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Herkimer Coffee - Drip Blend

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Ships roasted-to-order on Aug 28 (1-3 day typical delivery).
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Drip Blend (#3)

Herkimer Coffee


(Earn up to $1.75 in Bean Box Credit)

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Caramel, Cherry, Chocolate

Bean Box Breakdown

Chocolate, chocolate, cherry. Try this roast without milk or sugar. It brings its own.

Herkimer Coffee Story

Soft, refreshing light acidity with a clean finish. Hint of cherry with deeply caramelized sugar and chocolate. Velvet mouth feel and weight. Directly sourced from El Cedral and El Cielito in Honduras (900-1200m).

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Ships roasted-to-order on Aug 28 (1-3 day typical delivery).
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Customer Reviews

296 customer reviews  write a review

"Solid everyday blend. Nothing to write home about, but it's an enjoyable crowd pleaser. I would often make this when we had people over and frequently had little asking me where it came from. "

"caramel and chocolate is a combo that really can't be beat."

"It was alright, the chocolate came through but I felt like the other notes were missing."

"Really nice, melts in our mouth. Very rich chocolate background with great mouthfeel and after taste. Recommend "

"A good, strong coffee. It was darker than I expected, but I could taste the sweet undertones. "

"Yum! I love how smooth this coffee tastes, as well as the low acidity. I made it using my french press right after grinding the beans and it was SO good. I really loved the tiny hint of cherry. "

"I love coffee so I’ve tried a lot but this one is really delicious with hints of cherry and caramel. The caramelized sugar added greatly to the flavor. "

"Yum, perfect everyday roast. Medium ground, french press!"

"This coffee was really light and full. Nice for sipping in the morning. Loved the light acidity, but rich flavors."

"This coffee was really nice. caramel, rich, and tasty. It has a nice after taste as well"

"Great cup of coffee. Wonderfully smooth. It was sweet but still had some richness and boldness to it. One of our favorites! "

"This is wonderfully smooth and not acidic. Lovely cup of coffee to sip in the morning. I received a trial size bag and would definitely purchase more."

"Loved this coffee. Very smooth. The sweetness of this brew is lovely. Definitely one of my favorites."

"Really good and sweet. Makes a great pourover with a v60!"

"This coffee was a very smooth and easy to drink. I typically use cream in my coffee, but I could definitely see this one being easy to drink as is. A new favorite of mine! I found this one to be enjoyable for friends too, who are much more experienced coffee drinkers. "

"This was awesome, maybe one of my favorite's. I would defiantly get it again."

"Very smooth - I definitely tasted the cherry and caramel. I would definitely repurchase "

"I drank it the day after receiving it. Brewed it and then poured over ice to make an iced coffee. Tasted great as advertised and combined well when I made a jug of iced coffee and mixed it with milk and sugar. Wanted to finish it all at once."

"I really enjoyed this coffee!! I definitely need to get more!!"

"This coffee was great! You could really taste the chocolate and sugary notes."

"Very aromatic, but, in my opinion, perhaps more roasted than necessary--the taste is overshadowed by the roast, and the flavor indicated by the aroma doesn't come through as much as I'd like. Very smooth, however."

"Got bean box as a birthday present which was awesome! Brewed some drip blend this morning and the aroma before and during brewing was amazing so rich love the coffee. Brought it to work and everybody was like wow can I have some."

"I thought it was pretty smooth and refreshing and could tell the chocolate notes. "

"This coffee is so smooth. I honestly think I have a new fav!"

"This particular roast took some time for me to come around to. The cherry and the chocolate clashed a bit, but once I brewed as an espresso I was extremely impressed!"

"First taste of BeanBox coffee. Definitely enjoyed it black, though a splash of dairy won't be that much of a difference. Very nice finish to it without a strong aftertaste!"

"I drank this coffee as an after dinner treat. I usually drink my coffee with creamer but I decided to take their advice and drink it black. IT WAS AMAZING! I had two cups and it was delicious."

"Smell was amazing and the coffee was just as smooth!"

"Very good coffee with a velvety feel. Taste of chocolate and notes of cherry with a clean finish. This was prepared with a french press."

"First bean box bag I tried because of the smell emanating from it! Everything I imagined it would be "

"This coffee was fabulous. We made it with our French roast so we ground it not too finely. The smell right from the bag was incredible and it tasted like refreshing coffee should. If you like classic, we highly recommend. "

"I brewed this in the mornings before work, using a single cup brewer. It was a beautiful pick me up to get me through my work day without making me jittery"

"Delicious coffee! Have to say one of the most enjoyable I've had. This really kind of tasted like those chocolate covered cherries, but way better. Would definitely order again. Brewed french press with two screen filters."

"This was in our first trial box, it was delicious! Nicely balanced and really flavorful. Nice medium roast for a nice start to the day. Still our absolute favorite! Great in french press or chemex."

"I brewed this coffee in my french press, and I absolutely loved the taste! I don’t normally drink coffee black, and usually use cream. But this coffee tasted so good on its own! I loved the cherry notes, and carmelized sugar! And there was a cocoa after taste. Loved it! 100% would reccomend! "

"Delicious coffee with a full body! I tried this with the aeropress and it was really tasty!"

