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Seven Coffee Roasters - Sumatra Mandheling Old School

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Sumatra Mandheling Old School (#8)

Seven Coffee Roasters


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Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Chocolate, Spice, Cedar

Bean Box Breakdown

The rich semi-sweet chocolate of a darker roast, paired with a refreshing bite of cucumber— a winning combination.

Seven Coffee Roasters Story

Full-bodied with low acidity, this medium-dark roast carries an Earthy chocolate flavor that resolves into a crisp, cucumber finish.

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Ships roasted-to-order on Jul 31 (1-3 day typical delivery).

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Customer Reviews

86 customer reviews  write a review

"Darker coffee, can't taste the cucumber but definitely enjoy the earthiness in this one."

"Favorite on a diet barely any sweetener needed love love love"

"Subtle cucumber smell and taste. Nice unique flavor."

"3.5 to 4 - not getting much cuke but that's ok. Has a refreshing end taste. (Made with chemex)"

"Loved the hint of chocolate in this one. Subtle but there."

"Too dark of roast to be considered a medium. I did not notice the cucumber finish- but maybe the dark chocolate."

"This was a very solid roast. I enjoy beans with chocolate undertones and that stood out in this blend. "

"A relaxing, full featured coffee that refreshes you on a summer morning."

"Great darker blend. Wonderful in a french press. Warm cholately notes, barely acidic. Will definitely buy again. "

"Didn't taste the cucumber on this one, but I still loved it! Definite earthy and chocolate mouth feel"

"For a medium roast, this coffee comes across very light. We made this in our french press. Very refreshing!"

"It's definitely a good coffee (brewed as an espresso) and I like the slight spice notes to it."

"Not a lot of heavy or distinct taste to this one but one of the best cups of coffee I’ve had. Light earthy with faint cucumber crisp taste. Mellow chocolate, with easy to drink caramel tones. Not acidic, very easy on the stomach "

"I thought this was really great. Smooth, earthy taste, seemed mellow on flavors but was easy to drink."

"Brewed in feench press. Good medium roast coffee, that definitely has an earthy taste. Smooth overall with mild acidity. May taste better run through a filter, but pleasant coffee with decent finish."

"Great bold flavor that honestly tastes more like a dark roast than a medium roast."

"This is I think the only one I've gotten that I didn't really care for."

"Delicious! I never tried this with one of those caramel cookies in the photo, but I bet it would be a great combo. This coffee was earthy, yet silky. I tried it as an espresso and loved it!"

"This is an interesting one - I really do taste a little bit of fresh, crisp cucumber along with a nice chocolate flavor (brewed in an aeropress)"

"This was my favorite in this shipment. Very smooth tasting and all around a really good coffee."

"I wanted a Sumatra that didn't have too much char, and this delivered wonderfully!"

"This coffee was a miss for me. The aroma was strange and not really appealing. I could definitely taste the earthy, cucumber flavor. I am not a cucumber fan in the first place, but this just tasted awkward to me."

"I didn't taste the chocolate or cucumber. Wasnt anything special to me. I put a tsp sugar free hazelnut in it. "

"I didn't enjoy this a much as I had hoped based on other reviews. It's middle of the road to me, although many others love this bled so maybe I'm just off. "

"Good but I actually found it acidic. "

"Thought it was decent and the flavor was earthy and smooth. "

"Great full-bodied medium-dark coffee. Love the chocolate flavor. Got my husband the non-coffee drinker to give it a try and now he is a dedicated coffee drinker. Will order again."

"I sampled this coffee after brewing via the 4 minute french press method with water preheated to 205. This coffee was good but not for me. Tea like. The floral notes at the end are really bold.Big on cedar and spiciness this bold in a cup. To me that was all that was bold."

"Not good! From the grinding to the brewing to the first sip, it was frankly terrible. The aroma was hard to describe but reminded me of maxwell house's aroma. The taste was just very weird. it was grassy with a lingering after taste of cucumber. Not good for me. "

"I give this a 5 bean! For it's uniqueness in combination, definitely low in acidity, light and smooth. Great quality as always. :)"

"Not a fan in general of Sumatran coffee, but I wanted to try this one anyway - herbal/woody flavors were just too prominent for my taste. Had a faint hint of chocolate. Preparation: Hario v60 pour-over."

"Not good. We tried this one based on the reviews and I can't recommend it. On the front-end, it tastes like McDonalds or Dunkin Donuts coffee, but on the back-end, it's incredibly astringent and the (inaccurate) cucumber taste is very out of place. I'd recommend Folgers or Taster's Choice over this."

"Don't like Sumatra, but this was good. Mad it in Moka pot with a little bit of milk. Who is fan of Sumatra need to try this. It is really unusual! "

"I did pick up on the cucumber which was a very strange, refreshing taste. "

"This is not for everyone & I did not find it to be bad but it was not a coffee I will re-order. It is best brewed in a french press or as espresso. "

"Nice bold flavor, while still resulting in a smooth cup. Really enjoyed this one!"

"Yum! Loved the notes of chocolate. Was hesitant about the cucumber but didn’t taste it which was good. This is a medium/dark roast. So good!"

"This one has a vegetal aroma and a decently bold flavor. I enjoyed it in a pour over. "

"When I read this was have cucumber flavor to it, I wasn't sure what to expect. However, the mixture of chocolate and cucumber was a pleasant surprise. I was impressed!"

"I was very intrigued by the mention of cucumber tasting notes, but when I brewed it up I didn't notice them in mine. Was a nice coffee with clean finish. "

"Was real fond of this one, just tasted a little muddy to me. Used a Bee House pour over."

