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Panama Elida ASD Natural by Dragonfly Coffee Roasters - image 0


The Strawberry Wine Coffee

8 oz Whole Bean Light Coffee
By Dragonfly Coffee Roasters

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You don’t just brew a pot of this strawberry-wine coffee, you uncork it! Panama Elida ASD Natural, our second special drop for Customer Delight Week, is a complex and layered cup — bright candied orange leads into deep, wine-like notes of juicy strawberry. Sweet cream and milk chocolate carry into a lasting mouthfeel and finish. This exclusive, light roast microlot hails from the famed Elida Estate, 2019's “Best of Panama” award-winning farm. With less than 200 bags of this coffee available, we've been saving Dragonfly's Panama Elida ASD Natural for a special release — and there’s no better time than Customer Delight Week!

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Ratings & Reviews

★★★★★ 4 reviews

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DANTE 10/30/2021
"Perfection! "
CHIP 10/16/2021
"Let me preface and qualify this by saying that I am new, brand new, at drinking specialty coffee and at using any brew method other than a Mr Coffee, so I am a complete novice with an undeveloped palette and little coffee experience with which to compare one batch to another, and my review should be read with that in mind. I tried this coffee because it was advertised in an email the day after I watched a James Hoffman YouTube video on differences between coffees in which he explained a bit about natural vs washed, so I took the opportunity to find out if I think natural coffees are nasty or tasty. I find this coffee tasty. I can smell the fermentation in the aroma, but I cannot taste anything that seems fermented. The chocolate and blueberry notes are quite prominent, while the honey, for me, is in the aftertaste, what I suppose you call the "finish." It is neither sour nor bitter, at least the way I brewed it. I used 15 grams to roughly (I just fill my cup and then transfer it to the kettle, and my cup is in the 270 range) 270 ml, and then used the manufacturer's recommended method by filling water to the "1" line, stirring for 10 seconds, then a slow, 1 minute press. Mine actually steeped a few seconds while I turned the scale back on and got my stir stick, and the press was 1:04, with the water temperature between 180 and185 degrees (not the most precise gauge on my cheap Soulhand Hario-copy gooseneck kettle). Overall, I thought this coffee was a nice change of pace from my usual dark roasts, but again, I don't really know what I'm talking about. However, if it's useful to you, then a noob who likes dark roasts found this coffee pleasant using the above brewing method. Cheers."
PAT 10/14/2021
"This is the best coffee I have ever had. It is a beautiful light roast with a warm wine/fruit flavor. I love it so m much I am sending some as gifts. I hope this is available for a long time. "
PAT 10/14/2021
"This is the best coffee I have ever had. It is a beautiful light roast with a warm wine/fruit flavor. I love it so m much I am sending some as gifts. I hope this is available for a long time. "