"This blend came to me in my first box. I prefer dark roasts and don't enjoy sweet notes so this was a miss for me."

"A very good cup of coffee. Just the right amount of fruity. "

"Seriously delicious. I actually have always had an aversion to anything “cherry” but this may be my new favorite blend. It was smooth and delicious!"

"This one is the second of my free trial. I found this one to be almost as good as my first. It defintley has a robust flavor compared to the previous trial I consumed. I tend to notice a hint of the fore mentioned flavors in the description, such as cherry and chocolate."

"This coffee was really good, but a bit on the lighter side. It made a great afternoon pick me up or preworkout drink. "

"I thought this was quite good for a medium roast. Very flavorful with a nice little kick."

"I always drink my coffee without sugar or cream (I'm not trying to sound pretentious). The taste notes suggested to try it without that and that it tasted a little like chocolate, sugar, and cherry. I'm usually a bit skeptical about taste notes but this was 100% accurate. I french pressed mine."

"Loved this coffee. Pleasantly surprised by the "chocolate covered cherry" vibes I got from this. Very smooth. I think I may try it iced next! "

"I tried this, as suggested, sans cream and sugar--and I was pleasantly surprised! I enjoyed this coffee and plan to buy more!"

"Had no acidity to me, which I liked. Tasted very light and smooth. I couldn’t really tell the cherry flavor but still enjoyed."

"This is a perfectly drinkable coffee but it is very difficult to taste the flavors. It also comes across as a bit bitter."

"A pretty standard cup of coffee. It isn't anything too wild for people who like a simple cup, but complex enough for a coffee expert."

"Can you go wrong with caramel, cherry, and chocolate? My point exactly. Despite the name (The nitty gritty) there is nothing gritty about the taste. "

"Excellent coffee. One of the best coffees I've had. The coffee fills the mouth with a pleasant dark chocolate taste. Very smooth and enjoyable."

"very smooth, very good! It's similar to drinking a warm caramel, cherry, chocolate stream of greatness"

"This was a fantastic brew. My husband & I did it in a french press. It was very smooth! "

"I found it to have smooth, full bodied flavor that was good with a little creamer. The notes of chocolate and cherry were very subtle, but they were there."

"This is the first coffee I've tried from Bean Box, and it's a good solid choice. I used an aeropress and drank it black. Not my favorite, but still a good pick. "

"Brewed using an aeropress. I drank it alone. It had pronounced notes of dark chocolate and graham crackers. I think it could have benefitted from something sweet on the side. "

"Nice aromatic coffee, perfect for drinking black or lightly sweetened. This is not one I would have chosen for myself but I was pleasantly surprised by it."

"My Dad said that this was very smooth and that he enjoyed it even without milk and sugar."

"Definite notes of baker's chocolate, the juicy acidity of dark cherry, and a medium body providing a clean finish. I put it through the paces: pour over, aeropress, flash brewed iced coffee. It's a good all around coffee, but not my favorite due to bitterness if you're not really careful in brewing."

"Perfectly drinkable, but in my experience I didn't taste as much of the cherry/caramel/chocolate as some other people have. If present, those flavors are pretty subdued. Not my favorite, but only because I like other coffees better, not because of any serious problem with this one."

"Very much a Carmel note with slight notes of fruit. Brewed at 16:1 and was a very bold coffee flavor. Nice chocolate after taste. "

"Made with a Mr. Coffee and a french press, both produced excellent results. Medium to full bodied, and all day drinkablity. "

"Out of the 14+ different coffee brands and roasts I have tried, this is my favorite. Not acidic and stays low to the ground. Not overly flavorful but still has enough flavor to keep you interested. Nice, smooth cup of coffee. "

"Usually only prefer dark roast but this is really good mild roast. Good taste and hints of chocolate and cherry are enjoyable. My favorite mild coffee."

"Yummy yummy!!! This is exactly what I like. Smell, taste - everything is perfect. caramel and chocolate notes are a good match! Delicious! "

"This coffee is a lighter roast than I prefer, but it had a good taste."

"Nice, smooth, but didn't taste many of the tasting notes...."

"Super pronounced chocolate, really nice mouth feel, although I didn't get a whole lot of cherry notes. Really nice morning coffee overall"

"Love this coffee. It is my favorite so far. I like that I can drink it black"

"I brewed it in a french press. Not sure I tasted cherry but it was slightly chocolate and delicious. I normally don't put sugar in my coffee anyway, but it definitely didn't need it."

"This is my favorite drip coffee blend. It is very light, but you still taste the hints of caramel, cherry, & chocolate. "

"Loved the chocolaty smell when grinding and the taste didn’t disappoint! Brewed in a Ninja. Would buy this again."

"Fantastic! I was eager to try my new trial pack and this was my absolute favorite in the bunch. I tend to steep my coffee light and use a french press. This remedy made for an idealistic cup. "

"My palate is not very discerning so I unfortunately couldn't appreciate the different notes - but it smells amazing and I really enjoyed the flavors!"

