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Middle Fork Roasters - Ethiopian Sidamo

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Ethiopian Sidamo (#89)

Middle Fork Roasters


(Earn up to $1.63 in Bean Box Credit)

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Cherry, Chocolate, Floral

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

Start your morning right with this scone in a cup. We’re bright-eyed and bushy-tailed about the jammy cherry and chocolate-croissant notes, with a fragrance like fresh cut flowers. Make it part of your balanced breakfast!

Middle Fork Roasters Story

With fruity undertones of hibiscus and cherry, this clean-tasting coffee glides over the palate leaving a sweet, chocolate finish.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

17 customer reviews

"Good coffee. Tried in chemex and probably needed more grinds than i did as a little weak first try. "

"4.5 rating. FINALLY found a coffee that has long lasting taste (from first opening bag & first espresso) throughout its tenure in my house - almost 2 weeks; almost gone now. Flavor is smooth, chocolatety and hints of fruit. :-)))"

"Very sweet middle of the road bean. Really enjoyed this. "

"Notes of chocolate and...crackers (in my mind that was what I could taste). It is smooth and a little bit savory, an OK coffee. "

"This is a wonderful Ethiopian roast! Complex flavors when brewed in a pour over. One of my favorites from Bean Box."

"brewed with french press and chemex, nice balance, not bitter in the slightest and a nice mouthfeel"

"You can never go wrong with an Ethiopian! I love the full and fruity flavors"

"Lemon scent and flavor really stand out. Great citrus flavor. "

"I used this coffee to pull several shots. I had tried Middle Forks other $12 espresso recommended blend (full city espresso), I greatly prefer this over the full city. Both were enjoyable but this had some brighter nutty and citrus hints that I preferred. Highly recommend for espresso!!"

"I brewed this in a traditional drip maker and it made a smooth, balanced coffee for every day drinking with subtle citrus notes. "

"This has been my favorite coffee so far from Bean Box. Dark but lots of complex flavors."

"I really liked this, both black and with cream/sugar. Complex--like having a fine wine at breakfast. Yum!"

"Very nice Sidamo. The medium roast brought more body, but this variety tasted more green than that from Long Shoreman's Daughter. I would recommend LSDs if available. "

"This coffee blew my mind. It was delicious black brewed in a french press but it's true potential was unleashed in espresso form. The best Latte I have ever had!!"

"A very unique and subtle dark roast that makes a perfect morning or afternoon cup of coffee. Slightly nutty with hints of chocolate and citrus. Excellent."

"I used this bean in a french press brew and found it to be heavy on the citrus. It had a smoky body more than a chocolate body I found. Overall, not a bad cup of coffee, but dark roasts aren't my preference. My fiance enjoyed it as a fan of dark roasts."

"This dark roast is easy to drink and a good way to start the day. "

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