part of my Costa Rican Sampler Box. I brewed it with an aeropress. It is very bold and you can taste the fruity overtones. I absolutely loved it."

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