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Stemwinder Blend (#11)

Fundamental Coffee Company


(Earn up to $1.85 in Bean Box Credit)

Roast: Dark roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Bean Box Breakdown

Tall, dark, and handsome, this blend is the complete package: bold and rich with a silky smooth finish and just a touch of sweetness.

Fundamental Coffee Company Story

A courageous combination of bold coffees from Latin America and Asia, yielding a balanced body and intriguing flavor. Versatile enough for a coffee press, espresso machine or pour over alike.

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Customer Reviews

51 customer reviews

"Made in chemex this is an acceptable dark roast. Its quite heavy and would likely be best in espresso."

"Dark coffee with a fairly smooth finish. Brewed in french press. Slight cherry notes with caramel. Good tasting coffee, a little darker than WE typically enjoy but a very good coffee overall."

"Good dark roast. Despite grinding the beans too fine, it had a rich, cocoa and kind of nutty flavor to it, with a hint of fruit at the end. french press."

"Brewed in a french press. Nice dark roast. Bit of an aftertaste but still quite good. Drank it black and with milk. "

"Bold and strong flavors, but not bitter. The bold, dark taste is overwhelming and had to discern other flavors than a rich coffee."

"On the bold strong side. Not a lot of nuance in the flavor profile."

"A top fave of mine of mine received. Very bold flavor and whips into a latte nicely! "

"Solid dark, definitely "dark chocolate." high on the savory, body, bitter for me."

"I love the rich creaminess of this one. chocolate, toffee-notes, and bold. This is great with a splash of milk or as a latte "

"Upon arrival, the beans were too recently roasted. I waited a week and it was like magic, this is one of my new favorites as a simple espresso shot taken straight. No milk is needed, but would also be delicious as a latte. Just give the beans 4-5 days after roasting to stabilize."

"We have a light/medium roast subscription, however, I ordered this dark roast on a whim for something different. I loved this bag and was so sad when we went through it all! Very flavorful and delicious, will definitely order this one again in the future! "

"This one it great! Strong, amazing in a latte, and well rounded! "

"Was a good cup, nothing special about it but it wasn't bad. "

"Decent blend. Very dark just how I like it but not overly bitter. It didnt wow me the way some others did but solid all around. "

"Gave this as a gift as part of the espresso gift box and recipient loved it!"

"A very quality espresso & mixes well with all textures of milk. This is for the bold espresso lovers."

"This makes a delicious 12 oz. latte. It is smooth and bold enough to come through the milk. "

"I'm not normally one to say "this coffee taste burnt"... but this coffee is the exception. I prefer my coffees dark, and I drink my coffee black. I like to taste my coffee... but this coffee doesn't suit me."

"Not my normal choice but it is a nice bold cup of coffee. My favorite was iced with a little half and half"

"Cannot go wrong here. The description is very accurate. Dark but not bitter."

"Very deep coffee not too bitter very good balance of flavor"

"My absolute favorite! This is the one I always go back to. I grind the whole beans and then use it in my Keurig! I love the fresh flavor!"

"An excellent roast to use in an espresso machine. Full of body and wonderful flavor."

"Definitely a DARK coffee but not bitter. I used to drink coffee with my Grandpa who was ex Army, we still joke that the spoon would stand up in his coffee. This is not quite that strong and no where near as bitter or burnt tasting but a good wake me up. I love this tall, dark and smooth coffee."

"I use a coarse grind in my french press. In this blend, the flavor that stood out to me was raisins. I don't particularly care for them, so this coffee wasn't my favorite. My girlfriend calls it "fruity," but all I can taste is raisins! "

"Love this coffee. It was my pick out of a number of samples that I received and remains a favorite. Great if you prefer darker and stronger tastes."

"This was too earthy for us and may be better served as an espresso blend. It was a little one-note out of the french press. Not bad by any means, but dwarfed in flavor by the rest of the beans in our monthly subscription."

"This is serious dark....I love strong bold brews but this is DARK. Brewed in a chemex. Definitely not for the novice coffee drinker. Prepare yourself for this one."

"If you love dark roast espressos, then you will probably love Stemwinder Blend. Well balanced, but a little too overpowering for my taste. If you're like me and prefer light to medium roast, then you probably won't want to purchase bag after sampling. *it was better the 2nd time a extracted a shot. "

"Strong but beautiful. Preparing with both french press and espresso and you really cant go wrong either way"

"really dig this classic dark roast - good for drop or french press brewing"

"One of the darkest, velvety-rich, smoothest cups I've had. Stemwinder is a favorite!"

"Enjoyed this dark, smooth blend (used our aeropress)."

"One of my favorite blends. I love the richness and sweetness of this blend!"

"I love a nice dark espresso roast! This one is fabulous!"

"Great flavor and really not overpowering for a full bodied dark roast. Flavor profile is definitely that of a dark roast but finishes more like a medium blend. Great anytime of day with this complexity. "

"A less bitter dark blend. Quite pleasant with no milk! A good way to wake up."

"Strong and flavorful, but not bitter. Easy to drink for a dark coffee, doesn't disappoint."

"I used this in my Rancilio Silvia and it made the perfect shot of espresso. Delivious and well balanced."

"I like dark coffee but, I'm not a fan i have found of the espresso roast. In my opinion on a drip coffee it seems a little burnt tasting. "

"Solid dark roast, bold and non-acidic. Wouldn't get again though."

"best coffee! We are going to get more, great flavor and a great way to start our day."

"This coffee is strong and flavorful! It keeps you going all day off one cup but makes you want another anyway. "

"Sunday morning best. Tasted great with a little milk and cinnamon. Deep and dark. Smells nice while brewing."

"This is a MUST-TRY for coffee lover that's more on the dark side. My husband love this coffee so much, is a treat for him every time I have this shipped to his work. We use our Bodum Pebo with this blend, this is a dark, bold and delicious treat."

"Good bold dark coffee. Both my husband love espresso blends"

"I tried this coffee based on the fact that it is espresso even though I use it in a drip coffee-maker; I love a full-bodied coffee. This is one of the most well-balanced coffees I have ever had. Smooth, dark, sweet, rich - YUM."

"We used it in an espresso machine and we loved the crema it had"

"I'm sure it would make a great espresso. I was using a chemex. A bit more acidic than most darks. Had good body but it really took some cream to pull it all together for me."

"This has been one of my favorite morning cups from Bean Box. Mmmmmm. A rich dark roast that I'd drink over and over. "

"This is the king of the dark roasts, and one of the strongest I've ever tried. It carries a real kick, and is a favorite among my friends who pride themselves on their love of dark roasts. I'm normally a lover of light to medium roasts, but this coffee really got me to start loving darker roasts."

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