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Stamp Act Coffee - Ethiopia Nansebo Sidama

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Ethiopia Nansebo Sidama (#772)

Stamp Act Coffee

Roast: Light roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Peach, Floral, Fruit

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

Lush, smooth, and sweet: this classic washed Ethiopian is such a sunny taste of Spring, you’ll swear you hear the birds singing. We love the floral aroma and mellow notes of peach syrup and sunripened plums. Brew it and bloom.

Stamp Act Coffee Story

Nansebo is a town in the Werka district of West Arsi. About a 4-hour drive south of Addis Ababa. Driving through the quintessential image of an Ethiopian savanna, beautiful Warka trees stand among the landscape. The drive gives you time to ponder if the district was named after the native trees (although spelled a wee bit different). Nansebo is a coffee produced by 678 smallholders who are substance farmers growing many crops to sustain life - a living. Their crops are grown in rich, red-brown earth where they harvest local heirloom coffee varieties between October and January. This coffee was imported by Sustainable Harvest. Tasting notes: peach, prune, bright & floral.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

10 customer reviews

"Brewed in my french press. This was a good cup of coffee with sweet notes of stone fruits."

"this was okay, very little peach taste, purple fruit and mild floral; the florals are not always my favorite, this one was mostly mild flavoring."

"a nice espresso but not a standout. Peachy fruity notes."

"floral is not my favorite, but this coffee was well balanced and tasty. "

"Robust chocolatey first sip, doesn't have the fruity flavor of most other Ethiopian coffees, nonetheless a nice deep flavor for a light roast. (pour over)"

"Good coffee. Notes of vanilla and slightly sweet with stone fruit. Low acidity and very smooth. Clean finish. We would order this coffee again."

"Opaque medium roast with a floral nose. On the first sip you will definitely taste peach, and a little plum. Slight sweetness, some tart zing, and a long floral finish. A real winner. "

"Normally I'm not a light coffee drinker, but to use an expression, this one is lovely. It is very smooth, and even somehow sweet. It lingered in my mouth for an awfully long time and just made me feel good. Even peaceful."

"I don't care much for the floral, but it was ok. "

"For some reason this particular roast reminds me of a tea. A nice lighter roast that was tasty with the floral notes at the forefront and a peach that lingered. Tasty, but not my favorite."

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