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Lighthouse Roasters - Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe (#713)

Lighthouse Roasters


(Earn up to $1.85 in Bean Box Credit)

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Berry, Floral, Burnt Sugar

Bean Box Breakdown

Syrupy, sweet, bold, toasty: this Ethiopian is the complete package. It’s as sophisticated as a dark roast, as distinctive as a lighter roast, and full of old-school Seattle coffee mojo. Enjoy this darker take on East Africa’s most highly-desired bean.

Lighthouse Roasters Story

A medium-dark roast, fragrant and flowery with a subtle hint of sweetness.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

19 customer reviews

"Great coffee, slightly darker than I expected, but a very tasty surprise. Ethiopia roasted on the darker side can be really nice twisted from the more common light roast."

"Didnt get any burnt sugar flavor but overall a good flavor"

"Ethiopian coffee is one of my faves. This one did not disappoint."

"i was hesitant with the "floral" descriptor but this blend produced a really good cup of coffee. "

"Great with a hearty breakfast of toast eggs and bacon even better when shared if your a slow drinker like me even as it chills to room temp its still amazing. "

"An enjoyable cup of coffee brewed with a french press. A bit too earthy and not quite as bold as I would like but a solid cup nonetheless. "

"It is very bold, but a little too acidic for me. The flavor is nice up front, but doesn't last."

"A lovely, fragrant roast. Rich, and has a nice color. I prefer a lighter roast, but this was an enjoyable cup of coffee."

"Fairly dark but with very good complex flavor. Typically enjoy lighter roast but this is a flavorful African coffee. Lighthouse roaster does a very good job with their roasts. Would recommend this coffee to anyone. "

"We liked this one a lot! It had a nice strong taste and flavor. Would purchase again :) "

"This is hands down my favorite company to get coffee from. My wife and I have enjoyed everything we have received from Lighthouse Roasters and this one did not disappoint. Brewed with a french press and great flavor true to tasting profile. "

"This is a "half" review. I always eat one bean. I loved it, packed with dark flavor. Then I ground them -and dropped the grounds all over the counter! Total morning failure, scooped up what I could and made one cup of coffee. Dark, burned flavor. Not bad, except for my clumsiness."

"This is an amazing coffee. I highly recommend that your try this using a french press. You don’t want to filter out the amazing flavors that this coffee has to offer. I usually prefer blends, but this is a great single origin option. Perfectly roasted and amazingly flavorful."

"Slightly darker than advertised, with a dominant smokey tobacco flavor that overpowers the floral notes. The burnt sugar complemented it nicely though."

"4.1 / 5: Thick - tastes like waiting for the bus on a crisp november morning. Strong on the tongue, but weak aftertaste. Notes of molasses and a light hint of blueberry - strangely astringent. "

"Great roast, just a little bit dark and smoky but not overwhelming - keeping it closer to a medium roast. YUM "

"very smokey tasting with a hint of sweet and fruit. i liked it. "

"Dude, this stuff was GREAT. It was a medium-dark roast, yes it was a little sweet but not overpowering like some of the coffee with fruity flavors. It was bold and definitely had a burnt sugar taste to it from the get-go which then evolved into a nice, creamy caramel. Definitely would buy a full bag"

"Even though this was a medium-dark roast, it surprised me with how bold it was! Initially was uncertain about the flavor profile but it grew on me! Would buy this for us again!"

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