Kuma Coffee - Bear Claus Holiday Blend

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Bear Claus Holiday Blend (#363)

Kuma Coffee

Roast: Light roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Fig, Pomegranate, Cranberry

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

A flavorful and decadent blend with notes of chocolate, fig, and spiced cake. The perfect addition to any celebration, or when you need a little extra energy to wrap all those gifts...

Kuma Coffee Story

Story: Who is that up on the rooftop, making a racket? Oh it's you, because you've been drinking too much coffee. It's ok, that's what the holidays are for, right? This 50/50 blend of Colombia and Kenya will put you in the spirit for scarves, gift-giving and reindeer, and make you forget all about the soul-sucking dirge of the endless winter outside. It tastes like cranberry preserves, figgy pudding and chocolate spice cake.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

59 customer reviews

"This was a good cup of coffee. I couldn't taste the fruity flavors but still very good. "

"Normally I am not really into the holiday blends, too much clove or nutmeg and cinnamon for me, but this one was pleasant. french press method or chemex works both alike. "

"Not bad, but not great. And that's what's disappointing about it. As the first Month's delivery, I think I expected more that a ho-hum blend like this one, especially considering fine single-origins Beanbox offers. I brewed this one using a chemex a few times now."

"Like usual, I prepared the coffee using a french press. It was wonderful! Smooth, yet bold. "

"Kuma was the first coffee I tried from BB, I was instantly hooked, and they did not fail with this one. Pomegranate flavor stood out, with mild spices and very mild, light chocolate, mellow and smooth, easy on the stomach too. "

"I really liked this one.I loved the pomegranate flavor and smell, and just smooth taste. Kind of a creamy, light chocolate flavor, with very mild spices. Definitely would buy!"

"It tasted like old sweet potato juice, not for me at all."

"Good full flavor coffee. Notes of wine fruit and spice. Brewed in french press n d drank black. Very good roaster and decent holiday blend coffee."

"Really a 4.5. A very delicious blend. It was smooth, rich, kind of fruity and chocolatey, with a very pleasant lingering aftertaste. Certainly had a chocolate spice cake taste to it. Best holiday blend so far. Brewed french press"

"The flavors were light and mild. A little acidic for me, but overall tasty. "

"This was a little too light for my taste. It was very fruity but the chocolate didn’t really come through."

"So good. Delightfully sweet and smooth, easy to drink. An excellent cup of coffee to warm you in the morning. (pour over)"

"Delightful scent but the flavor is a bit plain, especially for a roast with so many notes."

"This was a nice blend that I enjoyed from my Bean Box. it has a nice taste that reminds me of the holidays. This isnt necessarily my first choice, but it is up there as one of the favorites! would order again."

"This light roast was just what I needed to bring up my Christmas cheer! chocolate and pomegranate came to the forefront of the flavors for me making me want another cup of the lovely brew! Thanks for a great holiday blend!"

"Flavor is a light smooth milk chocolate. Brewed in a french press. Yummy!"

"Me while brewing: Wow, this really smells like pomegranate, but maybe it won't taste that way. Me drinking it: Oh my god, it's literally just pomegranate. I had it with a cinnamon roll and there WAS a hint of spice and cocoa, but all in all, it's super fruity. Very thin. Meh. Colder= fruitier."

"chocolatey with a bit of spice, this is one of my favorite coffees ever, and one of my favorite parts of the holiday season."

"Love this coffee; not too dark, but still a strong profile. Not a huge fan of acidic beans and these are the type I would definitely order again."

"Nice blend with notes of chocolate. I got really excited about the fig notes and I while I did not pick those up completely they were certainly there to make my day a little better :)"

"Way too light of a roast for me, especially with all the fruit notes. I only made one cup and barely got through three sips of it."

"LOVED this blend! The perfect cup of holiday coffee, especially when brewed in the french press. It was rich with flavor and held cream well. "

"This coffee blend was very smooth and delicious. We will definitely be reordering when it's available!"

"made in the french press, this is full of flavor and doesnt seem at all like a light roast! just the smell of the ground beans was tantalizing and surprisingly, it doesnt disappoint with the spices in the flavor. a new favorite for me! too bad its seasonal..."

