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Conduit Coffee Company - Winterlake Blend

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Winterlake Blend (#565)

Conduit Coffee Company

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Nutty, Chocolate, Spice

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

This creamy holiday blend is smooth as a winter sleigh ride and sweet as a hot cocoa afterwards. You'll find notes of spiced apples and toasted nuts within a swirl of rich chocolate. It’s crisp, bright, and everything nice!

Conduit Coffee Company Story

Celebrate the season with our crisp, bright and inviting holiday blend! Sourced from East Africa, we highlight the sweet cane sugar and complex cranberry orange acidity of unique coffees from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Ethiopia. Warming spices, notes of pecan, apple and cocoa round out this balanced brew. It'll warm you up on these dreary Northwest mornings!

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

18 customer reviews

"Kind of had a spiced and nutty fruitiness to it, but the flavors didn't stand out that much and fell flat with a kind of unpleasant aftertaste. It's something I'd like to try again though and brew it more strongly and carefully. french press."

"I made this using the pour over method. It seemed more of a light roast than a medium roast and there was a heavy citrus taste to it. Not my kind of coffee, but if you're into citrus-y coffee, give it a try!"

"Definitely not one of my favorites. Bitter taste with a nasty odor. Not smooth at all."

"This one was a surprise. When I first drank it, I wasn't expecting such a soft blend. It was relaxing to drink, which is not something I usually go for when it comes to my coffee. It was a mellow flavor, and perfect!"

"Another great roast from Conduit. I haven't had a bad roast yet! french press, chemex or anyway you cant go wrong."

"Would like to order but it’s sold out. Loved this coffee. Every time I like 1 it’s sold out. "

"Loved this blend! Warm nutty flavor. Wish I would have gotten a bigger bag!"

"Didn't enjoy this blend. Smell was good - chocolate and spices, but after brewing... This coffee is not for french press. Taste is poor, and don't put milk! "

"I found this coffee good but no better than everyday coffee. The flavour notes didn’t push through as I had expected. But overall it still is a very drinkable coffee "

"I really enjoyed this coffee. I brewed it using 3 different methods (espresso, moka pot, & pour over). I enjoyed it as an espresso the most. However, this is very versatile coffee which was good but not great in a brew methods. "

"The first coffee I tried. I enjoyed the spicy notes in this blend. "

"Not one of my favorites. I tend to like a sweeter coffee. This one was pretty tart."

"Not a fan of citrus. It was a lovely roast just not to my taste liking."

"Unremarkable. A bit light. Brewed in french press, couldn’t appreciate any distinct flavors. It was fine, but not something I’d order. "

"Medium light roast spicy smooth finish like the description "

"This blend resulted in a decent cup, but was not what I was expecting. More sour than bitter and I didn't sense any of the flavor notes listed."

"We made this in our chemex and liked it. It is very bright - more so than we typically associate with a holiday blend but still good."

"Beans smell like chocolate, and after grinding, honey and nuts. Made this in a pour over. Was not impressed with the flavor. "

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