"(3.5) Smells and tastes of chocolate, cherry, roasted. "Velvety mouthfeel" is accurate. Had as a sample and would have again."

"I really enjoyed the cherry and caramel flavor. Didn't taste the chocolate too much though"

"Very inoffensive flavor can be drank black, good for purists "

"Pretty good! I definitely got the chocolate and cherry!"

"One of the better black coffees I’ve tasted, but was better with a little cream. No sugar needed which was surprising to me. It didn’t leave a coffee taste in the back of my throat which I look forward too, but would still rate 4.5 if I could."

"This one was far from being my favorite. However, I am not a fan of caramel, Cherries, and chocolate together so this one was kind of doomed to fail from the beginning for me. "

"Nice full bodies coffee with sweet cherry notes. Didn’t taste much caramel. Not my favorite in the sample box but still very good! "

"Received this coffee as part of a sample pack. I would describe it as average. Not a bad coffee just not an excellent coffee. Darker roasts are my preference though. "

"This is the coffee that made me decide to continue bean box after my trial! While I disagree that it doesn't need a touch of sugar, this is he first coffee I have ever enjoyed without cream! The flavors meld together really well without being too powerful, truly wonderful."

"I took a ride on the lighter side, and this was a nice middle ground. Very fresh and enjoyable."

"Beans have earthy sweet scent Grinds have fruity hint Without cream- bitter chocolate taste With cream-cherry flavor slightly (very slightly) peeks through"

"Despite not being a fan of most blends, this one was very tasty. The notes of caramel were very pronounced. Would definitely recommend."

"Felt like some of the tasting notes weren't there, but it drank nice enough."

"It was good, not super flavorful. Smooth. I enjoyed it"

"Creamy mouthfeel and really nice, rich but not overhwelming flavor."

"Out of all the coffees in this months box this was my least favorite, but that does not make it a good coffee. I just did not pick up on much of the tasting notes, I was hoping to pick up on the caramel because I love caramel. This was just a good french press coffee. "

"I rarely think that coffees really taste fruity, but this one actually does have that cherry tinge. Really drinkable even if you aren't a big fan of artisanal coffee, according to my husband."

"Not my favorite coffee, but still delicious. The cherry was easier to taste than the chocolate, and I very much enjoyed that extra fruitiness. Brewed in a moka pot with cream and sugar (I didn't listen to the advice to try it without... whoops)."

"The best coffee in the box amazing delightful I would buy this full size"

"I felt like this was a high quality cup of coffee, but that was about it. Nothing about it seemed that “special” to me; just a nice, solid cup of joe. "

"As the name suggests, this one is perfect for drip. I use v60 drip at home, which enhances the cherry aftertaste. Love it!"

"This coffee smelled amazing when I opened the bag, and I had really high hopes for this blend. Unfortunately, the flavor didn't really come through (my mug even tasted a bit watered down), and none of the listed notes were distinguishable."

"Nice enough taste, but nothing special. I couldn't pick out any great flavors when I drank it. "

"This one is mediocre. The notes offer a fine touch, but it lacks coffeeness."

"Great coffee very smooth perfect daily brew. Was super fresh and aromatic."

"Loved this coffee! It’s was smooth and delicious. I will be ordering more!"

"This was one of my first coffees received. Wished the entire box was full of this flavor"

"Loved the taste of this coffee. I like my coffee to be light and sweet but this coffee stood up on its own. "

"Medium to Dark is what it should read,because that's what the roast was. Great Flavor, and the cherry finish came through. Fresh and fine quality beans."

"Overall a good coffee, but it had a darker aftertaste that I didn't care for. Amazing flavor off the top, but the dark, almost espresso roast aftertaste turned me away from this one."

"Comes with its own sweetness. Nice and smooth. Most definitely a nice coffee to have to start your day. "

"Great Coffee. It's got rich notes and an amazing after taste. This is definitely one of the most "passionate" coffees I've ever taste. "

"My husband and I received this in our smaple box. Excellent taste and very lovely aromas before brewing and after as well. We definitely will be purchsing this again."

"This was an excellent coffee for everyday drinking. The chocolate and caramel flavors come together very nicely. Got as a sample in my box but I will definitely buy a full bag soon."

"This coffee was a bit light for my taste and didn't have any overwhelming flavors for me. So, it was an average coffee in my book. Perhaps I needed to brew it stronger? or maybe it really needed to be from a drip instead of my french press. "

"This medium roast is a crowd-pleaser - pairs well with breakfast food, specifically, eggs benedict. Brewed in a drip machine. I would say this is on the lighter end of the medium roasts I've tried, will definitely order again."

"Enjoyable roast. Very smooth and light. Subtle sweets notes. "

"I really loved this coffee! It was a perfect introduction to high quality coffee for me and now I can't go back! It has very nice, sweet notes that allows for me to drink it black (milk actually made it taste sour). Great coffee to try!"

