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FeBREWary Offer: Get started for only $19/mo (Save 20%) ▶
Cream and Sugar by Slate Coffee Roasters
Cream and Sugar by Slate Coffee Roasters
Cream and Sugar by Slate Coffee Roasters
Cream and Sugar by Slate Coffee Roasters
Cream and Sugar by Slate Coffee Roasters
Cream and Sugar by Slate Coffee Roasters
Cream and Sugar by Slate Coffee Roasters
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The Caramel and Chocolate Swirl

#195 Cream and Sugar

12 oz whole bean light coffee

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Back and better than ever: we love this classic, light roast blend that “tastes like coffee”. One of our all time best-sellers, it’s a perfect, uncomplicated roast for an easygoing morning. Cream and Sugar Blend is an ironic name, considering that you don’t need to add anything to this cup-- its smooth, silky notes of rich caramel and melted chocolate are deceptively simple, and roasted to perfection with an expert touch. That said, if you do prefer a splash of cream, or a spoonful of sugar, this roast happily complies. Everything about your morning should be this easy.

You simply can’t go wrong with Slate Coffee Roasters, a standout on the Seattle coffee scene since 2011. Slate opened their first “coffee bar” in Ballard, a young and vibrant Seattle neighborhood, and quickly turned heads with their modern approach to the drink: light, flavorful single origins, coffee flights reminiscent of wine tasting, deconstructed lattes. But this playful twist on coffee isn’t just for show: Slate crafts truly amazing coffees, most of them sourced through direct relationships with the farmers, and their roasts pop off the table with their sparkling, dessert-like flavors. Cream and Sugar is their “drip blend”, a fun nod to classic coffee flavors, elevated.

We’re loving the rich caramel taste in this cup during the first chilly mornings of autumn. If you’ve ever wondered how Seattle gets through its rainy season, the answer is right here! With its light, sweet flavors of chocolate, caramel, and toasted nuts, this light roast is classic, easy, and oh-so-delicious. Reserve your bag today, and discover why Slate’s Cream and Sugar Blend is one of our all time best-sellers. Don’t be afraid to fall in love…

Available while supplies last.

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Reviews & Ratings

★★★★★ 50 most recent reviews

Joseph D. Gordon
★★★★★ ★★★★★ Really good, just great basic flavors that don't disappoint. Nice hints of caramel, total taste pleasing.
Caffeinated AF
★★★★★ ★★★★★ This is our favorite coffee, each new batch is always high quality. caramel notes. Smooth and just sweet enough for a perfect pour over.
Fran Oglesby
★★★★★ ★★★★★ It goes down smooth and sweet. A light tasty cup of coffee, no bitterness at all.
Ilene Samowitz
★★★★★ ★★★★★ An old standby. I enjoy Slate and wish that BB carried a larger selection.
Kristin Junk
★★★★★ ★★★★★ Solid coffee, sweet and light. Makes a good go-to morning cup.