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Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie - Espresso Ecstasy

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Espresso Ecstasy (#164)

Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie


(Earn up to $1.88 in Bean Box Credit)

Roast: Dark roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Chocolate

Bean Box Breakdown

Roasted by the same hands since the 1970s, when espresso was just beginning to make its mark on our fair city. A shot from the past, for a delicious present and a future with pep.

Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie Story

An aphrodisiac... we hear. Sweet and chocolatey. These beans have moxie. We created this roast for our house espresso, where it’s a popular choice for our creative coffee drinks.

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Ships roasted-to-order on Jul 31 (1-3 day typical delivery).
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Customer Reviews

31 customer reviews  write a review

"Received this in our July box instead of one of the others listed under our account - and lucky us! This is our absolute favorite so far! It says notes of Dark chocolate and Moxie on the package. Not sure what moxie is - but it should be in all coffee! YUM!"

"I give this 4 stars only because I usually don't care for darker roasts, but this was certainly one of the better ones. If you're a fan of the dark roast, you will probably love this! It's definitely one of the better darks I've tried."

"Going with 4 beans for now since this is the first coffee I'm trying, and perhaps will upgrade depending on how the others go. A nice dark roast, full taste. Maaaaybe a bit too dark, but the notes of chocolate kept me happy. I made it into a latte with some homemade vanilla simple syrup."

"We loved how bold it started, but it ended too floral. It wasn't a favorite for us."

"This coffee's name was fitting, it was delicious and bold. "

"Not my favorite, a little dark! Overall good though like every blend at beanbox. "

"Perfect for a true coffee lover! Brewed this a couple different ways: french press, pour over, and coffee machine and all turned out great. Strong but not overwhelming and only needs a hint of creamer. I would buy again and again."

"If you like dark roast, this is for you. A little too dark for me."

"Lovely dark espresso roast. Wonderful chocolate flavor. Creates good crema."

"Dark and oily. A bit too roasted for my tastes! Probably best for someone who likes dark roast for their espresso. "

"A "go to" for me. Rich, chocolatey and strong. Great crema. Perfect for espresso."

"Very nice!!! Automatic espresso machine. Enjoyed as a shot and long coffee with cream or as latte!! One shot will do it!! Great pick me up!!"

"Makes a good latte; brewed using Breville baristo pro xl."

"Not usually fan of oily, dark beans, but this made an excellent cappuccino, not bitter, but bold, a little sweet.not sure I could taste chocolate, but it was very smooth, and will be added to my favorites."

"I appreciated the strength and chocolate forward notes. A well roasted coffee but not overly unique."

"Strong bold flavour. If you like chocolate this is the espresso for you!"

"Great bold roast. Perfect for an iced latte. The dark chocolate notes are quite nice with a slight bitterness."

"A bold espresso blend with a lot of character. We drank it with cream and loved it."

"A great bold coffee to get my morning started. Brewed with my french press and had a nice creaminess to it"

"I love dark roasts, so I really enjoyed this coffee. It has a bold flavor with notes of molasses and chocolate. I brewed it using a french press. Great with cream or milk to give a smoothness to the bold flavor."

"Delicious flavor! I couldn't wait to drink my coffee every morning."

"A bold cup of coffee that goes down really easy. Love the chocolate notes!"

"Brewed using aeropress, v60 hot and iced, and french press. The only brew method I enjoyed was the french press. Intense dark chocolate that ends in bitterness. "

"Definitely not our favorite coffee. In fact, it is probably our least favorite we've gotten thus far. It is better in milk, but we prefer drinking americano's and espresso's. Q"

"As an espresso in looks nice because of the abundant crema but we felt it bitter, I found it tasted better with milk. It has a touch of pecan"

"Very dark, very easy get up and go type of coffee. Very light flavors and not too much acidity. Great for a morning after a long night. "

"Molasses, nut, chocolate flavor. Not a fan of the espresso by itself, but enjoyed it more in an iced or hot latte. 35 second extraction time, at 200°F"

"Starts with a strong dry aroma of Molasses. The cup is definitely dark chocolate dominant with a pleasant subtle hint of fruit. Sweet almond tones round out the flavor profile perfectly. Bold enough to get your attention but not overly aggressive. Great with or without milk. "

"A fantastic espresso roast. Great on its own or in any milk preparation you prefer."

"Made expressos and cappuccinos with these beans. Dark, velvety, very smooth. Goes really well with almond milk."

"I received a 3 month subscription as a gift, with dark roast options. I have to say their wasn't a bad sample in the 12 I received, yet being a real dark roast lover this is my bean of choice. Aromatic, very smooth, no bitterness, blooming ... an absolutely delightful cup of full rich flavor."

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