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Bearded Lady (#58)

Longshoreman's Daughter Coffee


(Earn up to $1.95 in Bean Box Credit)

Roast: Dark roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Cherry, Cocoa Powder, Molasses

Bean Box Breakdown

With its rich, smoky flavor and bright cherry punch, this dark roast is delicate, yet bold. Complex, and surprisingly sweet. A study in delicious duality.

Longshoreman's Daughter Coffee Story

A time capsule back to the 1980s, when we first fell in love with dark, bold, complex coffees. Notes of molasses, cocoa, ginger, and cherry, and a little bit nutty (winky face).

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Order within 5 hours and 51 minutes. Get it by Saturday, August 24. Can also ship roasted-to-order on Aug 28 (1-3 day typical delivery).

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Customer Reviews

133 customer reviews  write a review

"Juicy, and pretty darn cozy on the nose. The tongue is a similar story - a tad woodsy, creamy (nutty), floral, and notes of mixed berry and pit fruit wake this roast up. "

"A wonderful brew! The molasses note is spot on! All of BeanBox beans are incredibly fresh and enjoyable."

"A good dark roast that isnt too sludgy and still has some range of flavor."

"I'm not always a huge fan of dark roast coffee, but this one is yummy! "

"Absolutely wonderful! Every time I get a new coffee I try it black first, then taste it with sweetener, then add some cream. This coffee was phenomenal no matter which way it was prepared. I will definitely be ordering it again."

"Great dark coffee. Notes of chocolate and tobacco come through without being too smoky. "

"I like dark roasts but don't enjoy ones that are heavy on the smoky taste so I was nervous about ordering this one based on the description. I had nothing to worry about! I wouldn't describe the taste as heavy on the smoke...perhaps just the slightest touch. I taste a bit of the cherry. A nice cup."

"A little on the strong side. If you want your coffee to taste like coffee and not some fancy third wave flavor profile, this one’s for you."

"The first time I tasted this roast I fell in love. The after taste is amazing. Makes my morning!"

"Very good coffee. Enjoy most coffee coming from this roaster. This is no exception good full flavored smooth coffee with light fruit flavor but smooth Carmel finish. Would purchase this coffee again. "

"One of my favorites. Very good sweet fruity and smooth. Good finish. "

"At first, all I could taste was the smoky aftertaste. But a few more sips in, it grew on me. Not my favorite, but I like it a lot better than I thought I would. A very complex brew. I drank it cold-brewed and as a pour-over."

"I've had this one a couple times and really like it. IT's well balanced, and light. I like the hint of ginger."

"Quite a good cup of coffee. Flavors didn't really stand out to me but they were there and I really liked the the little ginger finish. Brewed french press."

"Loved this for iced coffee! I couldn’t really pick up cherry flavor, but overall bright medium dark coffee taste"

"Made into an iced latte. Deep rich and savory, this was superb. Better as an espresso/latte than a striaght coffee."

"Nice coffee with brunch! Good dark roast. Had as pour over. "

"Let me start off by saying that I am not a dark roast person, unless I'm having a rough morning and really need the kick. However, we decided to order this coffee because of the notes and the reviews. This one of our new favorite coffees! Tons of flavor, doesn't have the "dark" taste. REALLY good!"

"I loved my espresso with notes of molasses and ginger. Will probably order it again soon. "

"Though it says "Bold", it's NOT a dark, dark blend, it's more on the side of a delicate dark, a nutty mix with just a small hint of fruitiness! Didn't really taste the cocoa or molasses notes! Not my cup of coffee but not bad either! Good 1st choice to make when exploring the dark side...of coffee:)"

"This is exactly my taste and I loved every drop! Can't wait to reorder. "

"This is my absolute favorite coffee so far! french pressed, super smooth, no acidity. Nice nuttiness and cherry definitely comes through. Will buy more of this for sure! "

"Really nice range of flavors. Spice notes with a slight sweetness and a warm, medium-full body underlying it all. Delicate and assertive at the same time."

"Sweet and fruity, held up well as a black cup of coffee. Made in a french press. "

"We were not fans of this blend. The tones didn't really work for us and there was an after taste we weren't fans of. The strength was good overall but the flavor wasn't for us. "

"I love grinding my own beans and my coffee strong, black and flavorful, but despise the "burnt bean" Starbucks taste. Bearded Lady was spot on and can adjust the wonderful flavors by how much you use. I make a pretty heady brew and absolutely love this blend. A bit pricey, but worth it. "

"Usually a light and medium roast espresso drinker. This made espresso shots that were a bit strong but somehow balanced and tasty without any additions. I usually end up needing to make macchiatos with dark roasts, but not this one! Definitely in my rotation."

"Although this coffee is a dark roast it is very smooth. It has a deep, rich taste but it isn't "strong"."

