Fonte Coffee - F2 Espresso Blend

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F2 Espresso Blend (#447)

Fonte Coffee

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Chocolate, Earthy

Bean Box Breakdown

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! This classic, yet modern espresso blend will kick you into high gear, Seattle style. Ideal alone, in a latté, or with a splash of cream, it’s one smooth ride.

Fonte Coffee Story

The signature espresso blend at our Downtown Seattle Café. Based on sweet, creamy Brasilian beans, with bright accents and a hint of untamed Indonesian earthiness.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

11 customer reviews

"Best described as a classic espresso blend, not super heavy and not particularly light. In both shots and lattes, the flavors are well balanced and rich. For someone who likes brighter, fruitier flavors this is a solid blend deserving of 4 stars."

"Extremely bitter, once that balanced out there wasnt much flavor left. Not fruity at all though which is a plus, id try it again."

"This suited my tastes wonderfully. It has a smooth, toasty flavor without tasting burned. One of my favorites!"

"This is the first one that I tried out of this month's box and it's a winner. Bold, but not too dark. very fresh!"

"This is my favorite espresso blend. Saying that I am not a big fan of fruity coffee."

"These beans were very tasty. chocolatey but not too roasted. Well rounded and flavorful."

"Made a great latte. Brewed using an automatic espresso machine. Full rich flavor. "

"I loved this blend- it was rich and smooth and had excellent earthy and chocolate notes. My favorite in the sampler pack by far; I need to get more of this espresso!"

"Can't believe this one hasn't been reviewed more! My number one so far. Very forgiving to the beginner and clear taste. It really is "just" chocolate, meaning you can "just" enjoy it without a bunch of off flavors popping up. Pure, sweet, simple. Great for guests and loved ones."

"Excellent in a latte!! We enjoyed this one a lot. "

"This coffee is amazing! The flavor is so smo.oth with hints of earthy chocolatey."

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