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Diablo Dark Roast (#130)

Ladro Roasting


(Earn up to $1.78 in Bean Box Credit)

Roast: Dark roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Tobacco, Dark Chocolate, Brown Sugar

Bean Box Breakdown

Don’t let the name fool you— this roast may be devilishly bold and spicy, but the chocolate notes keep it smooth and the brown sugar lifts it up. Perfectly suitable for both angels and devils, and everyone else in between.

Ladro Roasting Story

Our renowned dark roast, incorporating coffees with a naturally large body and sweetness. Notes of tobacco leaf, brown sugar, and dark chocolate.

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Order by 3PM PST. Get it by Friday, July 26. Can also ship roasted-to-order on Jul 31 (1-3 day typical delivery).
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Customer Reviews

59 customer reviews  write a review

"Interesting combination, but it works. Got the best overall flavor from the french press. "

"Much smoother than I expected with a nice smooth mouth feel. A bit of sugar and spice makes this Diablo roast a great sipping coffee."

"Great dark roast flavor while still extremely smooth."

"Didn’t love. Was t terribly bold, but notes weren’t great"

"3.8/5 Decent dark roast! Initially has fairly complex notes of tobacco, chocolate, sugar, and I swear I'm getting hints of a beefy spaghetti sauce and charred oak. Less complex on the tongue however, being surprisingly darker on the tongue than the nose. Fairly straightforward on the tongue."

"I couldn't really differentiate the flavors in this blend but that said, it was incredible. The coffee itself was strong and not overwhelming, a perfect blend (imo) ."

"This tilted more towards a dark-medium flavor profile for me than dark. I enjoyed it. Very smooth and kind of complex when I used a french press. Hearty and delicious."

"The flavor is very complex, with cinnamon and smoke, and a kind of spicy linger. "

"One of the best dark roast samples I have received! Smooth, dark, and so aromatic! And the notes kept me wanting more. Paired well with my dark chocolate croissants. "

"The chocolate and tobacco stand out in this smooth dark roast. Made in french press and drank black. "

"Normally not a huge fan of dark roasts as flavors can get muddy, but this one was actually good. The chocolate really comes through."

"This is probably my favorite coffee I've received through Bean Box. The flavor is robust and satisfying."

"This roast is very bold. It is fantastic but I could not drink cup after cup because it was a bit too dark for me."

"I love this roast! Deep chocolate flavors in a dark roast, but no bitterness."

"Heavy body. Dark chocolate and caramel flavors tend out, but with a subtle peppery finish that adds complexity. "

"Average dark roast. Unable to taste some of the flavors in the profile described "

"One of the best dark roast I've ever had! It was french pressed and was very well balanced and smooth. chocolate notes were enjoyable."

"Always a fan of Ladro's roasts, but these guys really just knocked it out of the park with a coffee that feels right at home with breakfast, lunch or dinner. A classy cup best made as pour over."

"A nice "everyday" dark roast. Like other blends - this stands out with it's fresh roast - absolutely perfectly smooth with no bitterness."

"Love love love. I have been a drinker of caffe Verona for years and this tops that for me. It is deeply spu,it and velvety. A hint of chocolate and an incredibly clean after taste. This is a lovely weekend coffee!"

"I got this in my first sampler box and I love it. It's dark and rich but not bitter. "

"Good flavor. Not sure I’d buy again but I enjoyed it. "

"This is a richer, more full bodied taste than the Johnson House Blend. It's a classic coffee flavor, dark but mellow. Not very acidic. Strong without being dominated by bitterness."

"This is a great dark roast. The smokiness is unmistakable, but it isn't too heavy or overpowering. "

"Brewed with french press. My wife and I found it to be just an average coffee. We prefer dark roast but this one just does not live up to some of the others we have received with bean box. "

"This is a GREAT coffee, especially if you like a very dark cup of coffee. The tobacco leaf flavor doesn't stand out to me, which is a good thing. Earthy with a sweet finish."

"Brewed in french press 4- minutes. Fair dark roast coffee. Typically enjoy lighter roast. This coffee had bold taste and was fairly smooth, but a little too carmelized, and nutty, for my taste."

