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Hillman City Global Blend (#4)

Tin Umbrella Coffee Roasters

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Raisin, Sugar Cane, Chocolate

Bean Box Breakdown

An international coffee tour in a cup, that’s equal parts chocolate and fruit flavor.

Tin Umbrella Coffee Roasters Story

A global blend that blends a bean from each coffee-producing continent: Sumatra, Brazil, Nicaragua, Ethiopia. Milk chocolate, sugar cane, spiced raisin and sweet fruit.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

37 customer reviews

"A good middle of the road coffee. Probably between a 3 and a 4 rating. Balanced and smooth."

"This was Absolutely delicious!! Recommend it 100% will definitely purchase again"

"To me, this isn't a very memorable coffee. It's mild, semi light acidity. Good for maybe a small pick me up. "

"This was an excellent brew with a light, smooth, complex, rich and fragrant flavor profile."

"This has a mild, earthy tone. I get a hint of fruit with every sip. This is one of my least favorites. "

"Really nice brew. Likely not my favorite one but a great flavor that is very distinct. This is the first coffee I've had that had a raisin taste to it which was new to me. A bit more of a mild and earthy flavor."

"Slightly earthy, sweet coffee. Very balanced for a darker blend. More complexity as it cooled down. "

"Definitely a light, sweet taste. I picked up a hint of the chocolate and fruit flavored, but this roast isn't as complex or flavorful for me. "

"Used this for cold brew. Came out really nicely. Loved the spice notes"

"I always enjoy coffee with chocolate undertones, and this one did not disappoint. I brewed in a french press, and it was the perfect cup to start my day. "

"The chocolate side of this coffee was tasty, but we found the fruit a little bit overwhelming. The last sips were almost sour. "

"A nice everyday coffee with quite a good taste profile. "

"This coffee was very smooth and enjoyable! I noticed the chocolate flavors more then the fruit but would definitely recommend it!"

"This is a very interesting concept. Blend from all coffee producing continents makes for a well-rounded medium blend. Nothing spectacular, but a very nice coffee with notes of chocolate and dried fruit. "

"It was very tasty once I increased the strength a little. I could taste the chocolate notes and enjoyed it as a pour over. "

"Loved this coffee!! Full of flavor and not acidic. I will definitely be purchasing this in the future."

"Brewed in my french press. This is a well balanced smooth blend roast. Perfect for an easy morning wake up coffee. "

"Love a chocolate raisin sugar cane flavored coffee! Like this in the french press."

"I liked the initial chocolatey flavors of this roast, but for me it had a slightly bitter aftertaste. One of my least favorites of the medium roast box."

"Received this as my February coffee of the month and it was gone in a flash! So good I had to order more. Extremely well balanced, with wonderful notes of chocolate."

"very well balanced flavor, nice hint of chocolate, good anytime coffee"

"Brewed using a v60 pour over. A chocolaty blend with hints of fruit, but had an aftertaste that I didn't really care for."

"This is the first coffee I've received in my bean box subscription! No complaints so far. I use a ceramic pour over filter to make my morning cup, and I noticed the fruity & sweet aroma when I ground the beans and when I let the coffee bloom. The taste was very light & palatable, nice for breakfast."

"the chocolate flavor is okay but the aftertaste was a little on the sour end for my liking. "

"This is a decent medium roast. The chocolate and raisin flavors are subtle, but still noticeable. "

"My favorite blend so far. Lots of different flavors that come together well"

"I LOVE chocolatey coffees and this one is just the right amount of flavor. "

"I liked how the fruity notes seemed to play a little game on my tongue. I would prefer a slightly darker roast for these beans."

"Perfect all-around! Full-bodied, bold, tasty and a sweet aftertaste! The way to top off a perfect cup of brew! Liked it! "

"I brewed it in a french press and it was a medium balanced cup of coffee, nice for waking up in the morning. I tasted notes of sugar and orange. I can't say a particular flavor jumped out at me or left a lasting impression but I enjoyed it. Very high caffeine content, it seemed to me. "

"WOW! What a wonderful flavor. Will be ordering a full bag of this one."

"A nice medium-light roast that you could truly taste all of the origins of the coffee, Brazil, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, and Ethiopia. Although it wasn't necessarily balanced in the tasting, it was still delightful to drink!"

"Very sweet with great chocolate flavor."

"A super taste dark blend that has a ton of complexity in the taste, owing to the wide range of beans sourced into it."

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