"Very light and smooth. Definitely fits the holiday theme. I liked a lot for the colder season, but do not see myself drinking it when it gets to warmer weather. "

"A good coffee, not my favorite however. Could taste the cranberry flavor which was surprising"

"2017: (3.5) Tastes like a darker roast. Description is accurate. (chemex) 2018: Is it a different blend? Unsure. Description is similar, though also includes "spice cake" - thought it tasted better anyway"

"This one is my least favorite of all the coffees so far - it just has a weird after taste to me, can't really put my finger on it, but just not a favorite at all. "

"This is one of my favorites. I wasn't expecting to like the pomegranate flavor as much as I did but it was delicious"

"This was a mild roast coffee. Nice, mild body, but none of the flavors stood out. Brewed in a french press."

"Tastes as described nice notes of raspberry chocolate "

"I love the note of cranberry in this one. A great coffee for the holidays! "

"This was really good and perfect for the holidays!!! "

"I love strong and flavorful coffee. This was one of the best coffees I have drank . . . . ever. I will definitely be gifting this coffee for winter"

"I was not expecting to be a fan of this one, but it was super yummy!! I loved the tasting notes."

"Got this in the sample box and it was one of the best. Festive fruity holiday roast without being overwhelming or sour."

"Nice obviously fresh coffee, received in a monthly sample. We are generally dark roast drinkers so it was not surprising that we were not overwhelmed by this particular coffee. Brewed with french press. Tasting notes are true to taste. "

"Unique blend...A nice addition to a good Kenyan coffee. I was hesitant after reading the description, but it turned out to be surprisingly good. One of the best monthly coffees I received all year."

"This is my new favorite coffee. Nice amount of both citrus and sweet. "

"This was a little too acidic for me to enjoy it. The tasting notes are true to form, and the coffee was evidently very fresh and good quality. I just tried something different and it wasn't entirely for me."

"Delicious brew! So smooth and smelled glorious upon grinding! Wish I would have grabbed a bigger bag!"

"This was a really nice coffee for the holidays without being too rich in any given flavor profile like some Christmas/holiday blends can be!"

"Right away I noticed the smooth mouthfeel of this coffee. It's light and balanced. I was able to pull out the cranberry and even a bit of apricot which adorned a smooth chocolate finish. As far as blends go, this one ranks at the top. Brewed using chemex."

"Great flavor. You can definitely taste the fruit. Enjoyed this coffee but not an overall fan of fruity coffee. It was smooth with medium acidity."

"This was delicious. The acidity was just right, and it left me feeling warm and happy inside-- much like the holidays. "

"Enjoyed this. Will look forward to getting this again in the future. Light, smooth coffee that I enjoyed better than the dark, overwhelming typical-Starbucks style holiday roasts."

"This has become one of my favorites. It’s light and sweet and delicious. It is the perfect accompaniment to a cold day. "

"It may be no secret, but it's new to me that the last few coffees that I've had from this company have been an absolute treat. They are fantasy and delight wrapped up in a warm cup of hugs. I want to cuddle up with a cup of this and read strange subreddits for a couple hours."

"I love the smell of this coffee as I ground it. I immediately wanted to try it! I love the chocolatey taste. It is light roast, but definitely very full of flavor. Love it so much!"

"The only light roast in my light sampler. I wish there was a larger variety of lights in the sampler. I enjoyed this festive holiday blend with sweet rich chocolate as well as the holiday spices I repurchased this blend this December and totally enjoyed it as an espresso."

"We brewed this with the pour over method, our standby. Great aroma and flavor!"

"I found this one to have too much of a sharp and sour taste. I drank it back in December, 2016 soon after receiving it as an espresso."

"Unique and fruity blend. Would order this one again!"

"I love the beans! I can't wait for the holidays to come back so it can come back. Hands down one of the best coffees I have ever had! Great for the coffee newbie or the experienced coffe aficionado."

"This was a perfect coffee to have over the holidays. Great taste!"

"We really enjoyed this holiday blend - great flavor without being over the top with holiday spice. Would get again."

"Oh yum, this coffee is so good. It's very distinct and flavorful. I really like the hint of warm spice. It is so fresh and full of flavor, and I find myself taking extra time to finish my cup."

"Great scent! We loved it! Only lasted 2 days in our house because it was so tasty!"

"Great Holiday blend! I wish this blend could be around longer, because I love the notes of cranberry and fig that this coffee presents. Would love to buy more of this coffee in the future! "

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