"I bought this as a present for my boyfriend and he LOVED it. At first we weren't sure how well chocolate and cucumber would go together but it was delicious and refreshing."

"Brewed this "Sumatra Mandheling" in our french press for a rich yet smooth chocolate morning cup. My husband liked the earthiness of this coffee & the darker roast flavor. We didn't quite pick up on the cucumber."

"This coffee was delicious when french pressed. The surprising flavor combinations create a unique taste. I enjoyed mine over ice, while my husband opted for a traditional hot cup. "

"Really enjoyed this one. Quite smooth on the tongue. "

"We made this in a french press and it was one of the most surprising coffees I've ever had. I love the mouth feel and smokey taste. It's not very acidic which was great for us. I still don't understand how the chocolate and cucumber go together but it works!"

"Laughed and thought there wasnt a chance I'd try a coffee with cucumber tastes, but I manned up and tried it anyway...... It was so shocking. I really enjoyed the coffee and there was actually some cucumber notes in the after taste. Very good coffee for one thats looking for a little different buy!"

"Really good! Very nice cup brewed aeropress. Not like an oily starbucks fried bean! Would buy again."

"Outstanding! I was surprised the smokey flavor, chocolate and cucumber worked so well. I fully enjoyed every sip. I grind all my beans with a burr mill and use the pour over method to extract as much flavor as possible. This is a winner for sure! "

"Delicious!! Would definitely buy on my own! Could be a breakfast regular."

"This was a good coffee, though I didn't pick up on any of the cucumber. A good, everyday flavor though."

"Tastes good!! Went good with a donut in the morning. Went down smoothly. No bitterness."

"Ground with Burr Grinder for Standard Drip Coffee Maker. Used 5 scoops of beans for a 14 "cup" (6 oz) pot. Made in a good drip coffee maker. Excellent medium-bodied coffee! Well-balanced with a bit of wood and a bit of spice. Loved it!!!"

"Unique roast, appreciate the different flavors. Enjoyed this one very much."

"I did taste a bit of cucumber, or almost herbal at the end. I prefer something a little more rich and heavy. "

"I really liked this coffee. It wasn't bitter at all - I usually prefer light roasts, but this one was great!"

"The cucumber was a little odd for my taste but not horrible. "

"An interesting combination of smoke, chocolate, and cucumber. Not our favorite, but definitely something unique."

"Smooth coffee. I am not really fan of the cucumber as I could taste this more than anything else."

"I am a huge fan of Sumatran coffee, but not a fan of this one. The cucumber was quite a prominent flavor which gives it a level of freshness but not good if you don't like cucumbers."

"Wouldn't call this a medium roast, more of a medium-dark. Personally like mandhelings in a light roast."

"This coffee had nice chocolate hints. I brewed this coffee for 6 minutes in a french press, using a coarse grind and 4 cups of water."

"I was surprised that I could actually taste the cucumber! I know it may sound like a strange flavor note for coffee but it was SO refreshing! One of my new favorites and will reorder. That light touch of savory with the sweet notes was just a perfect balance. LOVE! "

"This coffee was the best smelling one, I wasn't too much of a fan of the taste I found it to be a bit harsher than I prefer. "

"I usually drink my coffee black, but there was a harshness and smokiness to this one that required a little milk and sugar to make it more enjoyable for me. I didn't pick on the cucumber notes, but maybe that's just me. Overall, certainly not bad, but just medium in my book."

"Not the best coffee when had black, but it's very good with a little bit of cream and sugar. I enjoyed it on a nice summer morning. "

"I found it perfect if you enjoy it strong and with a bit of cream and sugar in your cup. I made it using the aeropress. Really enjoyed it. "

"This coffee was somewhat underwhelming for me. It did not stand out, but was a decent cup of coffee when compared to what you would receive in a café. "

"This was Absolutely delicious!! Recommend it 100% will definitely purchase again"

"It wasn't the worst but not my favorite. It really was just average. It's a good cup of average coffee. It's not full of flavor. It is forgettable. "

"This was an average cup of coffee for me. Wasn't quite strong enough for my taste, but overall it was a good cup. "

"Not my favorite but my husband loved it. If you like a more fruity and light coffee this is the one for you."

"Used in french press method, well balanced, really get the chocolate notes, great morning brew "

"Wasn't overly impressed with this one. Not complex and on the bland side. Brewed in a french press, maybe a pour over would have been better. "

"Good mix of nutty and smoky flavor. Full bodied. Not as earthy as some other Sumatra coffees."

"Not a huge fan of this. Very average. Reminded me of a traditional office drip coffee. "

"Of all my travels in this land, none have been so boring as my visit to this Old School. "

"Brewed using v60. Coffee was smooth, but really bland. A little too boring for me."

"Not my favorite. Brewed with an aeropress, this roast came across slightly harsh and bitter. Maybe pour over next time?"

"It was a milder tasting coffee with subdued chocolate and cedar notes. I enjoyed it and would'not mind trying it again."

"A very classic Sumatran taste, deep and rich. Love it!"

"Meh. Neither here nor there on this particular brew."

"All the coffees I've received from Bean Box have been a cut above the average, but this one was not my favorite. It could be the power of suggestion - once I read about the "cucumber finish" I was turned off and couldn't get it out of my head. Otherwise this is a totally acceptable medium-dark cof"

"I love coffee. Black. Plain. This was a very enjoyable coffee to start my day."

"This was not my favorite. It definitely wasn't bad, just nothing special. Aside from the cucumber finish, which was very faint, there wasn't much to it. I think it's best to serve with something else since it doesn't stand out much on it's own. "

"A nice bold cup with a nice kick. Really enjoyed it as a afer dinner coffee"

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