"Wow, this is a really good, well-rounded cup! So delicious. I brewed it with an aeropress and a pour over. "

"Instant addiction to this coffee. It is very low in acidity and what an incredible flavor! One of the best coffees I've ever had. "

"I just did a normal ratio of beans to water with steep and brew and it made a fairly strong, yet delicately flavored few cups of coffee. "

"This brew has a subtle taste coupled with the strong dose of caffeine you would expect from a lighter roast. While I found this brew tasty and enjoyable, it was not among my favorite blends that I have tried from my subscription, but that is also why Bean Box is so fun - trying it ALL! "

"Our office tried this blend and found that while it was soft and easy to drink, it just didn't have that kick of flavor that we all prefer. I could see myself enjoying this as more of an afternoon cup but in the morning, I like a cup of coffee that tastes a bit stronger! The description is accurate."

"I really enjoyed this coffee and my mom rated it much better than her current daily coffee. It was great!"

"This was a fantastic blend. Exactly what I wanted as a medium roast lover."

"Excellent coffee! A favorite in the house and one that must be tried. "

"The first coffee I tried from Bean Box and it was marvelous. Just the right flavors blended together. I'm a huge fan of this blend."

"This one was a little strong and bitter for my taste. I may have needed to let it steep in my french press for less time, but for the morning, I prefer a more mellow Coffee. My Husband, who likes it strong black and bitter, loved it"

"My husband and I really enjoyed this coffee! He drank it black(which he usually puts in cream and sugar) and I drank it with just a little bit of cream and sugar(I usually have a lil coffee with my cream and sugar. ha). Definitely will have to get this again!"

"I was super impressed with this coffee. I loved the caramelized taste! It was surprisingly refreshing and great to wake up to. I even liked it without cream, which is rare for me."

"I brewed this in a drip machine - it was unbelievably delicious. I usually take cream with my coffee but honestly this didn't need any."

"I really loved this coffee the notes which dark and rich, loved the smell of the freshly grinded beans and the notes of cherry were not to a miss. Delicious cup of coffee for anytime of the day guaranteed. "

"Light acidity and body with notes of milk chocolate, brown sugar, and dark cherry. Light a velvety mouthfeel make for a cup that is like a hug. (Brewed using 1:14 ratio in a Chema)."

"This coffee is DELICIOUS! I like it best brewed a little stronger and served over ice. The ice somehow brings out the chocolate and cherry notes more than when its served hot. I love this coffee so much that I ordered two bags! Its a medium roast which helps accentuate the robust chocolate flavor. "

"I LOVE this coffee... i tried it as iced coffee and a regular cup of joe.. both stellar. I didn't even need to add sugar. The taste is with hints of chocolate and cherry. Super glad I bought a big bag of this."

"Really nice cup of coffee, flavorful and smooth. We have bought the larger bags of this one multiple times, and like it best on the "rich brew" setting on our drip coffee maker."

"We experienced this coffee in drip and in a french press, immediately opening the bag the delicious aroma comes out as we brewed it. We love the medium body and chocolate notes that come out in this blend. Definitely one to recommend to start the day!"

"We drank it in the morning. It was very bold and flavorful yet light! This was the first time I could drink my coffee black and actually enjoy it. It wasn't oily and didn't leave that undisirable coffee after taste in your mouth. So smooth and rich in flavor. We used a percolator and drank it hot. "

"Not my favorite. The roast is too dark and muddled for my taste. Brewed with a v60."

"This is honestly one of my favorite coffees now. It tastes great and you can definitely taste the chocolate/cherry! I'm definitely going to want to order a bag of this soon!"

"This one makes a great chemex, very smoothi and definitely can taste the sweetness, which I love!"

"Trust the packaging on this one! I made this as instructed in my automatic coffeemaker (nothing fancy). I have been trying to get used to black coffee without any flavoring, sweetener, or cream. With this blend, drinking it black was no problem! It was smooth and delicious--a favorite!"

"Beautifully smooth coffee with good sweetness and a deep flavor"

"This was one of my favorites! It definitely had that caramelized sugar taste. It was a really special cup of coffee"

"Herkimer's Drip Blend is a solid choice coffee to suit elitists and newcomers alike. There's nothing to dislike about the blend. While a knockout blend when drank black, do yourself a favor and add a dash of milk or cream to really make this coffee legendary."

"This coffee was perfect brewed in a french press. It created a delicious iced coffee concentrate. It is smooth and sweet. Best of all, it doesn't require cream or sugar, which makes it perfect for summer. "

"Got this as my first subscription and I'm in love, first time having any coffee other than the stuff you buy in a dept. store, incredible! Won't ever be able to go back to Walmart coffee..."

"First time ordering from Bean Box, very pleased with the product and variety of coffees received!"

"A good coffee, light taste. In my opinion, i couldnt find the tasting notes until I read the description."

"This coffee has the most pronounced cherry notes I have ever experienced. Normally fruit flavors aren't my favorite but the roast does it really well! Not too acidic, medium body. Didn't get a chocolate note, but found cherry, caramel, and a sweet toffee finish. Delicous!"