"I always worry when a coffee is described as smoky but this did not disappoint! Rich and delicious with a nice little zing from the cherry."

"I liked this one. It's bold and strong, but still had good flavor. I'll buy another bag once I run out of coffee."

"I don't think I've gotten a coffee from BeanBox that wasn't at least solid, and this coffee is no different. I would have preferred it to be slightly fruitier with the cherry being a little more pronounced, but that's only because I enjoy fruity coffees. "

"I'm not usually a fan of fruity flavors in my coffee, but this one blew me away! I've only tried it as espresso with a little sugar and half and half, but it's exactly what I didn't know I was looking for out of a coffee bean."

"I thought this was pretty good but I wasn't totally Wowed by it. Didn't really experience anything unique about this taste. Definitely worth trying though."

"I typically love all the coffee from Bean Box. However, today I tried Bearded Lady and I couldn't drink it, I threw the whole bag out. The after taste was just unbearable. My mom also was here and didn't care for it either. I see plenty of 5-star reviews, so maybe it's just not for my palate. "

"I like this blend for stronger coffee days, it's dark roast lends to a more bitter and robust flavor. I've used this both as a course grind for my french press and fine grind for espresso with a machine and it holds up. The smoky flavor is ever present and goes well with a touch of milk."

"This blend is just how I like it, dark and delicious. I make mine as cappuccino and it's very tasty."

"Took this to work, then put it through the drip maker. Boy was it the right choice! Absolutely delicious, and exactly what I needed to get me through the work day. "

"Definitely one of the better blends. I like the combo of molasses and cherry notes."

"Drank this via drip method, and enjoyed it thoroughly. To me, it had a sweet sort of nutty flavor. It tasted better when I brew it with a french press-- a richer body. I'd definitely buy it again. "

"Very good, although not quite as dark as other "dark" coffees I've had in the past from Bean Box. Drinks fine from an aeropress. It is definitely a coffee that I could keep on hand as a staple."

"This coffee is very good! Not sure that I would call it a dark roast, seems more like a medium to me, but I prefer medium roasts. I made it with an aeropress, and drank it black and it was perfect. A nice sturdy cup of coffee."

"It was sweeter than I was expecting for such a bold blend, but it was a good, complex sweetness."

"It was good. Nothing too special, but I would get it again."

"This is most excellent black juice. A handful of cherries subtly wrapped in a sepia glove. Incredibly smooth coffee my daughter described as "bang bang". I have already reordered."

"A very bold blend when brewed in the drip pot and the french press, but not too dark. The flavors really came through! For those who take cream, this blend held it very well and still retained its uniqueness. "

"I believe I did aeropress. I was surprised how light roasted the beans were but the flavors were spot on, delicious!"

"Super dark, rich and heavy so be warned if you don't like that kind of thing. Fortunately I loved it and would drink it again. "

"Good solid dark roast (used aeropress inverted method)"

"It has a very syrupy quality which is great with a french toast breakfast! "

"Though I’m a fan of dark & strong coffee, this one was WAY too much for me. "

"I really likee the cherry notes in this. A great wake up coffee thats noce and crispwithout being over bearing"

"We both loved the blooming flavors this coffee had. Easily one of our favorites! First flavor to hit is the chocolate, and the other flavors follow nicely. "

"Another favorite of mine! Rich, bold coffee with excellent flavor. I was worried about the ginger in the description (I'm not a fan generally), but the flavors balanced perfectly."

"A very dark, rich coffee. Tastes absolutely amazing and is not overpowering."

"Loved this one — smooth and I adore the berry aftertaste."

"Made a pretty good cup of coffee. It was nice for the cold mornings. I definitely prefer this in the french press as opposed to pour over. Not as good as I had hoped it would be."

"A good solid dark roast. I used a french press to prepare it and really enjoyed it. Not the best dark roast ever but solid with good flavor. "

"Nearly a new favorite, if it only had a hint of cherry... I just dont taste it. The molasses,ginger,nutty flavors were there as advertised tho and just lovely!! espresso and french press are both great with this one. A touch of cool whip made it magical."

"Great tasting coffee. The cherry is prevalent with the sweet taste of molasses. Very smooth coffee!"

"WOW! Dark but so flavorful! The cocoa and cherry gives this coffee a dessert feel! But the molasses, nutty notes, and ginger makes me want pancakes! A great dessert or breakfast coffee. One of my faves!"

"The coffee was smooth and not to sweet. I shared the coffee with friends and they loved the taste. Would definitely recommend to others. I was hesitant to drink the coffee when I read it had ginger as a tasting note. The ginger did not over power the flavor. Definitely a timeless complex coffee. "

"So this coffee is a bit of an enigma. An enigma wrapped inside of a rubik's cube made of riddles. The curious factor of this coffee is that is smells like a very thick, deep coffee; but when you taste it, it's a quite sharp character thrown in with the beans that is incredibly satasfying."

