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Stamp Act Coffee - Kenya Mwendi Wega AA

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Kenya Mwendi Wega AA (#733)

Stamp Act Coffee

Roast: Light roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Blackberry, Grapefruit, Black Currant

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

Mwendi Wega means “each other” in Swahili, the name of the 42-member coop. Big-bodied and juicy, this coffee tastes likes like homemade pie filling, all tart berries and a hint of citrus—no apron required! Also fantastic as a single-origin espresso.

Stamp Act Coffee Story

Mwendi Wega AA is a stunning coffee with a distinct black currant (blackberry) flavor, rich heavy body and pleasant acidity. Perfect for a long pulled espresso or filter brew.

In the hopes of creating more transparency for their community, a group of 42 farmers outside the city of Kerugoya in the region of Kiringyaga decided to pull their collective resources together and build a washing station with hope to better support each other. We first visited Mwendi Wega in 2016 before Stamp Act Coffee was born. Coffee was incredible then, which is no doubt the efforts of their experienced mill manager, James Mumane, and a tight-knit membership group. This fresh crop continues to shine every season and is hands down one of our favorite out of Kenya over the last few years.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

10 customer reviews

"Great medium roast with hints of flavor. I liked the citrus aspect. "

"Delicious fruity smooth flavor. This one is a favorite "

"Fruitiness stands out. Not sure if I'd call it blackberry though."

"The blackberry/mulberry flavors stand out lively in this coffee. Juicy citrus acidity and smooth caramel finish. A slight hint of tomato, too. A very nice and complex coffee. A favorite when it comes to Kenyan coffees!"

"Great taste! This was a coffee that I received in my Bean Box subscription and I was very pleasantly surprised! Both me and my boyfriend enjoyed this one and we will be ordering a bag to try again on our own!"

"This one also smells woody to me, and that is appealing to my taste. It has a mild savory and fruity taste. I’ll do it again. "

"Brewed in my french press. This is a smooth light coffee with a strong note of grapefruit. Would probably make a nice iced coffee."

"No offense intended, but this is positively the worst tasting coffee ever. It smelled almost like molasses, so yummy, but it tastes like they sprayed it with grapefruit flowers. Just horrible. I can't even drink it. "

"I drank this as a single origin espresso. Definitely Kenyan fruit forward coffee with strong berry notes. "

"Enjoying this light-medium roast! It has a much bolder flavor than I anticipated. It has a definite berry flavor that comes to the forefront! Added a bit more cream than usual with this one,but the flavor is oh so lovely! Enjoy!"

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