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Kuma Coffee - Colombia Pasto Sede

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Colombia Pasto Sede (#593)

Kuma Coffee

Roast: Light roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Blackberry, Black Currant, Chocolate

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

Grown next to the Geleras volcano of Pasto Sede, this roast is exploding with juicy and vibrant notes of black currants and blueberries. Whether you brew it through a filter or as espresso, you're bound to discover the subtly sweet and clean finish of this roast.

Kuma Coffee Story

This small producer blend of coffees was grown on the side of the Geleras volcano near Pasto Sede. If you like a rich, chocolatey coffee that shows a 9/10 in body and a 9/10 in sweetness then this coffee is for you. But it doesn't just stop there. This coffee exhibits dark, juicy and extraordinarily sweet and clean blue fruits that remind me of black currants, blueberries and blackberries. This coffee is sure to be a crowd pleaser and should be dynamic as filter coffee, but otherworldly as espresso!

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

14 customer reviews

"Not a huge fan. I thought this was too fruity. I do not doubt that it is a quality cup of joe, but just did not please the palate personally."

"Very smooth cup with notes of fruit and chocolate. Enjoyed very much!"

"This brew was incredibly smooth. Loved the low acidity. No bitter notes. One of my favorites! "

"My favorite! GREAT cup of coffee! Subtle changes in flavor and very smooth."

"This was my favorite roast out of my first box. Nothing really stood out about it, it was just a solid, drinkable flavor."

"This blend was a good mix of fruity and chocolately. Would be good to enjoy in the morning or as an early afternoon pick me up. Has been one of my favorites so far "

"I really enjoyed this one - tastes just like it's described, and makes a great coffee to enjoy at breakfast or lunch for a pick me up. I had it with some chocolate and it made the chocolate taste incredible. "

"Really finding that I like the roaster Kuma! Consistently smooth and easy drinking! Yes yes yes to sweet chocolatey goodness!"

"By far my favorite out of the coffee sent to me. For several years, I have only been drinking dark roast because I preferred the flavor. If you're in the same boat, TRY THIS. I drink my coffee black and there was SO much flavor to this one. It's fruity, but not overbearingly fruity."

"I'm not a fan of light roasts, but this one really surprised me! Would definitely recommend for anyone."

"I love me a light roast and this one was delightful. I made it as a pour over and the fruity flavor and richness made me go for a second cup right after I finished the first!"

"I was surprised how much I liked this one. Loved the fruity tones and it was very sweet."

"Pleasantly surprised with this brew. I never thought I would want berries in my coffee but I am hooked! I french-pressed this coffee and I loved the smell it left lingering in my kitchen. The best so far!"

"I usually prefer medium roasts and try to stay away from the lighter "fruity" roasts, but I received this as a sample and it's surprisingly good! Although you can definitely taste the berry notes, it's not overpowering. I used an aeropress and drank it black. I might have to buy a full size bag!"

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