"I sent this coffee to a friend to have around during my visit. We brewed this coffee in standard electric brewer and it made a yummy cup of coffee. We enjoyed the cherry and chocolate profile. I didn't feel much acidity and we both loved the smooth finish."

"I didn't get the notes described, but still a very good coffee. Something I may add milk to instead of being a purist as I normally would. Did leave a bit of sweetness on my palate."

"Absolutely in love! We ground and used in our keurig (with reusable filter). Hints of cherry and chocolate. Whats not to love?!"

"This one is my absolute fave! Its smooth and sweet, but not overly. It is perfect for me. "

"Good coffee not too bitter but not as smooth as I like them but still a good coffee."

"3.4/5 - Light, slightly floral nose that carries a hint of sweetness - caramel and chocolate. On the tongue, this coffee sits slightly more bitter than led to believe, resembling a dark chocolate with hints of cherry. Scale: 2.5 = Standard Cup (Folgers, Maxwell) 3.0 = Good 4.0 = Great 5.0 = Rare"

"This was so so good.chocolate and cherry great combination.I shall order two bags soon."

"This is a no fuss no muss coffee. Not very impressive but also not terrible."

"I'm just starting to drink my coffee black and this was my favorite out of the four i received. It was only medium roast"

"Well-balanced, amazing medium roast. Could really taste the notes of cherry and chocolate and they came together really nicely. Very smooth, very tasty. Would get it again!"

"Yummy, smooth, perfect. Great first coffee from Bean Box! "

"Absolutely delicious! I brewed the coffee with a french press. There was no need to add anything to it. I would definitely recommend. "

"this coffee was great in our french press as well as our grind and brew! Has a wonderful flavor and is not too bitter."

"Love the flavor. I always love the blend of cherry and chcolate flavors it's done very well in this coffee. One of my fVorites"

"Can't go wrong with this one.. definitely taste a bit of the cherry notes to it."

"Delicious!! Would definitely buy on my own! Could be a breakfast regular."

"wow! i tried this in the french press with an espresso grind, i think i had too many grounds for my water! ha. strong! but good! black, the cherry finish is strong, but made into a cappuccino with milk and just a touch of sugar, the caramel and chocolate come out and the cherry nearly disappears."

"This was a solid coffee for me. I didn't get much cherry from it but more of a caramel. I enjoyed it overall."

"Very nice everyday coffee, buttery mouth feel and sweet with a nice balanced acidity. Tasted cherry and cocoa nibs. "

"The cherry is strong with this one. Drank as espresso. "

"I received this on my first box so far my favorite. This coffee is smooth and soft. You have the hint of cherry but nothing that over strength the coffee. Coffee was not very strong and the taste was just perfect. I can see myself buying this one."

"More cherry forward than either chocolate and caramel. Very enjoyable."

"Prepare el cafe colado , exquisito, yo con unas amistades decidimos probarlo con chocolate y su sabor fue expectacular "

"My wife enjoyed this coffee. It doesn't come across as anything fancy, but a solid, good cup of coffee."

"Deliciously sweet, the cherry notes really came out! Loved it"

"Really quality coffee. Sharp and amazing smell. Would definitely buy again. "

"Still needed milk and sugar (haha). Couldn't taste the chocolate or cherry, mostly caramel. Not too exciting but I would drink it again. Not too light and not too dark."

"As far as drip coffee goes, it wasn't bad. It was definitely kind of bland. Nothing really stood out about this coffee. If it showed up in another box at some point I wouldn't be necessarily disappointed, but I feel like it is comparable to any standard, off-the-shelf coffee."

"Nice earthy coffee. Good, not world changing though. Would drink again. "

"I enjoyed this blend. Smooth with good flavor, the caramel comes to the forefront. Tasty, but not one I need to have again. "

"Brewed using a Technivorm coffee maker. It was a nice medium roast, fairly smooth but unremarkable flavor. Good, but not standout."

"Smooth and slightly sweet. Brewed in a french press."

"This coffee was perfect to use as a pour over, the blend was lightly acidic as described with a tropical touch that made me feel as though I was back in Cuba sipping coffee by the beach. I would suggest a grind that is a bit more fine than usual for a longer brewing time."

"Good medium roast coffee. Herkimer roasts great coffee overall this was not our favorite. Good fruity light taste that has a good aftertaste. Brewed in french press."

"Loved his coffee! Just want I'm looking for. A light nutty flavor with hints of sweet cherry. With or without cream this is a favorite! french press was my favorite method for this choice but I recommend pour over! Enjoy with breakfast or an after dinner treat "

"Even if the title says that it is drip blend, I enjoyed more with espresso and moka pot rather than v60 brewings"

"Very tasty coffee. Made this in my french press and loved the flavors."

"This coffee is perfectly fine. Its good. Loving caramel and chocolate and Cherries as I do, I just wanted something more than fine and good. I think the average coffee drinker would like this, its definitely an every day brew. would love to try it again in the future and see if it matures"

"A very rich, bold and smooth coffee with a light sweetness. I loved drinking this in the mornings! Brews great in my french press and tastes amazing black. "

"Very bold and balanced brew. Great way to start the day. Tastes great in a french press."

