Broadcast Coffee Roasters - Colombia Del Campo

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Colombia Del Campo (#534)

Broadcast Coffee Roasters

Roast: Light roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Cherry, Chocolate

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

With its swirling notes of sweet milk chocolate, a thick, vanilla-cream body, and a bright hint of cherry syrup, this classic Colombian tastes like a Neapolitan ice cream... only better, because it’ll keep your hands warm! No chilly; all cozy.

Broadcast Coffee Roasters Story

A creamy washed Colombia with notes of chocolate, jam, and cherry.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

19 customer reviews

"Great for a standard batch drip, a french press, and a chemex. The boldness is just perfect, and the chocolate and cherry notes really balance one another out. The jam notes weren't super noticeable outside making it in the chemex but even then, it's a great coffee."

"This coffee is amazing! Brewed in a press, by far our favorite coffee. So many different flavors, this coffee will always keep your taste buds happy!"

"Delicious - clean, cherry, milk chocolate. (chemex)"

"One of my favorites! (My husband enjoys it too! Haha) Nice thick and creamy body. Absolutely delicious! Excellent with any foods, especially chocolate in the evenings after dinner. "

"I Love a light roast and you could really taste the cherry in this one. I either make it french press or aeropress, can't remember, but it was yummy with a splash of agave."

"Sweet and delicious, dessert-like coffee, perfect after dinner. chocolate and sweet fruit, yum!"

"This coffee had great chocolate notes, but I also didn't find the cherry to be noticeable. I probably wouldn't have known if it hadn't been highlighted."

"i didnt get as much cherry as i wanted to find, but this was a perfectly good coffee. much better as espresso than in the french press. better with a touch of sugar."

"chocolate covered cheeries meets coffee! Yum! Give this one a try! "

"I've loved Broadcast in the past, but this one falls short with a little too much bitterness and acidity. The cherry chip notes are fantastic, but are ultimately overwhelmed by bitterness."

"This is one of those coffees that we would not mind seeing in a box again, but we probably would not take the time to order ourselves. It was good, but there was something about the mix of tastes that threw us off a touch."

"On a nose, a wonderful milk chocolate, marshmallow, brown sugary scent. Smooth milk chocolate and very pleasant stone fruit acidity when brewed. A really great Colombian bean. Brewed with Kalita."

"Good coffee, brewed as a drip coffee. chocolate comes through the strongest in the after taste. More bold than I expected. Good, but not sure I’d order it again."

"Brewed in french press. Tastes of fruit, cherry or even raspberry. Not one of our favorites, good coffee, but a little to acidic and briney for our tastes. "

"yummy could really taste the chocolate and cherry used my pour over with it"

"Loved this coffee. Only made with Kalita. Would love to try as espresso. Well balanced with delicious chicolate notes. "

"I agree with other customer reviews. Very delicious and creamy. Smooth cherry hints and a smidge of dark chocolate. Brewed or french press it is a delicious coffee."

"Delicious, balanced flavors. Not overly sweet, but the cherry syrup just adds a touch of flavor. Not too dark, not too light. Just right."

"Delicious! So delicious I had to write this review while sipping it. Rich, creamy body with hints of cherry and chocolate. One of my favorites so far. Brewed in a french press."

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