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Longshoreman's Daughter Coffee - Ethiopia Guji

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Ethiopia Guji (#541)

Longshoreman's Daughter Coffee


(Earn up to $1.90 in Bean Box Credit)

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Pomegranate, Chocolate, Brown Sugar

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

Medium-dark coffee fans rejoice! With its fudgy dark chocolate, savory molasses, and just a hint of juicy pomegranate, this cozy, seductive roast will become your new favorite essential.

Longshoreman's Daughter Coffee Story

Notes of sweet fruits, milk chocolate, with a splash of pomegranate and a muscovado sugar sweet finish - all wrapped up in rose-perfume aromatics when opening this bag... we get lost in all the flavors of our newest Ethiopian!

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

32 customer reviews

"one of the very best we've had, velvety chocolate notes"

"really nice and smooth flavor- feel like you can't go wrong with an Ethiopian coffee, and this one is not exception. Prefer it brewed a little stronger via french press or chemex"

"Wasn't too crazy about it at first, but it really grew on me after a while. The flavors are very complex. I taste fruity and chocolate simultaneously. Definitely worth a try. "

"One of my favorites. Love the fruity sweetness of this coffee"

"Not as dark, in my opinion, as suggested. Can definitely taste the 'fudginess' though not the pomegranate. More like a 3.75 star in my book...perfectly OK but nothing spectacular."

"REALLY strong flavor of dark chocolate ganache. "Fudgy" is an accurate description. "

"Liked this one! A touch of something sweet and smokey in it."

"Good smooth medium roast. Small pinch of salt, a small drizzle of chocolate, 3 tbsp half and half, one tbsp sugar. It tastes a bit like chocolate covered dried fruit. Very nice."

"This medium blend is one I really enjoy! I like how I get a rich flavor and the brown sugar and chocolate comes through even with cream! Enjoy this blend!"

"Surprisingly weak for a medium roast, not something I would order or advise others to order."

"This coffee is why I am addicted to Bean Box. I would never go out and buy a coffee like this without trying it--and I love it. Smooth, great flavor. chocolate with a hint of fruit, and with its own light sweetness. I absolutely loved it"

"It's a very smooth coffee with a definite taste of chocolate and a sweet aftertaste. It was good when brewed as an espresso."

"Strong, unpleasant flavor. Too much for using alone, but will try blending with others to see if it mellows out a little. "

"Very good deep medium roast coffee. Great roaster, we have enjoyed most of the coffees from this roaster. Ethiopian coffees are one the finest I the world and this one is also very flavorful with a chocolate and very light fruit taste. Would order this coffee again."

"This coffee taste exactly like a rich cup of dark hot chocolate. I did put a little cream in it cause I couldn’t resist. It is very smooth and I could drink it all the time. I didn’t get much fruity pomegranate flavor but it could have been due to me just brewing it in my regular old coffee pot. "

"I would drink this coffee again and again, but this was a bit too light and airy for my tastes."

"We made this first as a cold brew and love it!! Looks lighter than it is...I bring it to work in a mason jar and get a lot of questions about what i am drinking. 'Tea?' some ask. i enjoy anything with chocolate, and this coffee definitely delivers some amazing chocolate notes. "

"4.7 / 5 Give this to anyone who swears by store bought coffee. This Ethiopian is fantastically complex: pomegranate on the nose, along with chocolate, burnt caramel, molasses, and faint notes of aged cinnamon and bark. To make this short - this is spiced pomegranate creme brulee in a cup. Amazing."

"Nice dark chocolate flavor. Very smooth taste. Pleasant way to start or finish your day."

"french press brewed with a strong lingering finish. chemex brewed as well, brightened up a little more, not my favorite from these guys but still good"

"I found this to be a very smooth coffee with no after taste. This is the kind of coffee I would be happy drinking every day."

"Good cup of coffee. Enjoyed sample. Didn’t order though. Would like Rwanda coffee"

"Got this last month around Christmas. Was pretty good but not my favorite, The pomegranate seemed a little odd."

"I Loved this coffee! It was sweet with a floral finish. This was one of my favorites, for sure. "

"Good flavor, and not too overpowering with the sweet flavors. Definitely liked this roast! "

"It has a strong taste of what I imagine the color brown tastes like. It has a burnt chocolate aromatic aftertaste that’s sorta unpleasant. The initial sip is savory but swallowing it is pretty rough. The colder the beverage is, the worse it becomes. "

"More acidic than I like. The chicolate came through nicely but but in general the flavor was dominated by the acidic fruitiness, which was strong."

"A little dark and acidic for my taste no matter how I brewed it. I drank this while I was getting over a respiratory virus since I couldn’t taste anything and I didn’t care for it much. "

"Although I did not taste pomegranate, I did note the chocolate and molasses, which I enjoyed. This was an enjoyable coffee. Well balanced and just slightly acidic, although your brewing method will influence that. Medium to full bodied coffee."

"Very smooth coffee. The brown sugar and pomegranate together is wonderful. I love that that put a bit of that fruitiness in there!"

"Made the Longshoreman's Daughter blend with my aeropress this morning and it tastes great! I can taste the hints of chocolate and pomegranate and the finish is very smooth. This is a very easy drinking roast that I will enjoy for the days to come! "

"Brewed this as recommended with only 3.5 cups of water. The flavor was full bodied and tasty. Definitely noticed the fruity tones. Really enjoyed this coffee. "

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