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Keala's Hawaiian Coffee - Pano Blend

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Pano Blend (#389)

Keala's Hawaiian Coffee


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Roast: Dark roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Nutty, Ginger

Bean Box Breakdown

Named for the Greek prefix meaning “all,” this coffee adds bold, rich Hawaiian flavor to Central America’s classic, nutty profile. With this roast, “all’s well that blends well” (love of coffee never truly ends).

Keala's Hawaiian Coffee Story

A dark-roasted, magical blend of superior beans from Oahu, Maui, and Central America. Clean, heavy body, with notes of macadamia nut and candied ginger.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

37 customer reviews

"Tastes like summer. Very smooth, nutty -- practically almond milk, but with a hint of an electric, cherry like tartness. I can definitely see where they got ginger. Quite good."

"Was really hoping for some more ginger, but it makes a lovely cuppa"

"nutty, candied spices delight. This has a big body but wasn't at all overwhelming, as some darker roasts can be; it was actually very pleasantly mild and easy to drink. "

"Very good. Love the nut flavor, bold flavor, really good for a darker roast. "

"Flavorful coffee with notes of aged wine and fruit. Mild acidity, with a nutty flavor. Very good coffee we would order again. "

"This coffee was a great surprise. Balanced didn’t taste “burnt” and the ginger really came through. Will be ordering a bag. Great hot and cold."

"3.5 out of 5. Was kind of dissapointed in this partly Hawaiian coffee. Was expecting more flavor, but none of the flavors came through much. Did not get any candied ginger, was a little nutty and was sweet and smooth. Nice mouthfeel and I liked the heavier body. Brewed french press."

"It was ok - hoping to have more of the macadamia nut and candied ginger come through. Definitely "big body""

"I love Hawaiian coffees and this was the first dark Hawaiian roast I've ever had. Great fruity blend."

"Not too dark, worked well in a french press and could taste the nuttiness"

"This had a good flavor that was enjoyable. Nice and balanced blend!"

"Very bright, dry, and acidic for a dark. The nuttiness really comes through. We prefer our dark to be oily and rich. This did not make much of a crema at all. Made in french press and drank black. "

"A solid cup of coffee. Well balanced and easy to drink. Brewed with a french press. "

"This was just ok to me. As a dark roast drinker, this definately was way to light. I would say it is a medium roast and on the light side of that. The coffee was a burst of fruit and "sunshine". Clean but very thin to my tastebuds,."

"From my husband - this coffee has a big body taste like it claims and has a great taste. You can't really taste the hints of candied ginger, but you can taste the hints of macadamia nut. All in all a delicious coffee!"

"This coffee was a bit "brighter" for a dark roast - which the tasting notes imply with the "ginger". Not as dark and rich as the others in our sampler box - but we still really enjoyed it."

"Very smooth and rich without being cloying. Well balanced and not overly sweet."

"Any coffee from Hawaii is amazing, and this is no exception! Use pour over. "

"This coffee was just okay. Probably one of the least-favorites I've gotten in a sampler box. None of the flavors stood out to me enough."

"While this coffee excited me, it was a disappointment. The coffee seemed bland, with little to no ginger notes detected, regardless of which brewing method was used. I didn't get the heavy body indicated by the description. Other coffees from this roaster were great, but this one was off the mark."

"As someone who generally prefers lighter roasts, this coffee was just bold enough for me. Great Hawaiian coffee."

"nutty with a hint of ginger...too fruity for my taste. It just takes away from what I wish was a more darker, holder flavor. I would try it again but not one of my favorites."

"Pretty good roast... tasted a little bit of the nutty notes. Wouldn't mind getting another small bag but probably wouldn't get a large bag."

"Good fall coffee. I got nice flavors of spice, even though I’m not sure I noticed ginger. But, I’d drink it again."

"I didn't notice the ginger flavor but it was nice strong with a delicious nutty flavor. Solid Hawaiian blend."

"Loved this unique flavor. Like nothing I've had before. I loved that while it was different, it still felt as though as I was enjoying my morning coffee rather than some weird fruity drink."

"A good coffee with a little heat. Pretty drinkable, but interesting and different, too. "

"My boyfriend tried this in the sampler bag. He said it was absolutely delicious. "

"nutty, supple, balanced. Hint of ginger on the nose. fruity funkiness mixed in. "

"Excellent coffee really enjoyed the flavor. I didn't detect the ginger flavor but it did have a nutty flavor. Not the best Hawaiian coffee I have had but it was good"

" A bit bold on the verge of being too intrusive, enjoyable nonetheless. "

"Very heavy on the palette with strong nutty flavors. Just couldn't get over the lasting layer on the tongue"

"I was pleasantly surprised with this roast. I was afraid that the ginger taste was going to be too strong because I dislike ginger."

"This region isn't a particular favorite because it's not quite as bold but it was an enjoyable dark roast "

"One of the better Hawaiian-style coffees Ive had. More balanced than a typical blend but good."

"I loved the sweet flavor and slight nutty notes, full bodied roast"

"Had good, fruity, floral notes, but wasn't too overwhelming for a dark roast. "

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