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Ladro Roasting - Fremont Blend

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Fremont Blend (#131)

Ladro Roasting


(Earn up to $1.75 in Bean Box Credit)

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Tea, Almond, Pear

Bean Box Breakdown

A delightful coffee blend named for Seattle’s artsy Fremont neighborhood, affectionately known by locals as the “Center of the Universe”. One sip and you’ll understand: this coffee is out of this world!

Ladro Roasting Story

A smooth, medium roast of seasonal, Fair Trade, and Organic certified coffees. Notes of baked pear, rooibos, and almond.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

35 customer reviews

"Baked pear and almond sounded delicious in a coffee. However, I wasn't able to pick up either of those flavors, and least not brewed in a drip machine. Perhaps a french press or cold brew might have brought out those flavors. "

"almond and pear are two of my favorite flavors so it was a treat to find them in this coffee"

"It was good coffee, but didn't particularly stand out - I wasn't able to tell the "notes of baked pear". "

"I am really enjoying this coffee (drinking it currently!) It has a hint of sweetness, but nothing over-the-top. No acidic aftertaste or bitterness. The first word that came to mind when I drank it were "delightful" - which I then noticed was the exact same word the package uses to describe it. :)"

"I really liked this coffee, It was smooth and i enjoyed the nutty taste!"

"Not my favorite coffee, it was a little bland in my opinion. Brewed with a french press and did notices some nutty flavor. "

"Nice spice and nut notes! Smooth but with nice play. "

"I thought this coffee was ok, however, the last roast that we had from Ladro was far superior to this one. I brewed this coffee with my french press and aero press and wasn't particularly impressed by any single flavor as nothing stood out to me. Smooth yes, flavorful...meh. "

"Tasted somewhat bland to me. Not a lot of flavor out of this one."

"Average taste - none of the flavors really stood out. Will add the rest of the package to our blend."

"Description of this coffee was good, aroma was good, but taste - I didn't like it. Maybe as Americano or espresso it will be good but as latte - no. "

"The pear flavor was not my favorite. It took me a while to find the flavor. All that said it was smooth, might grind more beans than usual. "

"Decent coffee. Nothing really great though. Just ok/decent. "

"I really liked this as a morning coffee. It's bold but tea and pear notes were subtle. Great aroma while brewing! Would definitely buy again. "

"Wasn't too bad, but not overly memorable. Used a Bee House pour over."

"The fruity and nutty aroma of this coffee was really pleasant."

"The pear flavor was subtle yet extremely tasty. My boyfriend and I LOVED this one. The acidity was on point and the boldness of the coffee was appreciated."

"I drank this two weeks after delivery. Still good. I only grind right before the brew of course and I used a pour over method. This coffee has a full mouth feel and would go great with a lighter pairing. The fruit and nutty undertones make me want a fruit pastry or an almond cookie. "

"I usually don't like coffees with fruit undertones, but the pear was a nice touch. Ladro always seems to have interesting picks!"

"Light, smooth, and clean. Enjoyed this one all the way through. Brewed the whole sample bag in a 10 cup drip coffee maker and served with half and half, the coffee stood up to the cream very well. I recommend. "

"Though I have not bought it from bean box I have sampled this at the actual cafe and it's awesome I love the light notes of tea and Berry I bet it's great as a cold brew or iced! "

"I didn't care for this roast. Came out very light with high acidity. At first taste it was all lemon zest and earthiness. After reading the notes of rooibos I was able to distinguish the earthiness more precisely as rooibos notes. But I didn't pick up much pear flavor. A touch of cream helped a lot."

"Not my favorite. Quite earthy and spicy, but I prefer lighter blends."

"Great Morning Brew. Light body and flavor. I even get some hints of black tea. "

"We made this in a french press and it was super light. We set a timer as we always do, but it just didn't come out well. It might be better prepared in a different way."

"This was one of my favorites in the batch I just received. Its nothing crazy exciting but a coffee I can have everyday and enjoy. "

"aeropress- light fruit and tea. Good medium roast. Nice aroma "

"A light fruity blend with a nutty hint. It has a smooth finish. No additional sweetener necessary!"

"in the words of rick ross, "shout out to all the pear"!"

"I brewed this using a french press. I found it to have a light mouth feel with a tea like after taste. It seemed high in acid to me. Overall, a decent cup of coffee."

"Very good coffee, but not a standout for me. Smooth, but no strong flavors standing out."

"A very nice coffee. Smooth, flavorful, a great addition to our list of favorites."

"A good blend for breakfast--I really enjoyed the smoothness. Excellent black. "

"We made the coffee with a french press, the roast was a little too dark for my taste buds. "

"My favorite so far! i taste the almond note in the description"

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