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Keala's Hawaiian Coffee - 100% Kona

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100% Kona (#233)

Keala's Hawaiian Coffee

Bean Box Top Shelf

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 8 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Passion Fruit, Coconut

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

Experience the romance of 100% Kona coffee roasted to perfection in Seattle. This Top Shelf selection features coffee handpicked from Extra Fancy Grade cherries, representing the top 20% of coffee grown in Kona. Keala’s Kona delivers a Big Island taste you can only get when you combine the highest-quality beans with small-batch roasting. While you have to book a flight to see the lush green volcanic mountain slopes of Hawaii, you don’t have to leave your kitchen to experience an artisan Kona coffee that is farm-to-cup perfection.

Keala's Hawaiian Coffee Story

This 100% farm-direct Kona coffee is freshly-picked from the slopes of Holualoa on the Big Island of Hawaii. Our direct relationships with several small farms in Kona reflect our commitment to the tradition of coffee growing families in Hawaii. This Extra Fancy grade of Kona coffee shines as a balanced cup of coffee. Fresh roasted as a medium roast, a pleasant body is matched with hints of toasted coconut and passion fruit.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

42 customer reviews

"A wonderful Kona, one of the best I've had. Bright and acidic, yet smooth. I love this coffee and try to treat myself every once in a while."

"Delicious coffee. Such a treat. I even mix it with other coffee beans sometimes to make my own custom blend."

"Smooth finish, no need for creamer or sugar. Will be ordering another bag!"

"Great balanced coffee. Kona will always be my favorite! treat"

"Perfectly smooth Hawaiian coffee; brewed in my french press, the coconut and fruit notes were pleasant but not overpowering."

"A pleasant light chocolate aroma, this coffee rewards you with a smooth yet robust flavor. (pour over) "

"I was happy to be able to taste the toasted coconut they mention on the label. Love it!"

"Good, but not the absolute best kona I've tried. I much prefer the hapuna from keala's, very good."

"I can not say enough good things about this coffee. My first time trying 100% Kona and it makes me want to move to the islands! Such rich flavor! "

"Ok for a light coffee but not what I expected. But have loved kona so gave it a try. "

"Light and very citrusy and bright. We made it in a french press and drank it black. Not a favorite. "

"Too acidic and citrusy for my taste. I brewed it in an aeropress and drank it black."

"This coffee was not bad, but I was disappointed because I expected to love it like I have loved other 100% Kona coffees I have had, and did not get the great coffee smell from the beans that I expected either."

"Great cup of coffee if you like a fruitier, more acidic cup. Personally, not my cup of tea (or coffee) as I am more of a dark roast lover, but I still enjoyed drinking this more than other beans on the brighter side."

"Wow, what a delicious cup of coffee. I absolutely enjoyed it and may be the best coffee I've ever had. It was surprisingly bold, coconut came all the way through and it finished with the refreshing and sweet taste of tropical lakoli. Brewed on a french press with filtered water and two mesh screens"

"My aunt had this coffee a little while ago and this was a really good cup, but a little too acidic (not in a bad way at all) for my tastes. It was very good and I would definitely drink it again, but I typically go for a darker cup of coffee. I am definitely glad I got to try this though!"

"LOVE THIS COFFEE. Such an amazing smell - brewed it in an aeropress. delicious as an americano or latte!"

"Hands down the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had. Brewed in a french press. Just a hint of sweet coconut with a smooth, slightly nutty flavor... perfect. I have to resist brewing another cup later in the day!"

"Amazing Kona coffee! Nice flavor of coconut throughout. "

"This coffee is pretty good. A little darker than I’d prefer but it is still quite tasty with some fruity notes. I prefer using a french press with this particular coffee. "

"I've had 100% Kona from a number of sources. When my regular supplier went out of business, I was in search of another supplier, and ran across Bean Box. I bought a half pound and tried it when I got it, I tried it immediately.. I was delighted to discover that it lived up to my expectations!"

"This was my first experience with 100% Kona. Initial cup was a wonderful toasted coconut and lychee. After the first couple cups it drank like a dark roast where notes were difficult to discern. I'd like to try on a lighter roast. Was one of the more difficult beans to dial in for me."

"A wonderful roast from a great roaster. Very smooth and subtle. A great coffee for the evening hours. "

"I had a Kona from an estate that might be different from Keala's many years ago through HSN and seemed a deeper roast and am not experienced with this coffee. I use a french press and heaped my scoops and still was not that strong but tomorrow morning will use more to see if it makes a difference. "

"Amazing Coffee! Typically I go for the Ethiopian coffees, but this coffee is a more robust and earthy flavor. The flavor is more nutty an full bodied rather than fruity and lemony. "

"Incredibly smooth and delicious, very much a winner and worth the price. Must try"

"Very fruity and delicious! Definitely worth the money! Smooth flavor! "

"Amazing fruity flavor. Has less body then the Kona's I have tried before. Would love to have again!"

"I usually don't buy super expensive coffee like this, but man was this worth the price. I tasted tropical fruit with toasted coconut, medium body and clean finish."

"Defineintly don't think Hawaii with this cup but I do think of the ocean and relaxation. Great french press if you have the time"

"This is the first Hawaiian coffee that I've tried & must say it's my favorite coffee so far. Definitely what I've been looking for in my coffee, smooth, sweet & balanced."

"Excellent coffee, a unique flavor, low acidity deep and rich but not too strong or dark. If u never tried it you certainly should but it is over priced and you can definitely find other single origin coffees that will suit your tastes better."

"I was disappointed but maybe my fault. I loved Kona coffee and drank it while on the Big Island ibefore I became a coffee snob. I now much prefer Ethiopians, Brazilian and Central Americans. Nice cup but for me not worth the extra cost of the beans. "

"I love Kona coffee, but this isn't my favorite. It didn't have much body and was a little too floral for my taste. I prepared it in a french press."

"I would say Kona is one of the most balanced coffees. The flavor is never overwhelming, almost no acidic after taste and the aroma is distinct. Wonderful on it's own or with a stroopwafel or baked good. "

"A really nice coffee, though I prefer African and Central American beans more. This feels darker and fuller, for a richer cup."

"Absolutely Delicious. Perfect to sit back and enjoy"

"A rich aroma medium roast. The beans were fresh and bright. Held up well in a moka, and made a delicious pour over. Bought it at a discount. "

"Best roast I've had yet. Great flavor profile, lighter yet has a strong flavor where the fruit notes aren't overpowered. Good anytime of day. Only regret is that I didn't buy more bags before it sold out. "

"The little bit of aloha thrown in the shipping box was a nice touch Beanbox. Nose in the bag you know it's a Kona. Potent sweet aromas filled my house. A bright balanced cup of Kona. Smooth roasted malt & chocolate. Could use a little more body. I've had Kona on site so I'm a little picky."

"Wow, a true taste of the islands in my morning cup. This roast has a sweet delicate flavor with hints of coconut an passion fruit. This is one of my new favorites sipping a cup of this luscious roast on a cold Seattle morning made me feel I was awakening on a beach in Maui."

"I'm sitting here in gray Seattle, chewing on a delightful bean from Kona, and it's like a ray of sunshine. Typically, Hawaiian coffees taste extra special because they're consumed on location. But this super smooth roast brings the delight of its sun-filled origin along with it!"

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