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Longshoreman's Daughter Coffee - Loaded Blend

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Loaded Blend (#15)

Longshoreman's Daughter Coffee

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Chocolate, Berry, Cedar

Bean Box Breakdown

Floral and voluptuous in flavor with a sharp finish, this coffee has been the daily staple of Fremont hipsters for years.

Longshoreman's Daughter Coffee Story

A blend of all organic beans from Ethiopia, Indonesia, and Mexico. Medium-heavy body with taste notes of molasses, sweet cedar, pear, and bakers chocolate.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

12 customer reviews

"Delicious with great notes 10 for 10 would order again"

"Little lighter than expected for roast, good, but prefer others more. Made with french press, might be better served as pourover. Update- definetely prefer this in pour over method/chemex. "

"Not an abundance of flavor in my opinion. However, the coffee is smooth and has a slight smoky and apricot aftertaste. Average coffee overall."

"This aromatic coffee tastes like the ideal morning - bright, cheery, happy, and full. Its a great summer/fall brew that begs to be drunk outside in the fresh air. "

"Rich, smooth solid coffee. I enjoyed this as an espresso. "

"I use a coarse grind in my french press. This coffee is smooth and a little sweet, without being bitter at all. The tasting notes didn't quite come through to me, but the overall flavor was great. I really enjoyed this blend and I think it might be my new favorite!"

"chemex brewed this one. Very drinkable. Full bodied well rounded flavors something I would expect from a blend. The pot was gone before my wife and I were ready for it to be gone . Nice Balance between light and dark. Something her and I can agree on. Top 3 coffees I have gotten from bean box. "

"Tried this brew in a french press. The chocolate notes came through well. Very smooth."

"Brewed this coffee in a french press for 4-5 minutes. Sweet and mild taste of deep chocolate. This is a great coffe that we would recommend to anyone who enjoys a medium roast."

"This coffee is definitely bolder than most, but I didn't get any of the cedar, pear, chocolate, or other interesting flavors I expected. I used the entire sample bag in a pour-over with medium-fine grind and 3.5 cups of water."

"This was an slightly sweet bold coffee that was easy to drink, especially made with the chemex"

"Love this blend it is a wonderful smooth reasonably priced coffee that I could drink every morning"

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