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Cream and Sugar (#195)

Slate Coffee Roasters

Roast: Light roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Caramel, Almond, Chocolate

Bean Box Breakdown

In a world of high note specialty coffees, we return again and again to this delightfully balanced blend. It’s coffee that tastes like coffee should, with a sweet finish that makes you smile.

Slate Coffee Roasters Story

Our go-to coffee for everyday drinking, this crowd-pleasing blend combines hints of dark chocolate, toasted almond and sweet caramel.

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Customer Reviews

62 customer reviews

"Solid coffee, sweet and light. Makes a good go-to morning cup. "

"This is a great coffee to serve to those who don't really think about the flavors in the coffee. Taste great and would definitely keep buying"

"ordering again - great finish. almond and caramel really come through at the end. "

"The name of this coffee is very appropriate. I don't usually drink my coffee black but this is flavorful enough that you don't need to add anything extra to it. I was very satisfied with this. A new favorite!"

"This coffee was so delicious that it went super fast in our house. We usually consume our subscription bag in around a week and a half and this was gone in week! Very easy drinking coffee! "

"Very light coffee it good but prefer a darker roast. But is good after dinner coffee or just for a light coffee drinker. "

"Might veer a little too much into dark chocolate but delicious. Accurate description. Made via chemex."

"I give this 4 stars for what it is, but I personally would not order again. This is obviously for people who like lighter roasts and I am not one of them. It makes a sour espresso shot so is more of a drip/aeropress/chemex/pourover coffee. It's not a bad coffee, just doesn't match my taste."

"This was a superb every day coffee. I really enjoyed the balance and ease of drinking. Additionally, my cat seemed to love the smell and came bounding into the kitchen every time I started cranking the grinder. "

"Pretty good, but I'm generally not a light roast person, so not my favorite. Those that prefer a light roast I think would enjoy though. "

"Balanced albeit a little too sour for my taste. "

"This is a coffee we buy time and time again. It's a perfect roast for daily and contrary to its name, needs no cream or sugar to bring out the sweetness of the roast."

"Good but not exceptional coffee overall. It has a good flavor and body, but because it's a light roast, there's not enough kick in it for me. I can taste hints of dark chocolate occasionally. "

"A staple for the house. Smooth, no sugar needed. A favorite."

"Never can go wrong with coffee from Slate Coffee Roasters. Always put out great roasts. Seems like Cream and Sugar is a staple in their offerings. Great stuff!"

"I agree that this is an excellent blend, with intense and resonant flavor. It is more finicky than most: you have to get the grind, water temperature and steeping just right. My success rate is about 75%. But it is worth the effort and I strongly recommend this coffee."

"This was the very first coffee I tried from Bean Box. I was NOT disappointed! It is a smooth blend with no bitterness. Even have my husband drinking regular coffee again! Just placed another order. My new "addiction"! Thank you, Bean Box for doing what you do. So many coffees to choose from. "

"This blend does have a sugar-like finish and is good black. We use a french press and it can be brewed slightly weaker and still yield a good cup. "

"Wow. This is a great lighter roast. More caramel than chocolate or almond in my opinion. 10/10 would drink again. Also, great name!"

"This is a great cup of coffee for a light roast! I am normally drawn more towards medium/dark roasts due to the more favorable notes. I taste quite a lot of dark chocolate in this but find it tough to taste any almond notes. Perhaps it will come out more with a pour over. Would definitely by again!"

"I loved the name more than the coffee. I expected a lot more from this. It was middle of the road at best for me. A well promoted coffee but it didn't live up to the hype for me."

"This is one of my favorites. I like the chocolate and caramel notes and the smooth yet lingering flavor that makes it pretty good as you first cup of the day. "

"Excellent! Light, but not cirtrusy or acidic...just tastes like a good cup of coffee! Seems like it would be a crowd pleaser. I used an aeropress and drank it black. "

"The tasting notes are good, and it's a solid coffee. I think it's a great breakfast companion and it's perfect for a french press. Mouthfeel and body are slightly heavy for me, but it's enjoyable nonetheless."

"I found this to be really bitter, not sweet like I was expecting."

"I am loving all things caramel! This rich in taste coffee will leave you wanting more! Adding one of these to my list of favorites! "

"A great coffee. I normally lean toward darker roasts, but this coffee is smooth and has a nice nuttiness that I really enjoyed. A good standard coffee that I'll order again. "

"Love.Love.Love this coffee. Perfectly smooth. Goes great with a piece of dark chocolate in the afternoon. My non-coffee drinking friend even enjoyed a cup of this coffee. "

"This coffee. Oh. My. God. This coffee. Not only do I not normally like light roasts (I prefer medium to medium bold) I almost never leave reviews. But. This. Coffee. It is soooooo good. It is what a perfect cup of fresh coffee at a coffee shop on a lazy Sunday would taste like. ~Lis Anna-Langston"

"It has a lovely gentle sweetness, I get more vanilla or caramel than cream. Very tasty as a coffee with sweet snacks, this was my favorite for accompanying my weekly fancy donut treat!"

