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Guatemala Gregorio Carillo (#338)

Longshoreman's Daughter Coffee

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Blackberry, Toffee, Currant

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

Longshoreman’s Daughter loved this coffee so much that they bought the entire harvest from the Guatemalan microlot farm of Gregorio Carrillo! Featuring a light, satin body, and soft acidity, this roast is brimming with notes of baker’s chocolate and toffee with a sweet molasses finish. We’re in love, and we know you will be too.

Longshoreman's Daughter Coffee Story

This microlot from Gregorio Carrillo produced just 31 bags of coffee and we bought the whole lot. This certified Fair Trade Organic roast was chosen as a microlot during an annual internal cupping competition held by the CODECH cooperative where Carrillo’s farm is located. It wowed the judges, and it wowed us. Mellow, and smooth as silk, it exhibits the classic Huehue regional notes of blackberry and chocolate, with an elegant acidity and hint of toffee.

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Customer Reviews

33 customer reviews

"Was delicious for a medium roast- I could notice the currant flavor which was a bit unusual, but really interesting- will order again."

"Thought it was very good smooth taste berries. And little sweetness"

"This is the first bag I'm trying so hard to compare to others BUT in comparison to general store-bought coffee or even my local shops I prefer this! You can definitely taste the freshness since these come as the beans and therefore is super fresh if you use right after grinding them. Love it!!!"

"I wasn’t a fan of this blend. Earthy, gritty finish and a bit more rich than I’d like. "

"Brewed with v60 pour over. Very smooth, tastes of berry but not overpowering. A bit of chocolate as well."

"This was another favorite. I brewed it with a pour over every morning and ran out way too fast!"

"I thought this coffee was absolutely marvelous. A darker medium roast, the toffee really stands out and adds the perfect finish. Brewed in a moka pot with cream and sugar."

"Pretty good coffee here with aforesaid toffee notes and smooth acidic finish. Nice and creamy with no real need for cream or sugar. Only downfall is cream and sugar actually makes it far too sweet to enjoy."

"A very pleasant coffee with strong berry notes. I brewed it with an aero press. "

"I enjoyed this. Nice medium. Texture is smooth, the fruit notes are subtle and the molasses makes for a perfect finish. Think I’ll be ordering a bag!"

"This isn’t one of my favorite coffees. It tastes like a dark roast to me and slightly bitter. I’ll be using it as espresso shots in other beverages."

"These beans had a smell and taste that reminded me of a sweet tobacco, with very definite chocolatey notes. I agree that it was smooth and mellow; it makes a very good, very drinkable coffee, but without standing out as particularly special/different. Made with a moka pot."

"Great rich coffee - I loved the undertones of chocolate and molasses. Was a little rich for my everyday drinking, but I thoroughly enjoyed trying this coffee, and would recommend it for sure. "

"Definitely tasted the toffee and the berry notes as well as the cocoa. It was very smooth and medium bodied with a nice finish. Would definitely recommend!"

"This is a very rich coffee, which I enjoyed. I don't know that I can drink it regularly, but its one I would return to repeatedly."

"I've been waiting to try coffee from longshoreman' daughter coffee and decided to grab a bag of Guatemalan which I love. My first espresso was a disappointment. The coffee was too bitter for my liking. The flavor notes did not improve the cup. "

"We expected to really like this one, but the flavor was off for us and it was more bitter and roasty than we like. "

"Very good cup of coffee. It was kind of tart but sweet amd delicious."

"Interesting taste! One of my new favorites. I would get this again definitely."

"Very rich and satisfying. I brew it as an espresso and pour over and it holds up well with both. "

"chocolate and currant notes dominate. Good for Sunday mornings, when is no rush and you can enjoy rich taste! Certainly is worth to try! "

"Delicious!! Would definitely buy on my own! Could be a breakfast regular."

"This smooth cup had a very defined flavor profile. At first sip you are immediately hit with a sweet molasses flavor on the palate, moving into a dark berry note, and finishing with a silky chocolate on the back of the tongue. With a medium body, it leaves a tangy acidity in the mouth."

"This was the very first whole bean coffee I ever tried. I tried two different pourover methods and could not get it quite right. I think I have some more playing with the grind to do. This did make a decent cup of coffee with vanilla creamer."

"Loved this! Used it in my drip coffee maker, and I couldn't stop drinking it! Definitely one I'd come back to over and over again. "

"The hints of toffee stood out with this cup! The tastes of chocolate weren't overpowering just enough to compliment the fruitiness of the blackberry. This was a very smooth cup and enjoyed with the windows cracked on a cool Saturday morning!"

"after 1 year of bean box, and 48 coffees, this stood as my finance's favorite. "

"Great flavor, love the hint of toffee with this darker roast. "

"What a great find! I always love blends from Guatemala, but especially this one! Has a great mix of fruity/chocolatey that I love! I really have not been disappointed by bean box yet. Love it!"

"My favorite from the box. Very well balanced with dark coffee with fruity flavors."

"This was a delicious dark coffee that did great in the french press"

"Wow, well call me crazy but to me there is nothing "light" about this coffee. Anyway, to me, it's a dark roast, which are not my favs but it definitely was smooth with low acidity and fit squarely into how I feel about most dark roasts - it's ok. "

"This one is a little puzzling to me - the smell of the beans, both before and after the grind, does not match the taste at all... it's still a nice coffee, but all the floral fruitiness I smell seems to go away during brewing. I've tried both paper and metal mesh filters, but aeropress works best."

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