Seven Coffee Roasters - Mexico Santa Fe Organic

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Mexico Santa Fe Organic (#510)

Seven Coffee Roasters

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Spice, Maple Syrup, Molasses

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

This medium roast hails from Chiapas, one of Mexico’s top growing regions. A full-bodied cup with balanced sweetness, this coffee reminds us of french toast with its notes of maple syrup and fresh baked goods. Add some olé to your day!

Seven Coffee Roasters Story

Organic selection from Chipas. Balanced coffee with great body and light acidity. Medium roasted, this coffee has almost a maple syrup consistency and aftertaste. Notes of maple, toast, cane sugar.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

26 customer reviews

"Just a middle of the road coffee experience for me."

"I enjoyed this coffee as a pour over. It would be a perfect breakfast coffee. "

"Fantastic. This was my favorite out of my monthly box. I like my coffee not to strong but need flavor & this is a perfect balance and a great way to start the day and even for my afternoon cup. It has a natural sweetness to it and for me only needed a little almond creamer. Love it!"

"This is a near perfect lighter medium roast. The maple and cane sugar notes come through. It is incredibly smooth, zero bitterness. A fine cup of coffee. Perfect for mornings or after dinner. "

"So smooth. Sweet and velvety. Nothing bitter about this one. A fave."

"Solid coffee. I brewed 3.5 cups as recommended for my trial size. I did not necessarily pick up the sweeter notes as described, but still a great medium roast coffee with a lighter mouthfeel and light acidity. "

"Very smooth and the flavour did remind me of baked goods, but it was not a favourite. I did not dislike it, but not one I would seek out again."

"This roast was smooth without any bitter aftertaste. I would classify it on the lighter side, as opposed to medium. I was hoping for a bit more of its aroma to come through. I enjoyed having it with my breakfast - paired well with pancakes and sausage. I would recommend it! "

"I loved this coffee. The taste was so smooth with no bitterness. Yum!"

"Very smooth and drinkable, while retaining interesting spicy/sweet notes. Really good coffee."

"Creamy and smooth. Not a fan of the acidity. Maybe how I brewed. "

"This is probably one of my favorites coffees in the boxes so far. It's a nice smooth roast with a slightly sweet edge. It's a great roast. Prepared in a french press."

"Loved it! My favorite in the box this time. I couldn't get enough of it."

"pourover brewed, as we normally use. This one was our favorite from the box!"

"This coffee is great! You will not be disappointed with this coffee, or any coffee from here to be honest "

"A fine cup of coffee with a little sweetened cream, nothing special. "

"Neither my husband or I enjoyed this. Not a fan of this coffee type. "

"This coffee is the perfect way to start your day. Sweet with a little spice. "

"Drank this without cream and really enjoyed it. Very smooth flavor with bright undertones. "

"Very smooth, easy drinking, would definitely buy again"

"Very enjoyable, sweet notes did not disappoint, low acid too."

"More like hot chocolate than coffee, this Mexican coffee sits very much on the sweet sensors of your tongue. I'd like it to be a bit more rounded in the finish, but it's definitely front of the tongue/"

"This is a solid coffee. For whatever reason, my son seems to like coffees from Mexico, so he gives this 5 out of 5. This has a naturally sweet taste to it. It goes really well with cream and sugar, but it's solid on it's own as well. "

"This one was my favorite of the 4 I received. Not acidic at all and the flavor was mild and smooth. you could really taste the subtle flavors. Yum!"

"I loved the way this smelled. Didn't taste too great..."

"Somewhat lightly roasted than usual medium roasts. Too light for me personally."

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