"A good medium roast coffee. I love the hint of chocolate and cherry. I always have cream and sugar with my coffee. It tastes great."

"We brew our coffee in a chemex with a reusable filter and it was a delightful way to start by weekend! So smooth and flavorful!"

"I've has this a few times and all around it pleases. Great in a french press too! Perfect with a morning scone!"

"This is one of my favourites; rich and smooth. It works very well as a black coffee, hot or iced, also works very well as a cold brew coffee!"

"Good dark roast, french press. Thick and chocolaty with subtle sweetness"

"cherry chocolate dessert coffee...would pair well with a cinnamon roll or decadent dessert"

"This was my fiancé's favorite of this month's box "

"Clean mouthfeel but pretty forgettable flavor. Works pretty nicely for a simple cup of coffee without a lot of complexity."

"This was my favorite coffee in the Beanbox. It was smooth and very drinkable. I would order an entire bag on its own. This coffee is one I would be happy to purchase on its own. It has a very clean flavor yet it contains all the richness of a chocolatey and caramel taste as well. "

"Solid blend that most anyone would enjoy."

"I was really excited to try this, but it was not what we thought. It had a harsher taste than expected. We tried this again a few months later and it is absolutely delicious. I usually drink my coffee with milk but drank it without and loved it!"

"Not my favorite again for this company. Not horrible but nothing to write home about. "

"Great, smooth taste, rich! Perfect for a morning cup!"

"Great drip coffee! Would definitely purchase again!"

"Super tasty! The dark roast and subtle hints of chocolate were spot on for my taste."

"I usually drink my coffee with milk and I enjoyed the chocolate and cherry subtle notes"

"Roasting appears to have muted the flavor profile down to dark and slightly hairy with no subtleties. Drinkable, but nothing special. (v60 and french press.)"

"This was my first bean box coffee ever and all I know is if they are all like this I am in for a treat. I love dark roast and while this one said medium it seemed pretty dark to me but in a good way. I will probably have to buy this in the future. The chocolate cherry flavor is great! "

"This roast was too dark for me, the flavors were blotted out. Tried it on chemex and aeropress."

"A solid coffee, nothing too stand out for me. aeropress , Served black"

"This coffee was a nice, smooth blend. I usually add creamer to my coffee but none was needed for this bag."

"Spot on medium roast, nothing extra special about it but a good cup of coffee nonetheless"

"Bitter, and not the best scent. This wasn't a favorite for me. "

"I was not a fan of the flavor of the coffee itself. It was not offensive, as there was no strong bitterness. But the roast / flavor of the bean just did not hit a home run at our house."

"This has such an enticing aroma and you instantly get those fruity notes in the sniff and in the sip. caramel comes forward more than chocolate for me, the chocolate note is on the milky side rather than a dark chocolate. Fuller than expected for a medium roast. Has an almost chewy mouthfeel. LOVE!"

"My wife and I really enjoyed this. I like black coffee and she usually does not. However we found that we both enjoyed this blend black. Could really smell the chocolate and the caramel when we ground the beans. chemex brewed. Both of us noticed a floral flavor, that must be the cherry mentioned."

"Found this to be a flavorful experience. I was hesitant to try drinking it black, but found it was good this way. Very pleased. pour over brewed. "

"Great cup of coffee! got it in a surprise box really impressed with this coffee."

"My husband and I found this coffe very unique in flavor. So delicious and smooth. "

"One of the best blends I've ever had. The flavors complement each other very well."

"We used a burr grinder and large french press. It had a nice bloom. We enjoyed this coffee, but it wasn't quite as robust as we like. The flavor is very mild and slightly sweet. We liked the smooth finish! "

"First coffee I tried with the bean box. I was amazed at how smooth and velvety it felt. Usually, I prefer darker roasts, but this coffee left nothing to be desired. "

"A delicious go-to blend. Not surprised seeing the previous reviews swearing that this is a great staple blend to keep on the counter. "

"I enjoyed this coffee. I brewed it by drip method (1:16). I was able to smell the chocolate. I got that hint of cherry when I was tasting it. I also did this as a Japanese iced Coffee. Reminded me a bit of cold brew. It had a bit of a fruity, syrupy feel to it brewed this way."

"A good staple coffee that is high quality and basic. Nothing flashy or highly notable but good nonetheless "

"This is my go-to coffee. I received it in my first sample box and bought a bag instantly. So smooth, with everything I love... chocolate, caramel and fruit. I find it quite full bodied even though it is a lighter roast. Everyone enjoys when I brew up a pot of Herkimer Drip Blend!"

"An excellent coffee. Not too dark, but not too light. Mildly fruity and sweet."

"This coffee is absolutely delicious. I fell in love with the beautiful aroma as it brewed only to be in even more impressed with the taste. An instant favorite. "

"I use a coarse grind in my french press. This coffee is very smooth, balanced, and pleasant. I enjoy the caramel, cherry, and chocolate tasting notes and would definitely drink this blend again!"

