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Ladro Roasting - Ladro Flagship Espresso

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Ladro Flagship Espresso (#129)

Ladro Roasting


(Earn up to $1.78 in Bean Box Credit)

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Caramel, Cherry, Chocolate

Bean Box Breakdown

Not just for espresso anymore! As a pour over, this is a wonderful medium roast with intense caramel aroma and a thick, full body with flavors that mellow into chocolate-covered cherry and a lingering finish of burnt sugar.

Ladro Roasting Story

Our flagship blend designed for brewing balanced, sweet espresso and great for big-bodied drip. Creamy and sweet, with tasting notes of chocolate, dark cherry, and caramel.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

23 customer reviews

"chocolate cherry bomb that makes a nice espresso. Very smooth "

"Works well in our espresso machine. Sweet and delicious without needing to add much sweetener. Got it in my sampler pack and will definitely be purchasing a bag!"

"I had this in multiple espresso applications: hot/cold americano sweetened with agave and milk, ice latte with multiple types of milk. This is a robust blend, bold and sweet."

"Mellow but very plain tasting. The rest will go into our blend mixture. Felt the same about the other Ladro Roasting we tried - nothing special."

"There's definitely a reason why this is called Flagship espresso. Nice medium roast, smooth, and good combo of tasting notes. Could drink this one every day."

"Brewed with an espresso maker for a latte, very good. Probably one of our favorites."

"This wasn't one of my favorite's but was still good."

"Very delicious. You can smell the caramel before you drink it. A nice blend of dark and sweet"

"I'm obsessed with espresso roasts so I was excited to try this as a sample.. unfortunately it wasn't all that great and I tried to brew it a few different ways."

"Lends itself well to a solid cream, likely very useful for pretty latte art. Smooth flavor. I don’t pick up the cherry or chocolate as much, but definitely some caramel."

"This is a great blend and the caramel notes are very prominent. I drink a lot of coffee and one thing I would say about this is that I felt much more caffeinated than normal. "

"Ladro Roasting espresso is a decadent blanket of red velvet and a shiver up your spine. Quite literally reminded me of red velvet cake with it's smooth and dessert like notes which paired like a match made in coffee heaven with a bit of naturally sweet organic non gmo soy cream. This one's romantic."

"Very fine espresso bean. Pulled espresso shots with this blend."

"I brewed an espresso from a fine grind of this Ladro Flagship Blend. Great bold, yet smooth flavor. "

"Very good cup! Enjoyed the chocolate notes. Brewed as espresso. Added creamer and it felt like I was having dessert!"

"This is a very well executed espresso blend. There are nice BOLD flavors of chocolate/cherry and a wonderful crema-smoothness. Brewed using a french press. Definitely high on the list."

"Well done. A top 5 cup from 48 tasted through Bean Box. "

"Huge favorite. Love a good espresso blend and this combo of yummy flavors. "

"Made this in the french press. Really well balanced and could definitely taste the caramel/ chocolate. Really nice cup!"

"I brewed this using a french press and it was a perfect cup of coffee for any time of day. Not weak like some medium roasts and not smokey like a dark roast. The caramel and chocolate flavors were immediately noticeable."

"Absolutely delicious, my favorite of my samplers. I brewed in an automatic drip maker and it still came out delicious."

"Incredibly smooth and rich, with soft caramel and chocolate. Brewed with Moccamaster, and enjoyed both black and with cream/sugar. A new favorite that we will order more of!"

"This blend is one of my favorites. It is very smooth with delicious notes of caramel and chocolate. I have really enjoyed this as both an espresso and brewed using a chemex and highly recommend both methods!"

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