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Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie - Rainier Rising

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Rainier Rising (#234)

Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie


(Earn up to $1.80 in Bean Box Credit)

Roast: Dark roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Cedar, Toast, Smoke

Bean Box Breakdown

A special sight to Seattle-dwellers, Mount Rainier represents perspective, clarity and, often, what’s hidden behind the clouds. Let this sippable dark roast remind you to keep your eyes on the horizon: what might reveal itself?

Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie Story

Rich and complex, earthy and well-balanced. This Italian roast combines a smoky edge with hints of cedar. Ideal for morning, nice after dinner.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

24 customer reviews

"Quite a nice flavor profile here, earthy and grounded. Not to dark, great for an afternoon cup."

"A very good blend, not outstanding but not disappointing by any means. Clean taste that I appreciated, just missed the oomph of some of favorites. "

"A little too smokey and earthy for my tastes, but it wasn't a bad cup of coffee either."

"I liked this one, but it wasn't a hit at my house. It was very subtle and not as full bodied as we typically go for."

"This one was not for me, I don't really like Smokey flavor in my coffee. I think it's good coffee just doesn't match my tastes."

"This coffee is not a favorite. It hits very bright and bitter in the front, but does mellow quickly to nutty which was nice. "

"This was a very enjoyable cup of coffee on a Sunday morning. You can definitely taste woody notes along with smokiness and a slight bakery note. A great cup of coffee for anyone who likes darker, more full bodied coffee!"

"So tasty and smooth with the perfect hint of smokiness. The aroma is lovely!"

"Rich, robust and aromatic. Perfect way to start the day. "

"I love this blend. I prefer a medium to dark roast. And I think this hit the mark on the darker side. I brewed it using a pour over which I think really gives a full bodied flavor. Overall, I was satisfied and think it is rightly classified (definitely not a light to medium blend). "

"Wanted to love this, but wasn't blown away. It is definitely better than your average cup, and you definitely get the unique smoke flavor which makes it worth a try. "

"A nice medium dark roast, with a slightly smoky/walnut taste. More acidity than expected for a darker roast. I enjoyed drinking it but not my favorite style. "

"I enjoyed this coffee. As mentioned by other reviewers, it is a medium dark blend. I expected this so I was prepared. However, it is tasty and smooth with a hint of smokiness. It's great for a later afternoon/evening cup on a winter evening. "

"Good overall ,however it was a little on the wimpy side of what I consider dark roast. Also didnt much care for the after taste as it seemed to be bitter although I think I should have adjusted my grind size considering it was not as dark as I am accustomed to."

"I would not classify this as a dark roast, it leaned more on the medium side. I prefer to have those darker roasts to my taste. Darker to me is more flavorful."

"It was a pleasant medium roast but for someone who prefers dark roasts it was somewhat lacking - that being said it was still enjoyable and balanced"

"Not as dark as I prefer, but it wasn't a terrible cup of coffee. Nothing special, though. "

"Enjoyed this coffee but wasn't sad to finish up the bag. "

"I wasn't very excited about this I left it to be brewed last this month.but wow it was great.thanks bean box for another one to add to my reorder list.this is my idea of the perfect dark roast."

"Not the worst cup of coffee I've had, but not the best. I always brew every coffee drip cone, so maybe this just needs a better brewing method. Or I'm not fan of cedar. "

"Cedar and coffee. YES. If you want your coffee to also remind you of a sexy grunge band member, this is the coffee to drink. It's rich & bold, but not in the usual way you'd expect. It almost tingles. "

""come on up for the rising!" perfect rainy morning cup."

"Nice smoky dark roast. Perfect for a gloomy Sunday morning. One of the stand outs I've received"

"Love the name of this coffee! Coffee is very flavorful and delicious! I would definitely recommend this to others!!!!!"

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