"I grind these beans medium-fine and use them immediately after I grind them in my Keurig. It's so smooth and delicious. "

"If you have ever heard somone describe a coffee flavor as being "juicy" and wondered what that means, try this coffee. The fruit in combination with sweet, a subtle but destinct acidity and an ideal medium body makes your mouth water in anticipation for that next sip. Artistic, balanced blend"

"Really nice medium roast. Low acidity, smooth caramel and chocolate under tones. Was a hit with my family in a drip pot."

"Perfect mix of sweetness with a hint of fruitiness. Didn't find this coffee bitter at all.... loved the mix of chocolate/caramel with the cherry accent. "

"This was Absolutely delicious!! Recommend it 100% will definitely purchase again"

"Fantastic. The chocolate came through, but wasn't overpowering. The cherry and other notes were clear and not overwhelmed. "

"This coffee is very enjoyable. It has a great aroma, and the lovely caramel notes really come through. I used the pour-over method with this. I will certainly be buying this one again!"

"Made with aeropress - it was good but nothing special"

"I tried this in the aeropress and it was okay. But done as a pour over it's delicious. Will definitely order a bag of this soon. "

"I used my Aero Press with this. I liked the chocolate cherry notes. This was my afternoon cup, after work. Great for sitting back before dinner. Another good one."

"One of my favorites! Looked forward to a fresh cup every morning!!"

"A solid coffee and a delicious way to start the morning"

"A really good cup. The sweet aroma gets your attention right away and the cherry and caramel notes come right out. A very enjoyable cup of coffee that I could keep going back to. "

"Nice bright sweet flavours of cherry and chocolate and a hint of tamarind. This was an overall good morning coffee for me."

"This coffee was one of my favorites from the subscription box. The beans alone smelled amazing and that perfect smell translated over into the cup. "

"This coffee house was one of our favorite spots when we lived in Seattle so we were thrilled to get some in our first taster set. It is as light and sweet as ever with chocolaty notes balanced with a slight acidity."

"This was our favorite coffee we've received so far through BeanBox. Absolutely yummy and such a delight. The caramel is perfect."

"This was one of my favorited from the sampler. It was slightly caramel and sweet and didn't taste very acidic. "

"One of my faves. I really enjoy the mix of chocolate and cherry. The chocolate adds a nice dry/bitter taste and the cherry adds a sweetness that really blends the whole thing together nicely, for a full smooth flavor."

"This is a very well balanced coffee making a good coffee as brewed with a chemex. I brewed using the ratio found in Intellegensia ios app. "

" This coffee quite simply made my Sunday morning special the taste of chocolate and cherry were such a treat. I ignored recommendations to drink it black and splashed in some milk and that made it absolute perfection in my opinion. "

"Really smooth (although that could be due to the chemex). Loved that the chocolate notes really stand out. Nice, flavorful and sweet. Great way to relax in the afternoon. "

"I'm usually not a fan of anything that has cherry in it, but this coffee did not dissapoint! I enjoyed this coffee black and agree that it doesn't need any cream or sugar!"

"Loved this in my french press. So smooth, I could have easily drank it without cream or sugar (although I routinely poured both in before trying it black!) The flavors blended nicely together, resulting in an intensely enjoyable cup. "

"Very sweet and doesn't need any sugar or cream. Really nice fresh flavor. "

"A very smooth coffee with citrus notes. I enjoyed it black via an aero press. "

"It's very smooth, I love the sweetness of the chocolate and caramel. The cherry is very interesting but not disappointing. My husband even enjoyed this and he loves the more intense bold coffees."

"I really enjoyed this blend. I loved the fruit notes in it. "

"A great introduction to a coffee flavor without being overpowering. I was scared to try with a cherry flavor, but I ended up really enjoying it. I loved the caramel accent."

"This coffee is so smooth, I did not need any cream or sugar and I am not a black coffee drinker. Brewed in a drip pot, next time I will try the french press. Strong cherry and caramel notes. "

"Beanbox was wise to include this in my first sample box. This is where i took my first steps in a larger world. A great way to introduce someone to the dark side of coffee. The force is strong with this one."

"This is a solid drip coffee. A little bit on the darker side of medium roast. Notes of chocolate and caramel. Nice medium mouthfeel. Overall, a solid choice at a good price point. "

"This was a nice refreshing coffee. I actually used it to make Vietnamese iced coffee as it pairs well with sweet."

"What a great blend! This was our first coffee experience with Bean Box and it proved to be an excellent investment! The Drip Blend coffee was very fresh and had more of the cherry notes than anything else. "

"Pretty dang good! Abit on the sweet side, but packs a bold punch to your taste-buds! Almost like drinking an adult version of chocolate milk, only with more kick!"

"We prefer a darker roast. We did appreciate the freshness of the beans though."

"chocolate on the front with a consistent clean finish. A solid drip coffee. Very nice."

"Delicious! I had it hot and as a cold brew and both were winners! Nice medium roast, fruity flavor, and very versatile!"

