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Keala's Hawaiian Coffee - Honolulu Blend

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Honolulu Blend (#40)

Keala's Hawaiian Coffee


(Earn up to $1.78 in Bean Box Credit)

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Guava, Mountain Apple

Bean Box Breakdown

Hula dancing on the edge between medium and dark, this tasty roast has deep flavor and a hint of tropical sweetness as unexpected as a black sand beach.

Keala's Hawaiian Coffee Story

A blend of the finest quality beans from Africa, Indonesia, and Oahu. Medium-roasted and full-bodied, with notes of guava and mountain apple.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

59 customer reviews

"This coffee smelled AMAZING when our box arrived, however, I was a little disappointed by the taste. I thought that this coffee was ok, nothing really stood out to me flavor wise. "

"A nice medium roast, definitely a all day sipping brew. If I invited people over Id feel safe serving this without alienating any coffee drinker."


"This roast has a hint of sweetness that I loved. smooth finish."

"I enjoyed this coffee, but it would not be one that I would order. It did not have the depth or richness I enjoy. "

"Dark enough, smooth enough, and a touch of apple. Pretty good."

"Brewed with french press which brought out the fruity flavors nicely. I was surprised with this cup of coffee and enjoyed it much more than I anticipated. "

"A very pleasant coffee with some unique flavor, but don’t expect Kona from this. It’s a solid choice but not a standout hit for me. "

"Sweet and fruity with a complexity of flavor. We want (need) a full bag to really allow the time to dive into the depths of this coffee. With a nice weight on the tongue, this is a slow, Sunday morning sipping coffee."

"Subtle apple flavor but overall rather plain coffee."

"The nip of a crisp nearly bitter Apple was there. Interesting cup in the french press. Was sad when bag was empty..."

"This just might be the best coffee ever. I loved it. The worst part was when it was gone. I didn't care or take the time to note the flavors, it was just a cup of incredible coffee, everything was balanced and delicious. "

"This is a very sweet, fruity tea - a little bit too much so. It's very light. We drank as an espresso with milk. It's better iced than warm."

"Loved the fruity tones in this, almost wine. Good body. Brewed french press and loved it. "

"I didn’t get much of the fruity but loved this coffee! Drip brewed this with some cream and I loved the smooth creaminess that transpired. Bold for a medium roast, but just perfect dancing on your tongue. Would definitely buy this again!!!"

"Great medium roast coffee. Brewed in french press. Edium acidity with fairly smooth finish. Deep flavor that is slightly sweet. We would buy this coffee again."

"I'm a sucker for dark roasts but when I saw fruity I was afraid it would be over powering but instead of an attack of fruit it was a lovely little sprinkle of fruitiness."

"Really simple but flavorful coffee. Smooth, no acidity, but I really didn't get a lot of the fruit taste. Would definitely try again, it was a great cup of coffee."

"Strong, but smooth and creamy with mild fruit notes. Great morning coffee."

"Wow I was surprised by this. Wasn't sure how this blend would work. But it is delicious. Very smooth, is creamy and bold and has a nice touch of fruit. Would definitely buy again. Brewed french press."

"It's definitely sweet and fruity, but I didn't really taste apple. It held well as a French brewed coffee. It got pretty frothy while brewing, and that always makes me happy. Overall, I think it's pretty refreshing but perhaps not one that I would buy a 12 oz of. Try it iced!"

"Very smooth! I liked this one a lot. Medium bodied, hints of fruity-ness, and so smooth. "

"(Review #56 -- 4.3 / 5) Potentially the smoothest coffee I've ever had. Pristine notes of Guava, Mountain Apple, a hint of sugar snap pea and a tease of cherry - tastes like a bright, sunny island swaddled by the sparkling sky-blue ocean. Not super complex - but what it does do, it does very well. "

"I like the lightness and fruitiness of this medium roast blend. "

"Rich and spicy/zesty for a medium roast. Really nicely balanced flavor with a lot of character, but in a way that no one flavor really dominates to be disagreed with. A nice cup of coffee!"

