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Longshoreman's Daughter Coffee - Organic Sumatra Ketiara

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Organic Sumatra Ketiara (#706)

Longshoreman's Daughter Coffee


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Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Blackberry, Kiwi, Butter

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

Long live the queen: Sumatra Queen Ketiara is one organic Sumatran that’s truly fit for royalty. Earthy chocolate aromas lead into a dynamic cup of sweet black tea with a touch of wild blackberry, and a round, creamy finish that tastes like toasty buttered croissant. This is a robust, medium roast with low acidity and lots of deep, roasty flavor—all the elegance of tea-time wrapped in a strong, sweet Indonesian cup. Pinkies up!

Longshoreman’s Daughter has been roasting in the heart of Seattle’s artsy Fremont district for over 35 years. Lori is Seattle’s preeminent female roaster, born and raised in the dockyards of the city’s historic shipping ports. In true Seattle style, she roasts a hearty cup, slinging her eye-opening brews to sailors and hipsters alike. Ketiara is an organic certified coop in the Gayo Highlands of Sumatra, known for its female leadership and top-quality, innovative coffees. Ketiara is known for its sugar development, the hint of twinkly brightness within a classic profile of dark cocoa, black tea, earthy spice. The creamy, buttery finish is the icing on the (coffee) cake.

Reserve a freshly-roasted bag of Sumatra Queen Ketiara, and give your morning the royal treatment with this deep and satisfying cup of sweet tea, blackberry spice, and buttered croissant. Your kingdom—your kitchen!—awaits.

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Order within 8 hours and 34 minutes. Get it by Tuesday, August 27. Can also ship roasted-to-order on Aug 28 (1-3 day typical delivery).

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Customer Reviews

12 customer reviews  write a review

"This coffee had a lot of flavor packed into. The citrus wasn't overwhelming and complemented the coffee well. "

"Love the creamy finish so taste can drink everyday. "

"This coffee was a little too fruity for my liking and definitely had a tea like flavor. I brewed it with a french press. I could drink this coffee again but probably would not buy it."

"3 to 4 -- not bad, but not a favorite. Definitely tasted the black tea, pretty heavy taste -- with very light notes of a blackberry flavor. I would recommend to people who like the black tea taste, and darker roasts; I actually thought this was a dark roast. "

"It tasted very fruity, more like a light coffee. It was a little too fruity for my liking. Brewed it as an espresso and made an ok iced latte."

"Really nicely fruit-forward while keepin acidity low. Fruitier than most sumatras but would sub in well for others. A good cup of coffee."

"Overall a good Sumatran, could really taste the buttery syrup notes"

"Great roaster. Coffee tasted much darker than labeled. Deep flavor with mild a did its and fruit notes. Not our favorite coffe but a good darker roast."

"Really enjoyed the buttery notes. Not usually a fan of Sumatra coffees but this ome was pleasant."

"Tasted a lot like a dark tea, wasn't my "cup of tea." Had good after notes of blackberry, but it was just a little too dark/dirt flavor for me. However, not acidic or harsh."

"Drank at night after dinner. Very smooth yet flavorful coffee. "

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