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Breaker One 9 (#47)

Broadcast Coffee Roasters

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Stone Fruit, Chocolate, Jasmine

Bean Box Breakdown

This blend, bold yet bright, is a true tapestry of flavors. Notes of dark chocolate, jasmine, and stone fruits.

Broadcast Coffee Roasters Story

We took our direct trade pulped natural Brazil, added a dash of our in-season South American coffee and our in-season African coffee and the result was a heavy bodied coffee that tastes bold yet smooth and will stand up to cream and sugar.

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Customer Reviews

30 customer reviews

"Picked up a bag of this directly from roaster when was on a trip in Seattle, great coffee, nice well rounded flavor, love the flavor tobacco provides to coffee. "

"A very good bean, works well with milk (however one might prefer it). Sipping a shot is just a little bit stronger than I like but still delicious. "

"Yum! My wife loved the nutty, earthy flavor but had a smooth finish!"

"Unusual. Not a bad roast, but not my preferred combination of flavors."

"A good cup of coffee. Prob wouldn’t purchase though. "

"I prefer a darker espresso. Even a bit of variation in technique ruined this. That said- it was good when done exactly right."

"Got it in the sampler box, and was my favorite. Would order again for it's well balanced flavor that was full bodied without being over powering. "

"Was tolerable. Probably would buy again though. Used a Bee House pour over. "

""They say it's hit or miss w/espressos, especially brewed in a pour over & this one was a hit! It was bold, yet smooth & sweet w/no acidity. I would say this was a medium-dark roast & it's a keeper."

"Smelled AMAZING, it tasted pretty good, but wasn't my favorite. Slightly bitter. "

"This was a very good coffee. The chocolate and the jasmine was a nice mixture. "

"This was a great, easy to drink coffee. Perfect for breakfast or anytime of the day. "

"Nice for espresso, not too strong. Subtle flavors. I prefer a bit darker. "

"It wasn't our absolute favorite but the jasmine smell was incredibly fragrant. I loved the taste and slight sweetness."

"So delicious. Strong but not too overpowering. Tasted great! "

"Like a trip abroad! I think it tastes best brewed just a minute longer. "

"This is a very nice and smooth coffee. Brewed in both drip coffee maker and a chemex, I totally enjoyed both. Highly recommend this one."

"Nice, inoffensive flavour. Mellow, earthy and lightly acidic. Good aroma, real treat to brew! After taste was light, pleasant and didn't linger too long. On;y downside I can think of was it was just a tad TOO light, the first initial taste could have been more present. Otherwise, very pleased."

"Cream really brought out the jasmine and fruity notes. It is zesty at first with a medium acidity, but smooth and full bodied. It seems like cream is essential to this cup."

"Brewed in a french press. Nice darker roast that isn't hidden by milk and sugar. Great mid day treat!"

"This coffee is well-balanced and great with milk and sugar. We enjoyed it in the morning and as an after dinner drink."

"Very interesting well balanced. Nothing too spicy but not to boring. Was a very good in between! "

"Great balanced cup. Sweet stone fruit. As well as chocolate "

"This is such a pleasantly delicious coffee I was very sad to see it go. I plan to order a full sized bag of it soon. Usually the coffee I drink is hot bean water but this lived up to the description on the bag. Five stars. "

"I love a medium roast like this! Flavor that pops and is reminiscent of a bold tea, but without too many tannins. Like! "

"This coffee was fine, but it was a bit too fruity for my liking. I personally prefer a richer flavor."

"Brought this home from the cafe and brewed in my superautomatic espresso machine. Nice taste, balanced with chocolate notes. Would buy again. "

"Tasty, flavorful but light brew for my morning cup. 4/5 beans"

"A nice smooth roast, with light chocolate notes, and subtle floral flavors. One of my favorites of the box!"

"Tried this in their cafe. Excellent flavor!! I would definitely recommend it!"

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