"One of my favorites! Bought 12 oz and finished it in a heartbeat."

"We LOVED this coffee. There is a perfect temperature for drinking where the flavors really open up. Even my bf noticed, and his palate is kind of a blunt instrument. I will be ordering this again and again. "

"Good, strong cup of coffee. There is a nice chocolate flavor on the end that was a little surprising, but not overpowering."

"cocoa, molasses, cherry AND ginger all in one espresso! SO good! We have drank this as americanos or straight espresso shots. Delicious. "

"One of the best. It's smooth with just a hint of sweetness. The zing of the ginger come through, too. "

"Dark and strong flavor and scent. Perfectly delicious with no additions!"

"Delicious. Did not taste any beard, nor did I taste any lady."

"I love dark roasts and this was no exception. Great espresso and I actually caught the cherry note."

"Enjoyed this dark roast. Very bold, but smooth. Subtle hints of cherry. "

"Nice full body and smooth. Yet, the flavors just didn't hit my tongue right. It was a nice attempt, but the flavors just aren't for me I guess. "

"Really was not impressed. Drank like a weak medium roast. Not complex flavors."

"Really delicious, and could definitely taste the cocoa in it. Wasn't bitter, and I could smell it before I even opened it. "

"First, the crema on this coffee is stunning and makes a beautiful cup if you have a glass cup. We found it full on coffee with a long lasting finished which my husband loved . I needed to add a bit more milk to my espresso to soften it."

"This is one of my favorites , such a nice sweet flavor for cappuccinos . "

"A perfect blend. Looking forward to more Bean Box shipments!"

"A good dark roast but it feels "leathery" with nutty and ginger hints as well as some smokiness which is not my cup of tea at all, it has complexity but I prefer smoother and bold dark roasts that stand up to creamer which I always use."

"Not really our cup of tea (or coffee) - tasted dark and the notes were not our favourite combination of flavours in a coffee cup. I realized that I like a simpler and lighter cup of coffee - not bad by any means just not for me."

"Delightful blend. I savored every moment. It is a perfect blend. "

"This was just OK for us. Not a bad blend by any means, but no flavors stood out to make it special. EDIT: We tried it again and got the water-coffee ratio just right, and this stuff was DELICIOUS. "

"This I have to say is the most Amazing coffee I have ever tried! I will definitely be buying a bag! So smooth!"

"This brought me back to remembering tastes of my fathers coffee in the 80's. Which is great due to nostalgia and not so great due to the pallet being refined over the year. All in all this dark roast is perfectly fine, bold and flavorful, but not nuanced, and not a brew Id drink everyday."

"I absolutely love me some dark coffee this was not a favorite.the flavors didn't seem to work well together."

"This coffee is great. There is a hint of chocolate with a bit of a subtle smoky taste. It's also a fairly dark roast, which I like. "

"This is my favorite dark roast. I can really taste the chocolate and just love it with a little chocolate cream. Can you tell I like chocolate?"

"A great bold espresso roast that was never bitter. Great with a little bit of milk and sugar."

"This is my favorite Bean Box coffee to date. Bought it based on the reviews and was not disappointed. Great rich flavor, a smoothness and no bitterness. Used it to make a latte and the combo of frothed milk and balanced flavor made it a morning treat!"

"I dont usually like dark roast coffees but this was a pleasant surprise. I would drink again."

"Very strong coffee. I was expecting the flavor of cherry and chocolate to come out more. But was just a strong bean flavor."

"I made many good cups of joe with the bearded lady which did give me a nice kick in the back of my throat every morning but I wouldn't perish if I didn't have another cup. "

"Excellent roast and my fiance loves the flavor of it"

"One of my husband's favorites and mine too! Love the cherry taste."

"A very bold and dark roasted coffee. I could taste the molasses and nutty flavors and even some hints of leather. Not a bad coffee, just not my favorite. "

"If you love dark coffee this is a great brew. The right balance of acidity and an easy drinker. Will definitely buy again..."

"This coffee is one of my favorites. It was my first Bean Box coffee, and I have a hard time straying from it to try others. It's smooth, with distinct molasses. I don't normally like anything cherry, but this flavor is well balanced. I use it for espresso and was impressed with the bold flavor."

"This is a delicious coffee, even if you're not a fan of dark roasts. The flavor is bold and rich without tasting too bitter. While it makes a great hot cup of coffee for the morning, it also makes a great cold brew if you want a smoother flavor and less acidity. "

"This was a phenomenal dark roast! Each of the flavors came through very clear and very clean. Definitely one of my favorites. "

"As others have said, this doesn't have the burnt quality many dark roasts seem to possess. Clarity of flavor, almost sugary, needs only a dash of milk for lightweights like me. "

"This was Absolutely delicious!! Recommend it 100% will definitely purchase again"

"A new family family favorite and that's coming from a light roast coffee lover! The description says it all."

