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Velton's Coffee Roasting Company - Bonsai Blend

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Bonsai Blend (#136)

Velton's Coffee Roasting Company


(Earn up to $1.75 in Bean Box Credit)

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Caramel, Chocolate, Citrus

Bean Box Breakdown

This decadent, chocolate-covered cherry roast practically melts in your mouth. Bold and creamy as espresso or a drip. A not-at-all-guilty pleasure to balance out your other indulgences...

Velton's Coffee Roasting Company Story

The Bonsai Blend is easily our top selling coffee; it received the all-time best score (94) ever given by Coffee Review for an espresso blend. Whether you’re drinking it straight, blending with milk, or even brewing as regular coffee, the Bonsai is designed to satisfy! Produces a thick, smooth shot w/ a lingering sweetness; notes of milk chocolate, caramel, hazelnut, strawberry, & citrus.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

74 customer reviews

"This had a great flavor and I liked whipping it up into a latte."

"Great to try if looking for a change in your regular rountine............."

"Well balanced and blended. Excellent taste and followthrough. I would recommend this coffee to others for sure!"

"Was not digging this. Too much going on with little identity. Usually a roast will yield stronger to either the chocolate end or the fruit end of the spectrum, but this one plays on both. That's not my jam."

"Wow... this is a tasty blend. Very smooth and drinkable, tried the sample and ordered a bag. Velton’s seldom disappoints, great roaster."

"No complaints about this. The hype about its vitality as an espresso is not overstated, but I certainly preferred it in that manner to the pour over. It made some of the best espresso I've ever had."

"This coffee was so well balanced. I usually sprinkle a little raw sugar on top and didn't feel like I needed to with this cup. Delicious! "

"This was in my first order and its a medium roast. I found that I enjoy a darker roast. Bonsai is perfect for some of the warmer months sipping. Great flavor with a very nice brightness"

"We just received an order with many coffees. So far, this is my favorite. I would call this a solid, smooth medium roast on the lighter side. I definitely tasted the caramel notes. It is a luscious coffee with no perceptible acidity (which I am not a fan of). Sunday morning in the percolator. Yum!"

"A bit dark to drink black, but is really nice with cream. Great flavor profile. "

"Found this to be less exciting for a flavor profile than expected. medium roast, maybe not best as french press? Had to use a lot more grinds to get a fuller body. "

"Pretty good blend for an espresso, it is thick and smooth, and not bitter at all. "

"Made an espresso with this the day I received it. It was pretty good but I was hoping for amazing given the score. "

"Enjoyed this sweet medium bean. Brewed both drip and espresso. "

"Brewed as regular coffee. Pretty intense but good."

"Not my favorite this time around. Really Sour. Strong & rich though"

"Surprisingly very good! Unique flavor combo. Used for lattes"

"really excellent espresso roast! soft flavors of chocolate and hazelnut, maybe a hint of cherry. nothing overpowering or harsh about this medium roast, overall extremely pleasant to drink."

"I loved this blend, very sweet and tasty. I really enjoyed it even if it's not as dark as I usually prefer."

"Notes of chocolate and hazelnut is perfect match. Good coffee with good taste! Highly recommend"

"Good Tasting chocolate cherry Finish! This is a little on the lighter side."

"This coffee is delicious and tastes great with a little cinnamon and cream. For me, this coffee was another home run in our subscription as I enjoy the medium-lighter roasts with a chocolatey undertone. "

"Versatile beans, worked well as both an espresso and as a pour over on ice."

"Quite a good coffee. chocolate taste came through a lot and to a lesser extent the fruit. Very smooth and quite enjoyable. Brewed french press with two mesh filters."

"There are some fabulous essences in this bag. I enjoyed it and normally anything with citrus type flavors lose me. It was fun. "

"Great gift for my husband he enjoyed receiving a lot"

"This was a delicious blend of coffee. This had a nice finish, not bitter and a very smooth cup of coffee."

"Solid espresso roast. I thoroughly enjoyed the flavor and the creme."

"This was my favorite in the box! Well balanced, very aromatic., smooth. "

"Well-balanced acidity and brightness with a slightly sharp, medium body. Nice cup."

"Love this coffee! I tasted cherry and a little chocolate at first, then more caramel and hazelnut as it cooled. Brewed in a french press and would definitely buy this one!"

"I tasted more hints of hazelnut and citrus than I did chocolate and caramel. I could taste a chocolate flavor more as the coffee cooled. Smooth but not as smooth as the Johnson House Blend or Herkimer Drip Blend. Not a bad coffee but not my favorite. "

"Very smooth, balanced coffee! One of my favorites in the sample packages I have received so far. Made me very curious about their other coffee."

"Not my favorite, but still a good cup. I didn't taste as much chocolate as I would have liked, but I could definitely taste a nutty flavor. "

"I found this to be a bit too light in flavor and heavy on the citrus notes for my pallet. I did not pick up much in the way of chocolate or hazelnut. This was used for both americanos and lattes. "

"This was scrumptious! My wife loved this with a bit of creamer. Very smooth. "

"So very good! Nice blend of flavors without a strong aftertaste. I was genuinely sad when this ran out!"

