Velton's Coffee Roasting Company - Kenya Nyeri AA Kagumo

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Kenya Nyeri AA Kagumo (#411)

Velton's Coffee Roasting Company

Roast: Light roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Raspberry, Currant, Fruit

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

We love Kenyan coffees for their syrupy, popsicle-like fruit notes, and this one is exemplary! Red and purple flavors dance in this cup like brush strokes on a canvas. As you sip, a perfect picture of your day takes form...

Velton's Coffee Roasting Company Story

An AA quality coffee from the village of Kagumo in Nyeri, Kenya. The wet fermentation process brings out sweet, juicy flavors of lively red fruit, raspberry, and currant.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

13 customer reviews

"Great Coffee! Clear taste and Smooth texture. You will enjoy this one."

"Excellent coffee. Brewed on our home filter machine. This coffee is very sweet and you can really taste the wet fermentation process. Very good!!"

"Clear fruit notes with a slight tartness. This leaned more toward currant than raspberry, but the description of 'red and purple flavors' is right on. Brewed with a v60."

"Prominent licorice, quince and cherry. Made a syrupy espresso. "

"french press brewed this one. Wife and I were not impressed. Light on flavor. Did pick up a little spice/fruity after taste. Pleasant enough to drink. She added creme and sugar, I drank it black. "

"Wonderful flavors of raspberry and currant. Delicious!"

"Again one the best blends. I love any coffee either notes of fruit and the current and red fruit was very prevalent. I almost tasted red licorice at times. It was light and sweet. Loved every cup!"

"Very light grassy coffee that is slightly astringent. Would not recommend using fresh press brewing method. We typically enjoy lighter roast coffee, but this tastes very much like a typical fruity African coffee."

"I'm not a fan of lighter coffees with fruit notes. But, if you like heavier spice and fruit flavors, you might enjoy it more than me."

"Tried this out on yesterday... it was very aromatic, and tasted light ... was good but not my favorite!"

"Wonderfully light and well rounded flavor, a pleasant cup but not super special. Brewed with chemex."

"This coffee is delicious! Very subtle notes of fruity flavor, and smells amazing. We wanted to order some and are sad to see it is sold out!"

"Velton's does it again on this one! Bright fruit notes but subtle washed bean flavors indicative of an Ethiopian. Brewed pour over and french press, both very nice!"

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