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Keala's Hawaiian Coffee - Na Pali Blend

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Na Pali Blend (#296)

Keala's Hawaiian Coffee


(Earn up to $1.73 in Bean Box Credit)

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Lime, Nutty, Citrus

Bean Box Breakdown

Wild, yet approachable: just like the beautiful cliffs of the Na Pali coast (famous for the soaring Jurassic Park movie shots). Soothing Hawaiian smoothness with just a hint of citrus, as faint as the far-off roar of a dinosaur...

Keala's Hawaiian Coffee Story

A blend of Kauai and Central American coffees, to truly highlight the flavor of beans from Kauai. Polished medium body and finishes with hints of tropical citrus and calamansi lime.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

44 customer reviews

"Delicious coffee. Smooth and bold with a wonderful lime finish. Not a whole lot of flavor but overall tasty enough and great mouth-feel. french press."

"quite a few blends come off as boring solely because each flavor profile tries to outshine the other to the point that its all just muddled. Not the case here, such a wonderful mix of flavors all bouncing off each other. nice work."

"The lime notes were super interesting and not singing I'm used to trying in my coffee. I've been trying to take note of particular flavors more often, which I find difficult generally, however I definitely noticed the lime in this. It added a bright and fun acidic taste without overpowering."

"Love this blend! Was pleasantly surprised by the taste and smell of this delicious coffee — one of my favorites!"

"Acid and bitter. Lingers on the palette. Not a fan. If you like the acid fruity coffees then this one is for you. I made one pot and one pot only. Generally not a fan of the Hawaiian coffees. The beans never have the rich, robust flavor of a South American bean."

"4.0 / 5 Slightly sweet, fruity nose. Honestly just tastes like a great medium roast w/ a very light hint of fruit. Smooth, minimal floral notes. Great in the morning!"

"Great brew for coffee lovers. Good medium body, good finish, and definitely could taste the citrus!"

"Ground and brewed right away. Great flavor, not too bold, but a good medium coffee. "

"Really enjoy this brew! Loved the citrus and fruit."

"Not the worst coffee I've had, yet not the best. Too bitter with the citrus flavor"

"Not one of our favorites. Very much enjoyed the other samples in the box."

"Very acidic and fruit-forward. Not our kind of thing."

"I used this in my french press. The citrus was more subtle than I expected, but I enjoyed this coffee overall."

"Really enjoyed this brew! fruity upfront, mellows and finishes smooth and rich."

"The description nails it - SUPER smooth with a light finish, just a hint of citrus (didn’t know that was even possible in a coffee!) and a new favorite for me. "

"This was a pretty good coffee. The notes of citrus were a little potent. pour over brew. "

"It was a little more bitter than I expected. Maybe a different method should have been used, instead of pourover."

"This line one was better than the last one, but lime, IMHO, doesn't mix too well with coffee without something else to bridge it together. I will add, the lime is subtle and won't be noticeable to an untrained pallet. I just mixed in a lil more milk and enjoyed it!"

"I did not enjoy the citrus in this coffee as much as I thought I would. Definitely a fresh light taste and could be a favorite for a true citrus lover."

"The citrus notes really pop on this one. Brewed in a chemex, and drank with just a small splash of milk. Quite good, may need to order a full bag."

"I wanted to like this better than I did. Although okay, I was not as into the citrus undertones matched with the nutty. Could see some people really liking it, but not my cup of joe."

"We had not received a coffee from this roaster yet, but this coffee was fair. We typically brew in a french press and drink our coffee black. This medium roast was fairly smooth but had nutty aftertaste. Overall a good coffee, but not a favorite."

"I’m always looking for a coffee that stands on its own enough to drink black, and this is definitely one! It’s rich and soothing, an all around wonderful cup."

"We've been BeanBox subscribers for over a year. When we tried this coffee, I finally decided it was time to order a full bag. So smooth, but with a little tang that sets it apart from other coffees I've had."

"Spot on with nutty and citrus notes! Nice profile. Nice finish. Very smooth and well-balanced. Thought it was very good as a morning coffee."

"Love this coffee!! Brewed my first pot this morning and I'm loving the citrus and nutty taste. Ordering a big bag of it now."

"Of the four packs of beans received, this was my favorite. The citric taste was definitely there, but not too strong. Perfect for a morning cup of coffee!"

"The citrus comes through the most. Great morning coffee!"

"This was my favorite! I just bought a whole bag. I could probably drink it plain, and I'm a cream and sugar girl. "

"Delicious!! Would definitely buy on my own! Could be a breakfast regular."

"THIS COFFEE. It is the perfect taste of summer. It has a very clean finish, perfect with anything, plain, milk, and/or sugar. "

"I liked it. Brewing - Moka pot. Smooth taste, nutty and a little bit lime taste. It was the best coffee sample from november box!"

"This brew was really excellent, it has a nuanced body, smooth mouth feel, and has just the right amount of brightness to let you know what's up. Via aeropress."

"Neither I nor my husband cared for this coffee whatsoever. Actually didn't finish it, which is unusual. Did not like it. "

"This is without a doubt the most citrusy roast I have ever had. Very pronounced zest with lingering herbal notes surrounding a lightly syrup-like smooth mouth feel. Light body and medium acidity. The notes aren't my favorite in a coffee, but was well done nonetheless."

"Also a part of my sample box that was extremely tasteful. Lots of flavor and tastes that pounce out at you."

"The lime just jumps out and grabs you. Never tasted anything like it. Well done. "

"You can taste the lime and I was very surprised I liked it so much. No cream or milk, just a smooth cup of coffee."

"Delicious though slightly tangy fruity coffee. Would try again!"

"An excelent blend. Somewhat tangy with definite citrus notes. Overall very smooth and drinkable."

"One of our favorites! We are currently expecting our first crop of calamansi limes from our potted plant and were quite surprised to see this citrus mentioned in the tasting notes. This coffee is very smooth and balanced with a brightness provided by the sweet/tart/ floral undertones."

"Exceptional coffee! One of my favorites! Brewed in chemex. Bolder at first with a sweet well balanced finish."

"Don't let the "citrus" notes fool you into puckering up--this is a very smooth cup. "

"Brewed using a v60 hot and iced. Had an awesome smooth nutty flavor with a hint of citrus. Very good balance to this blend as Hawaiian coffee is not typically my favorite. Well done!"

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