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Zoka Coffee - Organic Tatoosh

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Organic Tatoosh (#495)

Zoka Coffee


(Earn up to $1.80 in Bean Box Credit)

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Chocolate, Butter, Strawberry

Zoka Coffee Story

Designed to be a sustainable, delicious mixture of some of the world’s finest organics, Tatoosh is a promise. It represents our commitment to high quality, Zoka Family Direct Trade, and roasting mastery.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

28 customer reviews

"Good coffee, not much complexity to the flavor. Prefer brewed a little darker in the french press."

"Delicious, fruity, and smooth. This is a favorite for lattes "

"Very earthy coffee, medium roast. Not a lot of noticeable notes. Drank black and made in french press. "

"This blend did not produce a bold taste. At first, I thought my coffee was watered down but we used the same proportions of grinds/water as all other days. Just not a lot of flavor. "

"This was a good medium roast. The dark chocolate taste to this coffee wasn't too dark (I'm not much into dark chocolate). Liked the buttery taste to it, different but good."

"This one was good, just a good cup of coffee to drink. I tasted dark chocolate, but not so much the strawberry. Pleasant, creamy taste to it, I suppose that was the butter taste. Paired very well with creamer."

"Great coffee. Full flavor, darker roast, very smooth, chocolate, and very subtle spice. Very good coffee, we ordered ful bag. Drink black brewed in french press."

"Been tragically having problems with my grinder. So this coffee was ground too fine. But I could definitely taste the fruity and chocolatey notes. Would buy again. Brewed french press."

"I made this using the pour over method. I tasted it before I added espresso. I made it with too much water on accident, so it was a little flat. There was a nice buttery chocolate taste to it. I couldn't taste any strawberry. It was good, but I like my coffee bolder."

"This coffee was delicious! A little darker than the other ones I have tried but I tasted more of the flavors. Great smooth taste and good pick me up to start my day! "

"Darker. It was my least favorite of the coffees I received, but still a great coffee. Definitely a good wake me up for a tired morning. "

"Dark coffee. I prefer lighter but my dad liked it. Good for early mornings with milk. "

"A bit on the dark side, but one of my favorites so far from my medium weekly subscription. "

"Bag lists it as medium-dark roast. Getting dark chocolate. Too dark for me (when preferences are light-medium)"

"The name help make this one easy to remember. chocolates and rich. "

"Great roast. I loved the chocolate and strawberry. french press and pour over brewed."

"Absolutely love this one! The strawberry notes tone down the strength of the coffee and make it delightful. I would definitely love to have another bag of this."

"I could taste the buttery flavor, but not the strawberry. "

"Sooo gooood. Not usually someone who enjoys the fruit flavors in coffee, but the butter/chocolate flavors balance it out. Delicious!"

"I've been on the Bean Box sample rotation for a few months now and I must say, the coffees seem to be getting much better.... This has to be one of my favorites. Definitely notes of chocolate, but the strawberry note is what surprised me - just a really unique coffee."

"This coffee is it! Something about the butteriness that goes well with heavy cream. Before I knew it, 3 cups were gone! I will get again! "

"Good but not great. A little bitter for my liking, no distinctive flavors that I could pick up on. "

"Bit dark, but still pretty tasty. Used a Bee House pour-over to brew."

"Hand ground, brewed with a pour over. Definite fruity sweetness, with some subtle bitterness bitterness. Has the smokiness profile of a darker medium roast, without overpower the lesser powerful flavors of the coffee beans."

"I found it to be rather bland with no distinctive flavors."

"I love this coffee company's goal to be sustainable."

"I love this coffee, it has a very smooth flavor to it. You can defiantly taste the chocolate as a middle note and finish it off with strawberry. Made my taste buds super happy. It was however a little to sweet if you're like me and can't live without creamer. This coffee is better with the creamer. "

"Brewed it with an aeropress. This coffee had a great body that was backed up with a slight sweetness. Almost do much when sugar was added. Great Coffee."

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