"Sweet notes is almond and vanilla. Not as sweet as I suspected but I definitely loved it! "

"This coffee is very good I would recommend to anyone that they try it"

"Not a bad cup of coffee but I guess given the name I just expected a little more sweetness to come through on this one. It's good, but not the best I've had. "

"I agree with the label notes that it's a nice balanced cup, but I was hoping for a bit more body and a more robust flavor. Tasty, easy drinking, but left me wanting a little more oomph."

"Delicious light roast. Well balanced with a hint of sweetness and caramel."

"I ended up making this in my drip coffee maker and as a pour over. It was smooth and mild. We enjoyed the hints of dark chocolate, almond, and caramel. I would definitely purchase this blend, again, and try it as a cold brew. "

"it's not quite a flavored coffee but it tastes like one. They had me at "caramel and almond". it may be a light roast but it has a perfect balance of strength and taste, not watery at all. FYI I use a traditional drip coffee maker."

"This is a great coffee. Really makes a great latte but also wonderful for just an espresso. Would definitely recommend."

"I really enjoyed this. I usually brew with my french press, but I chose to use my drip coffee maker instead. Great solid cup, easy to drink, and I enjoyed it with just a bit of cream. "

"An ok coffee- think my expectations were higher for this based on reviews"

"Favorite go-to everyday coffee. Tastes great brewed with a V-60"

"For a light roast this blend has had a ton of flavor. It isn't very complex, just tastes great. It's our new go to. "

"Described as a go-to coffee for everyday drinking, which is spot on. Delicious, solid, and well balanced brew. I prepared this as a pour over using a Hario v60. Very nice."

"A great blend that isn't too light or too dark. Love this one for my "just woke up" coffee."

"I really enjoyed the combination of almond with the carmel. Slightly nutty yet sweet. Definitely a favorite heading into fall!"

"This is such a nice cup of coffee. Subtle hits of sweetness, goes perfect with a little soy milk. I will definitely be ordering full bags of this coffee!"

"Excellent coffee. You can tell that the coffee is "sweeter" than usual as you taste the rich chocolatey and caramel notes. So, if your not a big coffee drinker, I would say this is a perfect match for you! However, I am a big coffee drinker and I still think this coffee is excellent. "

"It's a nice coffee. Refreshingly simple and balanced. Smooth and nutty, goes well with almond milk creamer."

"This is a perfect morning cup. Just the right amount of complexity with a depth that's great black or with its namesake. "

"My wife's favourite. Light tasting, yet not fruity or acidic. Well balanced and smooth."

"Great morning coffee anyday! I love the taste and smell of this coffee. Will buy a pound of this soon!"

"The smell is nutty. The coffee is light is light with mild acidity. It is a pleasant lightweight with an easy finish. It is is sweet and buttery. It is mild on its own and great with baked goods. It is eager to please but not forgettable. "

"Great everyday coffee! I agree with previous reviewers, up-front carmel and sweet chocolate, excellent with a dash of half and half (coming from someone who is nearly exclusively a black coffee drinker!). "

"I agree this is a nice balanced coffee. I made it using a v60 and a bonavita clever type maker. Smooth. "

"Brewed using a v60 and Kalita wave. I'm not a big blend fan, but this was absolutely awesome. Very smooth and sweet. Will get again."

"First of all: HUGE Slate fan! Have not had a bad roast, even on the varietals I don't really care for somehow they make me enjoy it! This is a go to everyday blend. Doesn't matter your method of brew, its going to be great. I prefer the french press. Truly caramel and chocolate, nice sweet finish."

"I expected this to taste more rich, it's definitely a lighter tasting coffee, a nice surprise. I definitely taste the chocolate, I wish the caramel was stronger but I'm just being picky. I'd buy again for sure"

"It is a very smooth coffee. Slightly sweet, absolutely lovely."

"My first sip brought me back to the time I went skinny dipping in the chocolate River at Willy's old factory down the road. The Oompa Loompas won't stop me from ordering again."

"One of my favorite coffees. Love the chocolatey caramel-y taste. Goes great with cream and sugar as well."

"Exactly what it advertises. A great everyday coffee that just tastes good. Slightly creamy, slightly sweet (even better with a splash of cream), well-balanced, for when I don't want to think too much about how my coffee tastes. Ordering more!"

"Great morning coffee. Plenty of sweetness and surprisingly creamy mouth feel."

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