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Tortoiseshell Blend (#605)

Dapper and Wise Coffee Roasters

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Spice, Brown Sugar, Nutmeg

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

Mostly seen in glasses these days, tortoiseshell has a warm, worldly appeal: ancient but not "old", fashion-forward but not "modern", it suits professors and hipsters alike, and goes with everything.

We find this aptly-named blend similar in its universal, comforting appeal. Assertive and bold, on the very edge of smoky, but with a subtle round creaminess. We love the buttered toast flavor and the dry, baking spice finish. Pair it with a tweed jacket, a pair of vintage sneakers, and a slice of avocado toast: it's the Portland way.

Dapper and Wise Coffee Roasters Story

Named for its distinct tortoiseshell color, this coffee is roasted medium-dark and tastes great as brewed coffee or espresso. It reminds us of brown sugar, buttered toast, and nutmeg. Delicious with cream and sugar, or straight-up!

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

38 customer reviews

"This was a pretty standard blend and while drinkable, I won't go out of my way to reorder it for the price. It was ok but nothing special."

"Good, i usually prefer a darker roast. Would try again"

"Smooth blend. Mellow spicy finish. Great with almond milk."

"This was an enjoyable medium roast but did not get any of the brown sugar or spice notes."

"We brewed this coffee with a french press which brought out the brown sugar and nutmeg notes. It had a nice flavor but was a little lighter than what I typically go for. I would call it light-medium and I tend to prefer medium-dark. "

"Don't love blends, as I find them darker and flatter than single origins. "

"I am concerned we did not get the same bean the other commenters received. We found this did NOT match its description. The coffee we brewed was light and thin with a dirty flavor with no hint of buttery, creamy, spice, or brown sugar. Our hope is our bag was mislabeled. Disappointing."

"pour over with a splash of heavy cream. (But also nice black.) Subtly spicy aroma. Smooth and creamy taste. Buttery, toasty notes. Hints of spice in the lingering finish. True to its description. Someone described it as a cozy blend - I would agree! I am enjoying my bag. I want to give it 3.5"

"Loved this- it may have been light to medium roast which I prefer, and it did have a smooth buttery flavor."

"I liked this blend so much! Such a pretty colour with cream. The smell is wonderful. Reminds me of late September. Gosh are all the coffees I get going to be this good?"

"Yum! This one is sort of sweet and creamy, even without adding anything!"

"Nice dark roast! Didn't really get the spice, but was good otherwise!"

"I had this coffee with my breakfast cereal and I think the grains really tasted great with is. This coffee is a bit bright, but has mostly nutty notes."

"While more on the stronger side, I still enjoyed this blend and the roaster is a great addition to the portfolio. I have been with Bean Box since they first got going and they continue to rock!"

"This coffee smells better than it tastes. It doesn't have bad flavor by any means, but it was a little light for my liking."

"Really good coffee. I loved the butter and sugar taste, smooth flavor and went well with some creamer. It was like having a cup of good smooth coffee with a piece of buttered sugar toast, with a light hint of nutmeg. I enjoyed this one"

"Smells like toast when grinding/brewing, tastes like a lovely standard coffee, and gets nuttier as it cools down (brewed with an aeropress)"

"This coffee has a nice light flavor. First time I made it I put some sugar free vanilla creamer but it overpowered a bit. Second time I did less and it tasted great. Nice and smooth. "

"Good taste, notes of brown sugar and nutmeg are excellent. Brewed in french press and aeropress. LIKED IT!"

"Pretty acidic for my tastes so it took a little extra cream, but behind that is a nice mild flavor, smooth brown sugar flavor"

"3.8/5 - As someone else said -- No one flavor really stands out, but overall a smooth, cozy taste. A fairly dry, modestly nutty roast with hints of butter -- like an un-syruped waffle served in an old arid house. Reminds me of waffles and tweedy yarn."

"No one flavor stood out, but overall a smooth, cozy taste."

"This is a really tasty brew! nice buttery flavor, and low acidity. Really enjoyed this brew and will be ordering again"

"This has been my favorite roast to date! Perfect as a brewed coffee with a great buttery aftertaste. Not too acidic, but had great flavor. I'll definitely have to order some more of this roast!"

"Smooth, warm, and sweet aroma. More medium than medium-dark to me."

"This is a mid shift coffee, not an energy boost that can carry you through the beginning of a night shift, but the old friend that you go to for help when your reserves are dwindling and you need a pick me up."

"I wasn't sure if I'd enjoy the spice in this, but I wanted to try something different and I'm glad I did because it's really good! Just enough spice to make it interesting. I used and aeropress and drank it black. "

"Cat people will understand - this coffee is warm and cozy, just a little sweet but mostly spicy - as complex and wonderful as a tortie! "

"This was really good. Smooth, bold and just enough flavor."

"Brewed in french press. Coffe had the appearance of a light roast but with the bold taste of a dark roast. Mild acidity, with slight spice aftertaste. We have not received coffe from this roaster before but, this one is great."

"This is a really good rich, smooth coffee. One of my favorites so far."

""brown sugar" is very accurate for this coffee. Although labelled as a medium-dark, it tastes a little more "medium" in my opinion. Not bad at all."

"This is a good quality medium roast coffee with a cocoa finish and a nutty tone. I brewed this with a chemex and really enjoyed it."

"Smooth medium roast coffee with a finish of burnt toast and nutmeg. Nice smooth balance. This coffee is great for someone who doesn’t enjoy fruit flavors and likes a hint of a darker roast. "

"This coffee was super smooth with a great buttery taste to it. Goes great as a pour over."

"Coffee had great taste and a buttery feel. Really enjoyed it "

"I made this via the french press 4 minute method after coarsely grinding the beans and preheating water to 205. I enjoyed this coffee. It almost tastes like what a cup at Dunkin Donuts would taste like IF it were fresh roasted on site and all of the positive characteristics were enhanced. Smooth."

"Smooth but a little bland. The tasting notes are spot on, but there's not much beyomd the creamy, buttery flavor."

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