Caffe Vita - Guatemala Finca Nuevo Vinas

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Guatemala Finca Nuevo Vinas (#71)

Caffe Vita

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Chocolate, Spice, Brown Sugar

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

Vita has been buying from this farm since 2007, and it’s one of our seasonal favorites. Decadent, silky notes of chocolate and spice are wrapped in a nutty aroma, with a hint of summer pear. The perfect roast to ease us into iced coffee season.

Caffe Vita Story

Located in a lush valley near the extinct volcano Tecuamburro, Finca Nuevo Vinas has been farmed by the Keller family for over 100 years. This long history has seen the farm undergo many changes, with one of the most important being the decision in 2003 to make a full transition to organic farming. Sustainability and environmental stewardship are key components of their philosophy, with 200 hectares of their land set is aside as a nature reserve.
Since 2007 Caffe Vita has been purchasing coffee from this remarkable farm, establishing a meaningful relationship and a direct connection between grower and roaster. Finca Nuevo Vinas continues to impress us with their sustainable farming practices and tireless experimentation in organic and biodynamic techniques which have steadily improved the health of the farm and in turn the quality in the cup.

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Customer Reviews

19 customer reviews

"Better as an iced coffee than a brewed cup but delicious both ways. Love the nutty chocolate flavor."

"A good, well balanced blend. I thoroughly enjoyed this cup of coffee. "

"Delicious coffee with some allspice and chocolate notes. Very smooth."

"Not bad. Just the slightest hint of spice, didn't get a whole lot of anything else."

"I've had the chance to try this twice now and it's really a good cup of coffee. I like the chocolate and spices flavor. Tried as iced and it was really good. Very light hint of pear & summer crispness to it."

"Always on point with Caffee Vita. Came out fantistic out of my aeropress, Kalita wave and espresso machine."

"I enjoyed this coffee a lot. Brewed hot, and dead a little cream. The slight nuttiness compliments the chocolate so well. A nice medium brew!"

"The more I drank this coffee the more I liked it. Slight fruity taste with occasional hints of chocolate. Not acidic and very smooth. "

"So good. Great chocolate flavor with mild spices. All around good cup of coffe with great flavor. "

"Brewed in french press. Good coffee with spice notes and low acidity with smooth finish. Good medium roast coffee with complex flavor. "

"This one is very tasty. It has tastes really full-bodied with delicious notes of chocolate. I brewed it as an espresso and enjoyed it both iced and as a latte."

"This was nice, not too strong and it had a hint of pear that offset the spice flavor perfectly. Would definitely be happy to order this again."

"A great morning coffee. The allspice flavor really stuck out to me. There is a slight chocolatey aftertaste. I would definitely recommend if you want a full bodied medium roast."

"Solid choice, nothing that disappoints in the least but it doesn't work stand out either."

"Really rich, full bodied, satisfying flavor but with a nice delicateness in the way the flavor plays in your mouth. A good cup to sip while slowly starting your morning. One of my favorites in a while!"

"It mentions pear in the taste notes, which you can DEFINITELY taste once you let it get cooler. Drink it hot: it tastes a little chocolate-y, but overall it has a burnt taste to it. If you drink it iced, it tastes like pear (but not so much that you feel like you're drinking pear juice). It was OK."

"Well it's hard to give less than a great review of this coffee after reading the description here and reviews, but nothing really stood out to me. A 3.5. The chocolate was nice and little taste of allspice and I suppose there was some pear. I'd like to try it again if I could get another sample."

"A delicious coffee with great chocolate notes and spice."

"For a medium roast, this is a bold delicious cup!"

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