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Kuma Coffee - Fresh Crop Bright

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Ships roasted-to-order on Aug 28 (1-3 day typical delivery).

Fresh Crop Bright (#125)

Kuma Coffee


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Roast: Light roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Berry, Floral, Citrus

Bean Box Breakdown

We go bananas over this bright espresso blend. The fruity flavors are soft and mellow, like in a fruit smoothie, with subtle honeyed banana to tie it all together. Give your espresso a taste of the tropics!

Kuma Coffee Story

A blend of seasonally fresh crop coffees, for espresso and filter. Notes of berries, florals, citrus, and tropical fruits.

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Ships roasted-to-order on Aug 28 (1-3 day typical delivery).

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Customer Reviews

37 customer reviews  write a review

"Smooth and fruity, the berry and fruit notes come through well when had as an espresso shot for a latte "

"Brewed in my french press. This is a sweet and smooth coffee with notes of honey and fruit. The taste description is very accurate. "

"Start my morning with bean box every AM from a gift subscription. It has a fantastic sweet honey Tatar’s I can really pick out. Ordering another bag now!"

"The name is very accurate, bright is exactly the word that came to mind. Wonderful morning coffee, especially on some of the more bracing mornings here in New York. "

"Bright, smooth and an interesting finish. This is a fun pick me up"

"Good overall taste. I like how light it is. Perfect for an everyday coffee. :)"

"The citrus was very pleasant, enjoyed this very much"

"Unfortunately, too light and fruity for me. I like a little colder and also seemed a little bitter. Maybe milk would help?"

"This was a nice, decent blend. Not sure I would order again but it was a nice switch. The honey and banana really did come through at the finish!"

"This light roast made a wonderful espresso! The flavour was bright and fresh as advertised, with a smooth hint of fruitiness."

"Great flavor! Has a bright unique taste! I used it straight in my espresso machine and it comes out so smooth!"

"This coffee wasn't my favorite, but still had a good taste, not as bold as I prefer. "

"This is delicious! Nice and light and not overly roasty or smoky. "

"We had it every morning with breakfast and it gave us that needed kick to get the day going! The different flavors all paired nicely together and made it a must have coffee! By far, one of our absolute favorites!"

"I do like a light roast, but this one was really great. Loved how smooth and tasty it was, light tastes of berries/fruit. Another great Kuma coffee."

"Surprisingly lovely. Has a hint of a sweet creamy flavoring, but the berry and citrus are barely there. Very smooth and tasty tho!"

"The usual for a light roast: weak flavor, not matter how many beans you use while brewing."

"I used this as an espresso. It's softly fruity and bright, with a nice hint of sweetness."

"Another great coffee. Tasting notes are definitely subtle, but definitely present. While most reviewers claim that this blend is best as an espresso, our family preferred the chemex version. "

"Some people do not enjoy light roasts because of lack of a distinct, bold flavor. This has both! Although still light, there is a beautiful strong flavor with notes of berry creeping up int the background! Bought a big bag so I could have more! "

"This was not bad. If it was supposed to be used as an espresso, I did not get the memo. Brewed in my french press, and was a normal cup of coffee. Enjoyed it though"

"Tasting a variety of coffees has been eye opening. To learn I love coffees with berry as a description is fascinating. "

"This coffee was absolutely fantastic. I drank a pot of this with a waffle and some fruit, and let me tell you, that was nirvana."

"Great light roast coffee with smooth but fruit finish. Tast s darker and richer than roast looks or is labeled. This is a great roaster and this makes a good cup of black coffee."

"I made this into my own 36 hour cold brew at it was fabulous. It had all the citrus and buttery flavor you want in cold coffee. I did decide to take it a bit longer than the 24 hours cause it is such a light roast and with a hint of cream it was just perfect. "

"Great coffee! The lightest roast we've tried so far. Could taste the fruitiness more than others we've tried. Really enjoyed this one."

"I bought this bag specifically for espresso brewing and absolutely loved it! Smooth and fruity and paired well as a latte! Also brewed a couple pots of coffee in my trusty Mr. Coffee, this was a house hit!"

"Kuma has become one of may favorite roasters and I love their coffees. The flavors here a bright and fruity, perfect for a daily cup. Brewed with a v60."

"Pretty subtle flavors - "soft and mellow" - honeyed banana finish is accurate. (chemex)"

"My go to every day coffee. Light and easy drinking."

"I thought it had a nice floral tasting note. It was fairly mild though. Did not have a super strong profile for the the overall tasting experience."

"Very flavorful and light bodied coffee, great without cream or sugar!"

"Tried as espresso and breve. Pretty average flavor, too light for me."

"Very light roast. The floral notes are very noticeable. I enjoyed it most when iced."

"This was a very light but smooth flavor. We enjoyed it. "

"One of my favorite brewers, I love Kuma bear clause. Light buttery flavor low acidity and slightly citrus"

"I brewed it in an espresso machine but the flavor was very mild for my taste"

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