"Personally, this coffee had my favorite level of roast. Medium, not to strong, not to light. This type of coffee got us (me and my boyfriend) in the aroma. We could identify the sweetness, the caramel, the chocolate and the fruit. There were enough acidity but without any sharpness."

"My Bean Box brewed with my aeropress is my reward for running each morning. Herkimer's Drip Blend could keep me running for a long time. The mouthfeel and flavor are perfectly matched. Beautiful."

"Herkimer's Drip Blend is wonderful! I like it both cold-brewed and prepared hot with a french press. It's light and sweet, great for enjoying on a drizzly day."

"I really loved this coffee. Super smooth and balanced, with light cherry notes. Made in a chemex."

"I really enjoyed this coffee and could see it becoming part of my regular rotation. Despite this being lighter than my usual, I found it full and flavorful."

"The taste was a bit too floral and thin. I could taste the chocolate and caramel notes, but it was like they were floating far away and I could only get bits of them. I made this in my aeropress with 175 degree water. Tried just the stir and press method, as well as steeping it for longer ~2 min. "

"Thoroughly enjoyed this blend. Perfect black-no need to adulterate with milk or sugar. Would order again. "

"I love this coffee, very light acidity and can taste the deep caramelized sugar. Not real strong on the bourbon flavor, no bitter aftertaste "

"I love this coffee. I never drink just coffee by itself, I add cream sugar and most of the time a tsp of hot cocoa mix. I know, I should be shot. Since I've started to order my java fix online and happened upon the Bean Box, cream and sugar (Equal actually) is all I need. Heaven in a cup. "

"I thought it was a good flavor, but it was not a bag I'd hide for myself. I made my friends some pourovers with it, although it is one you want to try without adding anything to it!"

"Good for expressos. Well balanced, smooth, and very velvety."

"This was a solid, tasty coffee, which is difficult to find. I could definitely get the notes of cherry, chocolate, and caramel, but those are tastes that I expect to find in a good coffee. There was nothing that jumped out at me in this coffee as exceptional, but it was good."

"It was a very enjoyable coffee! It had so much flavor that it didn't require any additions. The chocolate was the boldest of flavors. Definitely one I would like to have again!"

"Used pour over brewing method and didn't get a chance to try any other methods because I had to make another batch immediately and ran out of the sample. The hint of cherry is awesome in this roast. Time for a big bag!"

"Just okay. For some reason, the flavor didn't grab me - didn't seem very unique or have a subtle flavor profile - just tasted like plain old coffee."

"I made espresso out of this coffee using my bialetti moka express and it hit the spot! Very good and smooth"

"This was the first sample we opened from our first beanbox delivery. It did not disappoint. It had a very smooth flavor (even when done through our Keurig). My husband enjoyed it black (I can't do that just yet), but I significantly scaled back milk/sugar. We'll order a bag soon - it's a keeper!"

"I could really taste the cherry and a hint of chocolate in this. Seeing as I'm allergic to chocolate, having the flavor in my coffee is really refreshing."

"This coffee was the best-suited for my pour-over this month. It was a well balanced and easy to drink. Delicious!"

"One of my favorite coffees we have received from Bean Box. Drinking it as I write this!"

"Great coffee. I drink my coffee black and this was a smooth blend. Did not notice the notes mentioned but all around good blend"

"This was the hands down winner in my sampler. I don't count myself as a connoisseur, but this was very smooth, light acidity, but a nice bold taste. It's what got me to try my next box, as well as order a bag of it."

"Balanced, easy to drink, almost too easy for me. I enjoyed these beans best in high concentrations with a long pull. "

"One of my favorites so far. Smooth and easy to drink. Added a tiny bit of sugar to heighten the flavor."

"One of my favorite coffees that I have tried. It was very smooth and was great with peppermint mocha creamer. It tasted great without the creamer also. If you don't like strong coffee this would be great, It isn't too strong, but it isn't all that weak either. Will be buying this again."

"Fantastic coffee, was very light and refreshing, and tasted great with cream and sugar! Highly recommend."

"Probably my favorite coffee ever. First roast I've ever enjoyed without a drop off sugar or half and half. I'm anxiously awaiting my 2nd full bag now!"

"Delicious! I will definitely buy again. "

"The coffee is great by itself. Full of flavor! "

"Very complex. I definitely drank this coffee black to experience the full flavor. The fruit and caramel notes really helped keep the coffee balanced and also kept a smooth taste with such a heavy hitter."

"This was a surprising coffee.... I don't usually like complex coffees with fruity notes. This was a surprise in every sip. This is a very strong bold coffee with artful hints of different fruity rich complex taste. I did enjoy how bold it was. "

"I usually drink this as drip coffee (surprise, surprise), but it also works great in a french press if you want to make more than one cup at a time."

"The caramel and chocolate flavors are perfect together."

"This coffee is my old standby. Like a good friend it never disappoints. Very smooth yet full taste."

"My favorite so far! This is a really great coffee!"

"Although the name is pedestrian, the coffee is amazing. This is one of my all-time favorite roasts. It has a deep chocolate base, with just a hint of cherry. Great for your prototypical everyday morning brew, but special enough to treat guests after dinner."

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