"Favorite one so far! A lot of depth but still smooth. "

"From my husband: It's a nice strong and dark coffee - it doesn't have quite a complex flavors as other coffees do, but it has a very solid one note flavor."

"Definitely had a tobacco taste to it, strange but not that bad. It was a little heavy on my stomach for my taste. I did like the dark chocolate - molasses taste, just a little too heavy/dark for me."

"Sweet and rich, with a slightly spicy, cinnamony flavor. Really nice!"

"Dark, smokey, but shallow. Lacked depth. Probably better with milk, but I like my coffee black."

"Really not that bad for a dark roast -- I am not always a dark roast fan, although I do love to sample them (some are surprisingly amazing!). This coffee had good earthy flavor, wasn't bitter, but was a little heavy on my stomach. Overall, it wasn't one of my favorites but I enjoyed it. "

"It didn't really have that bold of a flavor to me. It wasn't a bad flavor, but I can't see myself trying to buy this again in the future. I'm not too crazy about dark roasts, though, so take my review with a grain of salt."

"Got this for my grandpa but had to try it for myself. It makes a fantastic latte, very good espresso. Definitely has a smokey taste (not the strongest tobacco note), very chocolatey and surprisingly not bitter. Especially if you don't like fruity notes as much, this coffee is for you."

"This one just didn’t do it for me, not really my flavor."

"Soft, refreshing light acidity with a clean finish. Hint of cherry with deeply caramelized sugar and chocolate. Velvet mouth feel and weight."

"Delicious! Made this with a french press. Comes out nice and smooth. Not sure I tasted the 'tobacco' notes... but I'm ok with that. "

"too bitter for my taste but a good quality coffee overall"

"A wonderful deep rich brew. This coffee smells wonderful in the bag. I cant help but breathe in it's beautiful aroma prior to grinding. Love it!"

"Lovely roast – dark with a good body and good finish, some lovely chocolatey notes. If you want a solidly dark coffee, this is for you."

"Darker the better. 7.9/10. A little bit sweet. Everything you are looking if you are a dark fan."

"This one is my partner's favorite out of all the boxes we've received so far. Good for cold brew too!"

"I found it slightly bitter but my husband loved it black "

"Moderately dark roast. Very smooth and not too acidic. All around good cup of coffee. "

"A little bitter but great cup of coffee. Strong flavor and easy finish. "

"My husband and I both loved it! We like darker roasts and this was wonderful; rich and dark, but also very smooth and low acidity. I would definitely purchase again and recommend to others. "

"Holy moly If u like them dark but two bags.this has to be one of the best dark roast I've had.the taste was so dark and extremely rich my idea of the perfect morning cup."

"Great dark roast. Smooth and well-balanced. A great coffee to go with a sweeter breakfast or dessert. Loved it."

"An amazing cup of Coffee. I used this in the chemex and it turned out amazing. Such a dark and bold coffee. This is right up my alley. I love these kinds of coffees and this is one I have reordered several times. "

"Brewed using a v60 hot and iced. Real rich dark roast with a sweet chocolate taste. A smooth dark roast that doesn't need milk or sugar."

"I drink only dark roasts, but I do like to tone the flavor with a little creamer. This coffee is outstanding with International's Sweet Cream. The coffee has a distinct dark chocolate taste - don't really get the brown sugar or tobacco!"

"Rich dark roast flavor. I drink my coffee black and did not find this at all bitter. Recommend."

"This is an excellent dark brew! Bold, smooth flavor! We are ordering a bag!"

"dark roast, I would buy it again. Don't get hints of tobacco leaf, but I do get brown sugar and the chocolate. "

"Dark and bold but without the bitter aftertaste. These were great for expressos!"

"Ladro always puts out the best beans. I loved the sweetness of this roast, the brown sugar came through with the chemex perfectly. The tobacco smell was very evident with the french roast."

"While I prefer a lighter roast, this coffee was delicious. Smoother than expected, and full-bodied, but not an overwhelming dark roast. The brown sugar undertones definitely brighten it up. I would definitely come back to this coffee, especially on a cold, frosty day when I need to warm up."

"I am not typically a fan of dark roasts, but this was a pleasant surprise. It was a smooth blend that wasn't too heavy or smokey. I enjoyed this roast more than I thought I would."

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