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Featured Coffee Roasts Brewing This Month

A seasonally-fresh shortlist of the top coffees in Seattle and Portland

# 893 Lights on Jackson Holiday Blend by Broadcast Coffee Roasters
The Orange Cognac Coffee
Marshmallow, Orange, Cream

This coffee thinks it’s an orange cognac. From your first sip, you’ll taste orange cognac and caramelly, oaky bourbon spice, with a buttery finish like marshmallow cream. With a profile that’s sweet, creamy, and sparkly at once, like a cognac or fancy fruity liqueur, Broadcast’s Lights on Jackson is a toast-worthy addition to any festive gathering.

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# 766 Pinot Noir Barrel Aged El Salvador by Water Avenue Coffee Company
Coffee meets Wine: A Love Story
Black Cherry, Chocolate, Citrus

It’s back and going fast! With notes of sweet wine grapes, black cherry, rich chocolate and an oaky complexity, our Pinot Noir barrel-aged El Salvador is one of our most popular and exclusive coffees. This year’s limited batch has arrived just in time for all the celebrations of the season. If you liked our Bourbon barrel-aged coffee, you’ll love this Pinot coffee: the wine barrels add depth to the cup, but they don’t dominate it; instead, the sweet, fermenty red grapes provide a boozy compliment to a mild, creamy Salvadoran coffee with notes of cocoa and citrus zest.

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# 896 Holiday Blend by Rainier Coffee Roaster
Figgy Pudding in Your Mug
Graham Cracker, Fig, Molasses

This year, we’re dreaming of a Rainier holiday… Rainier Coffee Roasters, that is! As the snow starts falling, we’ll be luxuriating in Rainier’s first annual holiday blend, a creamy medium roast with a full, sweet body like molasses, notes of fig preserves, and a toasty finish like a graham cracker pie crust. This cup is rich and full of flavor, served black or with cream, and the graham notes are a perfect christmas cookie companion. Pro tip: promise a steaming mug of this holiday blend as a reward, and everyone will be volunteering to shovel the walk! Use this power wisely, my friend.

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# 897 Slate Bells Ringing by Slate Coffee Roasters
Cranberry, Spice, and Everything Nice
Clove, Cinnamon, Cranberry

Slate Bells Ring… are you listening? This bright, fruity cup will definitely ring in your holiday season. Big, juicy notes of red apples, cranberries, and black cherries are punch-perfect, and a finish of cocoa, cinnamon, and clove brings that mulled-wine warmth. Slate Bells Ringing is a holiday blend of Kenyan and Colombian beans, for a perfect spicy, fruity profile that suits all palates, and the lush, smooth body is perfect for a splash of milk or cream.

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# 363 Bear Claus Holiday Blend by Kuma Coffee
The Most Wonderful Mug of the Year
Fig, Pomegranate, Cranberry

Your morning just got merrier! Back for the fifth year in a row, Kuma Coffee’s Bear Claus Blend is a best seller every year, and one of our absolute favorite coffees. Bear Claus is a 50/50 blend of chocolaty Colombia and fruit-forward Kenya, for a rich, welcoming cup of sweet cranberries, figgy pudding, and chocolate spice cake. Full of our favorite nostalgic holiday flavors, chocolate, baking spices, bright berries— this blend will have you feeling warm, happy, and ready to wrap all those presents...

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# 889 Holiday Blend by Olympia Coffee
A Creamy, Dreamy Holiday Cup
Caramel, Clove, Chocolate

Milk and sugar? This cup brings its own. Olympia Roasters’s Holiday Blend is the creamiest, dreamiest roast I’ve had the pleasure of sipping this season. Its 50/50 blend of Colombian and Ethiopian beans brings a buttery body of chocolate and caramel, layered with soft notes of berries, tropical papaya and a clove-like spice. The texture is soft and smooth, like velvet, and the finish lingers in your mouth like a rich dessert. So rich, so creamy, you won’t believe it’s not butter! But I’m serious.

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# 358 Holiday Blend by Seven Coffee Roasters
A Macaroon for Your Mug
Nutty, Chocolate, Tropical

A macaroon for your mug! When Seattle’s only Hawaiian-born roaster sets his mind to creating the perfect Holiday Blend, you know it’ll be a sip of paradise. Seven Roasters’s special, seasonal Holiday Blend begins with extra-fancy Kona beans, for a bold, nutty body. Classic, chocolaty Central American beans add depth and richness, and a hint of tropical fruit gives the perfect Hawaiian twist. We taste chocolate-dipped coconut macaroon in this medium-roast cup, and a balanced, strawberry-guava sweetness.

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