"This is the blend of all blends, beautiful in espresso & any other method you enjoy. As an espresso this coffee is named correctly because drinking it it like the calming Zen feeling you get when triming a bonsai tree. If your looking for a great ever day versitle blend this one is for you. "

"I enjoyed this roast. Definitely one to have on hand if you prefer a dark roast but often have guests that prefer more of a medium roast. This has been a nice go to. "

"Not my favorite. Lighter than medium roasting and definitely not a good fit for cold brew. "

"Great smooth taste that was great in my morning mocha. Very good. "

"This was very nice. Automatic espresso machine. Enjoyed as a shot and long coffee. Very nice flavor. Especially enjoyed the notes of hazelnut. Great with creamer!"

"This coffee is great not too dark, not too light, plus who can go wrong with the chocolate caramel taste!!!!!! "

"This is my FAVORITE blend! Don't even think about it...just order it!!!! It's by far the most well rounded cup of coffee I've had off bean box! ;D"

"Fantastic flavor that's not too light and not too dark! Definitely one of the best samples I have received so far. I will likely purchase full bags of this in the future. Made using Breville BaristoPro XL as a latte."

"Delicious!! Would definitely buy on my own! Could be a breakfast regular."

"The blend was quite delicious. It is quite complex, the citrus and chocolate hints are quite noticeable. Not as bold/dark blend is I prefer, but still a very pleasant taste. "

"Excellent cup - very chocolatey. Definitely worth a try if you want something with a variety of tasting notes - caramel and chocolate being at the forefront for an overpour."

"This was way to 🍫 chocolately to drink as a regular cup. I think I'd loooooove it cold brewed. I may order a bag to make using my toddy. "

"The chocolate, hazelnut, and citrus flavors were balanced perfectly in this coffee. Smooth, pleasant, and would order again."

"Bonsai! Rich full mouthfeel. Brewed with aspresso and neopesso. Notes of hazelnut and low acid"

"This was really something special. I like hazelnut, but this roast added a subtle citrus flavor that really accented the hazelnut well. This is going on my favorites list."

"Loved this coffee. It honestly tasted like a melted chocolate bar! :) nutty and delicious."

"Coffee smells wonderful and is very smooth, so smooth and flavorful that it has more of a tea finish to me. "

"Not my absolute favorite, but definitely a fan. Deep flavor, mix of fruity and nutty. Not too dark, not too light. I would recommend to any coffee lover. Thick, smooth shot"

"Great blend for espresso. Quite forgiving and easy to dial in. Within two shots I had gotten the notes I was looking for; quite a depth of flavor on this one. Although I preferred it as an espresso, brewing it via aeropress gave it a wonderfully "spread out" character that allowed all the different flavors to shine through. Highly recommended. "

"Absolutely Amazing! Great coffee with chemex or automatic drip, but the best with espresso. This is such a great coffee to make lattes, Americanos, or mochas with. I love the flavors of this coffee. Ordered several times and will order again."

"A good flavor. citrus was pronounced. Enjoyed my sampler."

"A very smooth coffee with light citrus notes. I made it in a chemex and it was the perfect start to my day."

"Used for espresso. Would really shine with $1000+brewing equipment, but my grinder does not have enough hp to achieve optimum grind. It's still very good, but I know what I am missing. It's good enough you'll think it lessened by adding sugar. Worth a repeat, but will try something new for now."

"I brewed this in a moka pot and it was like desert in a cup I could taste the chocolate and hazelnut and slightly the strawberry. "

"I brewed this with a traditional drip maker and it was a smooth, balanced, every day drinking coffee with subtle citrus notes. "

"Made a beautifully balanced latte, I can see this being a go to coffee for my mornings."

"Latte: 200ºF. The citrus and strawberry were a little too overpowering for my taste, but it had a nice bright finish ending with notes of choc. and caramel. If you like fruity coffees then you'll probably like Bonsai Blend. If you're not a fan of fruity coffees, I wouldn't buy a whole bag."

"A nice caramel profile with a bright finish, Bonsai's flavor is pronounced yet not overpowering. It's very well balanced in lattes, and I would certainly buy it again. Personally, I enjoyed it more when using slightly more grounds-per-shot to bring out the flavor more than my normal dosage does."

"This was a phenomenal espresso. A great way to start your day or end a fine meal."

"This blend has helped me find the balance required in my life to pull off the winning Crane Kick. This blend is the best around! Nuts n chocolate, Bonzai!"

"A smooth medium roast with mild citrus notes, this was easy to drink black, good hot or cold. "

"Brewed using a v60. For such a smooth coffee you can still pick up on the caramel/chocolate/and slight citrus flavor. This must be amazing as an espresso. Will get another big bag soon."

"Enjoyed it fairly well as a light, sweet cup of coffee (used aeropress). Not as smooth and balanced as I like. May have enjoyed it more brewed as espresso."

"Love this blend for espresso. Has just the right amount of caramel, nut, and a light citrus finish. Will purchase again! "

"This is a beautiful blend -- a wonderful caramel taste with a hunt of chocolate and hazelnut. I know they recommend this as an espresso, but I use it this as a pour over and a touch of heavy cream. It is a lighter blend. Love it. "

"Very enjoyable. A nice touch of caramel and an almost refreshing finish. Tried a sample bag but would certainly drink on a regular basis. "

"Just the right amount of citrus in the finish; a very enjoyable french press coffee."

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