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Ladro Roasting - Fireside Blend

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Fireside Blend (#183)

Ladro Roasting

Roast: Dark roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Nutty, Spice, Chestnut

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire... this spicy dark blend has us singing! Button up your flannel and head into the winter’s night to spread some cheer. This roast is sure to keep your hands, and heart, warm.

Ladro Roasting Story

Our seasonal blend of Central and South American coffees, designed for sharing with friends and family by the fire. Happy Holidays! Taste Notes: Molasses, Allspice, Roasted Chestnut

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

48 customer reviews

"This was a great blend, I loved the nutty and slight spicy taste that I got from this coffee."

"I usually like the blends that have a nutty flavor and this one did not disappoint. Very good "

"This was a nice dark bean. Slight spice was not over powerful and overall balanced. "

"This one was amazing. Loved the mellow spices, nutty, molasses flavors. I would order this coffee all year long, although this coffee would be perfect with gingerbread men and molasses snaps. "

"Very good, not a whole lot of deep or overwhelming flavor, but a mild mix of nutty spices, in a medium bold roast. It was easy to drink and paired well with creamer. "

"Perfect blend for this time of year. Served it to my family in town and they loved it as well! Great example of how a good coffee can taste. "

"Good darker roast coffee. Full floor with medium acidity and aftertaste. Brunt sugar and nuts, good fast from good roaster. Typically enjoy lighter roasts but this is a very good dark roast blend."

"Quite a good cup of coffee, but verges on a 3.5 for me. I liked the kind of strange tastes to it which could be what the allspice and chestnut refers to. It complimented the nutty and chocolate notes well. Brewed french press."

"I really liked this. Very full-bodied. Nice and dark without being bitter."

"Excellent dark roast with a comforting wallop of flavor. Really enjoyed it in my french press across three cups drank in short order one morning."

"This was delicious! It would have been even better if I hadn't of burned my tongue the day before, which my tongue is still recovering from. Smelled SUPER like molasses when brewing. However, tasted more like chestnut and a little cocoa. Made hot with a french press!"

"I really enjoyed the hint of spices! Such a great roast. Excellent with a splash of milk!"

"A amazing syrupy cup! I tried this in an espresso maker and as a french press and it holds up in both. Add just a dash of brown sugar, cream and cinnamon and you have the perfect winter pick me up! "

"This may be my favorite coffee that I've gotten from Bean Box! It is mellow but robust; very easy to drink and comforting. Definitely pick up on the nutty and spice notes but neither are too overwhelming or distinct."

"Smells like molasses but just tastes roasted (chemex)"

"I liked the spice in this coffee. Definitely enjoyable on a cold day."

"I enjoyed this blend with a book on a snowy day. It was perfect and is one of my absolute favorite roasts! Very dark, heavier taste. I highly recommend it!"

"I haven't found a Laredo Roasting one I like. This was better than some of the others but still did not like it"

"This was a good coffee in a moka pot, but great as an espresso. The moka pot resulted in a spice and faint chocolatey and nutty note; I would have liked a stronger nutty taste. The espresso had more of a sweeter chocolatey taste and was excellent by itself, decent as a latte. Would recommend."

"The nutty with molasses finish gives the best feeling of a good cup of coffee for the cold months. Wish I would have been faster to getting a bigger back. Delicious!"

"A nice nutty, dark roast with a pleasant level of spice. Brewed as a pour-over with a v60. A tasty cup of coffee on a cold winter morning! "

"Nice, spicy dark roast coffee. We enjoyed this in a french press with biscotti. "

"Fantastic coffee overall. A tad more bitter than I typically favor, but the flavor profile made up for it. It's a nice dark roast to enjoy on a cold winter day. "

"This coffee was a little too spicey for me. I wouldn’T want it in the morning, but it might be a nice complement after a winter dinner with your dessert."

"Brewed with a v60 pour-over. Full bodied and pleasant. nutty and a little spice to it."

"Fantastic-- rich & complex; lots of different flavors without seeming muddled or overpowering. It's chocolate-y and nutty; almost like nutella, but with a spicy aftertaste. Little acid. Ideal for winter. I've been drinking Ladro coffee as long as I can remember & this may be my favorite of theirs."

"Really liked this flavor, a little strong, but really good. "

"This coffee was delicious! Perfect for the holidays with it's rich warm flavor."

"A dark and flavorful roast that is perfect for a cold winter day."

"I love the sweet and spicy flavor! This roast is so tasty! "

"Great coffee for the holiday season. It's sweet and spicy at the same time. "

"I love this coffee, brings the warm cozy feeling of Christmas Chestnuts into a cup. I just wish it was available longer. I will be buying at least 4 bags when this becomes available again. "

"A very good dark roast with spice finish. Thensweetness form the molasses is the star of this brew though - very well defined taste.."

"Definitely a dark, spicy roast. Really good for cold brew."

"We brewed an americano in an espresso machine, we liked the subtle chestnut flavor and the smooth after taste"

"Left warm and fuzzy inside from this Good brew. Pleased with the outcome. Would travel to find their coffee"

"Very flavorful, fragrant, rich, and full bodied, without being bithere or acidic. Purchased as gift for a picky cofee drinker who loved it. She can't wait to get it again when available! Her favorite of the 3 she received by far. "

"This is a great darker coffee. Everyone in my office has loved it! You can taste the subtle spices in the coffee, but they aren't overbearing. "

"Wonderful coffee. Perfect for the TN winter! All we needed was a fireplace! Highly recommend to anyone who loves darker coffee. No bitter taste at all! I don't like bitter coffee and love the toffe notes this specific coffee had. Delicious! When it's back in stock, we will get more for sure! "

"We enjoyed this seasonal blend. Dark and smooth, perfect for us as a morning cup. "

"Drank this blend for my usual morning cup of coffee, I pressure brewed it with my magnifica coffee machine. It had a great nutty flavor along with a smooth finish. I would order this blend again!"

"First impressions with this roast were of the nutty flavor. With a french press, I found that a longer than normal brew resulted in an enjoyable nutty taste."

"This was a good coffee, although not my favorite of the three month subscription we received. It was really nutty, but not very rich. "

"Brewed in a french press this was a lovely coffee that made me want to curl up in a blanket and watch the snow fall!"

"Delicious seasonal blend love the molasses and chestnut flavor"

"The beans smell amazing -- the entire family was excited and couldn't wait to open the bag. We made a pot in a standard drip coffeemaker. The brew was incredibly smooth, and a touch of cream really brought out the chestnut notes."

"Got this coffee for our first monthly bean box and we loved it. It was apparent how fresh it was. Had it in espressos, Americano's and Lattes and it was amazing in all three. It is very smooth, not to bold. We cannot wait to get our next delivery. "

"This is a great blend. Oh so smooth with a definite taste of molasses. Wish it were available all year, maybe just under a different name? Any case I am hurrying to order another bag while I can. Happy new year!"

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