"Really good as cold brew. Apple taste comes through alot. Liked it alot overall"

"Nice very smooth coffee. I would clnsider this a light roast. Nice mild flavors without bitterness. I overwatered (3 1/2 cups) it a little and would prefer a stronger brew. Excellent flavors."

"I had this for the first time yesterday. I grinded the beans in the morning and put them through my ninja coffee maker. I took a sip and was surprised how smooth this coffee was with a sweet aftertaste. I put a splash of vanilla creamer and it was SO good! "

"Easy drinking, would disagree that the coffee hinges between medium and dark - was on the light medium side to me. No acidity, light and bright. I’d buy this one. "

"It was interesting to pick up the notes of guava, I guess I just prefer a sweeter coffee but it was very smooth"

"This may not be Kona but it is a very smooth coffee with a very pleasant aroma. The kind of coffee that would be VERY easy to drink every morning. "

"I was very excited for this coffee. It delivered for the most part. Light and fruity, it was a nice change from my usual dark and bold picks. "

"Light and mellow coffee, no acidity. Enjoyed this coffee."

"I was not a fan of this coffee. The coffee was fruity."

"Not my favorite -- not very memorable in flavor, lacking even. Light for my taste."

"Nice fruity notes with an otherwise smooth blend. Nice morning cup!"

"I love this coffee! It is a medium body coffee with full flavor but no bitterness. I'll be ordering a whole bag!"

"Fantastic coffee! Mellow but with great flavor & the perfect amount of kick! Highly recommended."

"Smooth and fruity. A great way to start the morning. I will be ordering this again."

"This blend has a smooth, sweet taste & medium bodied. This coffee's brewed aroma & taste make it easy to get up in the morning."

"Delicious!! Would definitely buy on my own! Could be a breakfast regular."

"Great coffee! Smells and tastes amazing and is very smooth. I would definitely order this again in the future. It is definitely a bit fruity and I fail to pickup on any distinct chocolatey flavors, which is great for me!"

"Very smooth, pleasant coffee. Would order this one again!"

"This is really good coffee!! Would order again, for sure."

"I loved this coffee so much, I've ordered it 3 times! It's smooth and fruity, perfect for a weekday or weekend morning."

"Clearly I'm going to have to start using a french press to get a better outcome. "

"Very citrusy. We drank it directly after returning from a Hawaiian vacation, so it was reminiscent of other fruity blends we had while traveling."

"Pretty good roast. I liked it in the french press. "

"This is a decent medium roast. The fruit flavors were very strong. I brewed the entire sample bar in a pour-over with medium-coarse grind and 3.5 cups of water."

"This roast was too dark for me, personally. Low acidity, not too strong, medium body."

"Smells much darker than what it actually is. It is the perfect medium between light and dark and has a very sweet, vibrant flavor. I give this bean a 4/5 because it was one of the best I've had, but was a little too fruity to be absolutely perfect."

"Strong, deep scent but not strong and deep in flavor, it was light and sweet. I really enjoyed this. "

"Delicious. Wife loved it and demanded more. This is one of the most balanced coffees I've had, medium roast with a bit of brightness and a touch of sweetness. The roaster's tasting notes mention mountain apple, and my wife, having had mountain apples in Hawaii, agrees."

"Initially it smells like a dark roast. But the taste is surprisingly light and smooth. Low acidity. It's not my favorite, I like a little more roasted flavor, but the smoothness is refreshing for a change so I still really enjoyed it."

"Earthy heavier medium roast cup of coffee. Didn't tastes the notes of Guava or Apples."

"Decent blend with some citrus coming through. No chocolate flavors makes this a little boring. chemex brewed."

"I was not the most excited about this roast, as I am typically not a fan of frjkt or citrus flavors in my coffee, but I was wrong. This coffee is delicious, smooth and flavorful. One of my favorites."

"Decent, fruity. Not m favorite from the sample box. "

"My favorite in this box. It is a smooth and dark roast with a slight tropical sweetness (like a hint of pineapple). Perfectly balanced."

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