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Fonte Coffee - Portofino Blend

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Portofino Blend (#73)

Fonte Coffee


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Roast: Dark roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Nutty, Chocolate, Hazelnut

Bean Box Breakdown

Stop the presses… and start the french presses! If you’re looking for your new favorite dark roast, Fonté Coffee Roasters has you covered. Their dark, rich Portofino Blend is a get-you-out-of-bed Seattle classic. Aromatic and full of flavor, this cup opens with a toasty Indonesian earthiness, followed by a big body of rich dark chocolate and a hazelnut finish. Clean, smooth, and eye-openingly bold, Portofino is the morning person’s dream (and the night-owl’s secret weapon).

Portofino Blend is named for the historic village of Portofino, Italy, located near Genoa on the Italian Riviera. A mix of the old and the new, Portofino shifted from a fishing village to an aristocratic resort town in the 19th century, but it never lost the charm of its roots. Fonté’s coffee thoughtfully combines the direct-sourcing and top-quality beans of the "third wave", with a toasty, well-developed roasting style that would feel at home in any classic coffee bar. Portofino Blend is a true nod to Seattle’s own coffee origins, when the romance of the Italian-style coffee began to captivate a new generation of American coffee lovers. May the romance never end...

You’ll find Fonté’s coffee served up in luxury hotels all over the country, and the reason is clear: their roasts are versatile, sophisticated, and endlessly refillable. Portofino is one of our most-loved dark roasts, a modern classic of rich, nutty chocolate in a bold, earthy profile. Reserve a bag of Portofino Blend today, and brew up your own 5-star wake-up call. Your french press never had it so good.

Fonte Coffee Story

This lush blend offers a very full bodied and lightly acidic cup with a deep, complex aroma. Earthy notes at the outset suggest a pleasing musty quality, while herbal aromas hint at the toastyness of a good Oolong. The finish, at first dominated by chocolate ends in hazelnuts.

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Ships roasted-to-order on Aug 28 (1-3 day typical delivery).

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Customer Reviews

44 customer reviews  write a review

"This is one of our favorite roasters. This is a really high quality coffee, roasted in a relatively straightforward manner. Really excellent. "

"Not bad for a classic cup. Not very interesting though. "

"Fonte Coffee Roaster has definitely improved over time, I cant say I loved them at first but now they're in a place that I would revisit. The Portofino Blend was the change for me. It was something new and exciting in a landscape of either too many flavors or too many one note coffees this stands ou"

"Wow. This brew has so much body my press was overflowing. Very good."

"This was a pleasant, smooth cup of coffee, but I prefer a darker roast."

"Light and earthy. No particular tasting notes stood out. Made in french press and drank black. "

"This coffee has great flavor but the roast was just not dark enough for me. But all in all I enjoyed the coffee "

"herbal and aromatic! Not too earthy, but just right to bring out a velvet dark, spicy smoothness."

"This was one of our favorites and we will buy this blend again."

"It has a smooth start and finish. I feel it goes best with an early morning pastry! "

"Great coffee not to overpowering but bold. The earthy and herbal notes were light which was very good."

"Coffees like this reminds me why I joined and love Bean Box. Savored every drop coming from my french press. "

"I don’t really like the more floral and aromatic blends, but this one didn’t overpower the coffee as much as others I’ve tried."

"This bean is really aromatic. Enjoyed this coffee drip. "

"First coffee from Bean Box. Initially, I thought the roast was a bit light for me. It had a very noticeable dry and earthy aftertaste. After a few more sips, it began to get markedly better. There is definitely a dryness to this coffee but it is not a bad thing. Similar to a dry cabernet."

"It is a good cup of coffee but nothing to write home about, just okay. Brewed with a french press."

"We brewed it in a percolator and it was the perfect dark morning coffee. I can’t do caffeine at night but it would be nice paired with an after dinner dessert. Robust with a very nice smooth finish. "

"Not extraordinary, but a good morning cup of coffee. Very bold dark roast."

"4.6 / 5 - Complex nose: Earth, Berry, Vanilla, Creamy. On the tongue, this blend develops its --very-- complex profile with notes of BOLD earthy cream, berry, and oak. Very good."

"Earthy, dark, bread. Light mouth feel, slight linger, but clean. No fruit here."

"Absolutely adored this in the french press. Had a great earthy taste that I kept coming back for. Made this in the pour over as well, but as stated, it was best in the french press which is my preferred method."

"NIce and smooth taste. Full-bodied. The aroma when you open the bag fills up the room, and the flavor pretty much follows that."

"I brewed this with a drip/cone filter. This coffee is just dark enough that there is no sour taste that so many medium roasts have. Nothing fancy, but a solid coffee."

"It wasn't "bad" but it had a strong aftertaste like smoking a cigarette, which I really didn't care for. Not for me."

"This is by far one of my favorites that I've tried. Pleasantly smooth, rich and earthy. Used a french press with a little cream and it was wonderful. "

"This is a smooth dark roast that had the feel of espresso. With a bit of cream it took on latte feel. If you like dark roast this is definitely for you. "

"This coffee immediately brings up the feeling of my favorite coffee shop. This dark blend woke me right up, and I know that darker roasts have less caffeine than light ones, but something about the deep, bitter flavor just really gets you going. Enjoyed as espresso on 9/23/17 - roasted 8/7/17. "

"Great coffee. Dark and not overly complex but good earthy flavor. Great roaster, we have enjoyed many of the coffee's from this roaster."

"A little bold for me, but delicious! Drip brewed with a little cream added was perfect! Good dark roast!"

"Great flavor. I really enjoyed it with a little cream very smooth"

"Rich a nutty blend. Also very smooth. If I get this again, I will use the french press as recommended by many. "

"This is an ideal coffee for Autumn. Upon grinding, you get aromas of freshly cut cedar and bbq chicken. In the cup this coffee shines at a more concentrated ratio of 15/1. Dark chocolate notes predominate and linger on the palette while the earthy spice known to Indonesia round it out masterfully. "

"Great coffee, brewed in my moka pot and it was a great start to my morning! "

"A great french press coffee. A bold dark roast that won't disappoint, especially with a very smooth finish that will have you refilling your cup. "

"Another coffee that's great with a french press. Definitely try it with one over the chemex. "

"As someone else noted, this one is smooth and balanced. I really enjoyed this roast when brewed in the french press. "

"Very bold. Brewed in french press. Flavors were a little flat to me. Definite morning eye opener roast. "

"So good with french press and bialetti moka express! Definatly one of my favorites on bean box "

"Got this dark roast in my subscription. Good coffee. Nice nose. Smooth finish."

"Just finished this coffee yesterday and it's definitely worth a try. I liked it a little better hot than cold and it was great in the french press."

"Great coffee if you are not looking for something too sweet. "

"One of my favorites! A nice departure from many of the sweet flavor profiles out there. This is on my reorder list! "

"Just delicious. You're not going to find this quality of a coffee at your run-of-the-mill coffee joint. Worth the cost."

"Amazing. My favorite coffee. Brew in a press at a time when you can leisurely sip and take in the aroma and flavor"

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