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Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie - Guatemalan Reserve

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Guatemalan Reserve (#155)

Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie


(Earn up to $1.80 in Bean Box Credit)

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Cherry, Chocolate, Cocoa Powder

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

A medium roast with the body and presence of a darker coffee, and the bright, black-forest-cake flavors that make Guatemalan coffees so enticing. This coffee is Little Red Riding Hood, and the wolf, combined.

Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie Story

The coffee beans of this varietal are rare and grow nearly wild in the rich volcanic soils of Guatemala. One of the most requested coffees: rich red color with a spicy-sharp aroma and warm heart.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

28 customer reviews

"Good with a soft chocolate finish and nutty. Little cream and she is smooth. "

"This was a really full-flavored coffee, deep in color and even if you didn't use a ton of grounds, it still delivered. Yum!"

"Bright and fun. A truly enjoyable coffee, great for warm mornings."

"Really like this coffee! It has a bitter chocolate taste but doesn't take you over the edge of being too bitter. My husband kept using the descriptive "charcoal" which I didn't get . . . but maybe others will."

"This brew is erupting with flavor! It's a go-to coffee. Fun fact: The national bird of Guatemala is the quetzal. This cup o' joe will leave your chirping with glee! Yum!"

"Great espresso shots, wasn't impressed with tried as a pour over on ice."

"Our favorite blend so far! This is a very full-bodied coffee with a strong flavor. Can easily be brewed lighter or darker. Can’t wait to try it in the french press!"

"Big improvement over the first couple of roasts I've received. Very smooth and the cherry flavor definitely came through. Putting this one on the short list. "

"This coffee was incredibly fragrant, even before I opened the package! A nice medium roast, very chocolate-y and smooth. "

"This came in a sample pack, I am new to the coffee game. I prefered the darker bean. This was still rich in flavor just not my cup of tea!"

"I enjoyed a rich flavor in a cup of Guatemalan reserve espresso. "

"Used for espresso, Americano. Not a remarkable flavor, but still enjoyed my cup. 3/5"

"I received this coffee in my "espresso" sampler. Initially, I was surprised it was a medium roast, but it does have a bold flavor. I could discern some of the individual notes, but the chocolate was most pronounced. Overall, it was pretty good!"

"This roast wasn't bad but was the least flavorful Guatemalan roast I've had. Spicy notes come out a bit but are pretty muted overall. "

"This is a wonderful coffee. It has a really satisfying dark chocolate/cocoa taste, that has an "edge" but not overly bitter. I definitely recommend it for those that like deep, complex flavoring. I made it in a french press. It has the personality of an Americano vs. just a cup of coffee. "

"A great medium roast coffee with great body. No hint of bitterness- definitely dark and smooth."

"I'm in love with the dry aroma of this coffee. Hickory smoked bacon, molasses and "waffles". Needless to say this is a great morning cup. The traits found in the dry aroma translate well into the cup. The medium body welcomes a splash or more of good quality cream. "

"This is a very smooth coffee with subtle chocolate flavors. This was my favorite in the iced coffee box and it made great iced coffee. "

"A delicious, smooth, full bodied roast with light notes of chocolate. My favorite of my box so far. "

"Our favorite of the coffees we've received so far! A pleasing, full-bodied dark roast. "

"Very smooth and clean finish, great for french press. "

"We used these beans in an espresso machine and it resulted in a mild cup of espresso. Not my favorite so far, but it was true to its description."

"Smooth and light - really enjoyed this blend, giving it a 4 out of 5 stars. "

"Really nice balanced coffee with great chocolate and fruity flavor."

"easy to taste the cocoa powder, struggling to find the cherry. i enjoyed it nonetheless. nice medium roast."

"This is a good medium roast. The cherry and chocolate flavors are noticeable. However, those are not my favorite flavors, so I think this roast is just okay."

"My roommate likes light roasts and I like darks but this had all of the notes we both like and was the perfect middle ground. "

"This coffee had a strange taste and aroma to it. The least favorite we've received from Bean Box in our tenure with the club."

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