"A good dark roast but not one I would run back to buy again"

"Bold and smooth. Order this regularly. One of my favorites!"

"Absolutely loved this roast! I'm thinking about buying another bag in a couple of weeks! "

"I'm not a big fan of darker roasts, but this was so smooth and full of rich flavor. I would highly recommend it for even a pour over. "

"I usually do not like dark roasts, but this one was wonderfully delicate. Just a little bit of burnt flavor that is not overwhelming. Feels careful and thoughtful in execution. I also like the fruitiness and sweetness that comes through. I often reach for milk with the dark roasts but not this one."

"Loved this blend! Brewed using my french press and it was excellent! Loved the slight sweetness to it, a very enjoyable way to start my morning. "

"Love love love this dark roast. Really get that molasses after taste that makes it so sweet and yet so dark too."

"This is a very dark coffee but I simply love the molasses to it. I brew it in the moka pot and add sugar and a little creamer. It is a great pick me up."

"Really dark blend... prepare yourself. Definitely a great eye opener. Used in french press method. Dark but surprisingly smooth finish. Buy this for a Monday morning drag yourself into the office on a rainy day coffee. "

"Had this as part of my second bean box. Loved it and just ordered it again. Great dark roast with complex flavor. Usually cannot detect things like a hint of cherry in my coffee, but could taste it here. Good stuff."

" Hands-down my favorite selection since I started in the club. The description is spot on. The flavors are incredible! "

"without a doubt one of my favorites so far, a great combo of flavors. "

"You can't go wrong with this roast! I was a skeptic when I saw ginger in the description but the nutty and cocoa flavors presented a bold pleasant roast! It would pair well with a brownie or slice of cheesecake!"

"Brewed at 200ºF, extraction lasted 40 seconds with a 5 second pre-infusion time. Definitely a new favorite espresso option. Tasted notes of cherry, caramel, & chocolate--but no ginger. Finished with a smoky, yet sweet full body flavor."

"This was in our first box delivery and we could not be more pleased! What a delicious coffee, we could not wait to order a pound!"

"A coffee that is proud to be dark. This blend is closer to a full city roast than say Italian or French, which is great because it allows the dark cherry fruit notes shine. There is an acidic presence in this blend that calls for attention and precision during brewing."

"Wonderful aroma with deep flavors. Did not last long...."

"Brewed using v60. Great smooth chocolate flavor with cherry in the background. What a great smokey dark blend. Would be incredible as an espresso! Next big bag blend will be this one."

"One of the best coffees I have had. Great deep taste. Hints of cherry, which I'm not usually a fan of, here was pulled of perfectly. Would definitely enjoy more. chemex brewed."

"I was not a personal fan of this month's coffee. It had a slight hint of cherry which is one of my least favorite tastes but that is a highly personal preference. I felt it did not brew the way the last few have, either. Would not buy."

"One of my absolute favorites, this is perfection in a french press. The complexity, especially the cherry notes, were delightful."

"Rich, bold, and flavorful coffee. Great complexity, slightly sweet finish, and no overpowering aftertaste like many bold coffees have. Brewed on a drip machine, didn't have my french press, but I would imagine this coffee is incredible brewed any way. "

"This is one of my and my husband favorite coffees. It's a nice dark roast without being bitter and has a little sweetness without having to add sugar. "

"I was excited to try this coffee because the name made me smile. The beans and grounds smelled great. I brewed it in a drip coffeemaker. The coffee itself was very nice, the molasses really came through and it ended with a touch of sweetness"

"Honestly, I bought this coffee for the circus freak name. Turns out that Bearded Lady is delicious. My wife is jealous commenting "I thought I was the only bearded lady in your life""

"By this has been one of my favorite coffees so far. I think this flavor combination is ideal for a dark roast. I brewed this coffee in my percolator and it really brought out the flavor of the molasses. "

"Can taste the cherry right away. It finishes smooth and tastes great."

"Really nice darker roast. Great in a french press. Deeper notes and flavors but nothing bitter or heavy."

"Great coffee to wake up to, love the cherry notes. Best of the 4 I got in my bean box."

"I really likee the cherry notes in this. A great wake up coffee thats noce and crispwithout being over bearing"

"My husband and I enjoyed Bearded Lady. It was smooth and light. I was skeptical when I saw that cherry was a tasting note because it can easily be too strong for my taste. I was pleasantly surprised with how well balanced the cherry and other tastes were; the cherry was noticeable yet subtle. "

"Dark on the front, sweet and light on the back. When you stick your nose in the bag, you expect it to be bitter -- but it's surprisingly smooth on the finish. "

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