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Ladro Roasting - Queen Anne Blend

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Queen Anne Blend (#407)

Ladro Roasting


(Earn up to $1.75 in Bean Box Credit)

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Fig, Nutty, Chocolate

Bean Box Breakdown

A satisfying local favorite that’s named for the highest hill in the land... or at least the city limits. Deep and deliciously drinkable, this coffee is fit for a queen, or a king, or a court jester! Which are you?

Ladro Roasting Story

A sweet and balanced blend of seasonal coffees. Named in honor of our first neighborhood cafe. Notes of milk chocolate, fig, and hazelnut.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

28 customer reviews

"Not my favorite wish i could give it more stars. Still ok"

"I enjoyed this blend, smooth and easy to drink. The chocolate tones come through as the coffee cools."

"I feel like Ladro sometimes nails it, but other times leaves you wanting so much more from the roast. This one just did not live up to its fullest potential for me. Tried two different brewing methods and two different water variations, but still wasn't digging it. May be just preference. "

"This coffee was tasty, full of flavor and great with cream and a dash of cinnamon. "

"Sweet and smooth, I loved the chocolate and fig notes. "

"Good, balanced taste! Brewed in an espresso machine and made with milk - excellent! Highly recommend! "

"The Aroma in this one is spectacular! This one is more of a Subtle chocolate finish. I don't really taste the hazelnut but that would have made this better."

"Nice, smooth cup of coffee. Very light finish, so I not a lot of the flavors stood out, but I enjoyed it."

"This coffee actually surprised us when you could actually taste fig and the hazelnut and how well they go together! You won't be disappointed!"

"A little bland. Inoffensive, still enjoyable, and with a nice, smooth mouthfeel. It's a nice cup to drink with breakfast or while reading, but not a cup to sit down and really try to experience on its own necessarily."

"Very nutty. The fig stands out to me, but not much else. It is a very different kind of blend, and while some may love it for its uniqueness, it isn't a must-try in my opinion."

"A nice medium/light nutty coffee. I didn’t feel there was any depth to this one but I could drink it as a nice plain roast for flavored creamers. "

"Not really a fan, seems more like a light roast. No flavor stands out and it's overall bland in my opinion. "

"A little nutty and smooth which was great, but didn't feel the flavor had much depth to it. "

"This coffee smells amazing, it was an easy choice for first brew! It brews great in a french press and is overall mild in flavor. I definitely get the hint of hazelnut not as much fig though, but I'm not complaining. I would order again!"

"Nice nutty flavor. Almost a hint of tobacco with a little smokiness. "

"Great coffee with complex flavors. The fig was pleasant and subtle, very unique too!"

"This is one of my favorites. Great taste and not bitter or acidic. "

"I liked this one more than hubby did. I did get nutty and chocolate. What they call "fig" came across to my as a kind of "jammy" finish. I think that is why hubby was not a fan. Very smooth and made a good cup of drip."

"Lovely undertone of dark chocolate. No need to add anything. A real treat anytime of the day."

"Such a wonderful flavor combination.landro has done it give this one 6 ⭐️ If possible."

"Delicious!! Would definitely buy on my own! Could be a breakfast regular."

"Didn't like this coffee at all. Not sure why though. "

"My wife and I loved this coffee. Smooth, not too bitter, and flavorful."

"I really like the complexity of this blend. It was very rich and satisfying and the notes of chocolate, fig, and hazelnut really work well together,"

"If I were to redo this one I would try a french press instead of drip. This coffee is light enough to not need a creamer/milk as it seemed to drowned out the flavor of the coffee itself. "

"Love this bean; lots of flavor, very smooth, not too acidic. Definitely a more "nutty: taste. Brewed in french press and absolutely love it. Would recommend to anyone looking for a great medium blend."

"I really liked the flavors in this one. Definitely recommend."

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