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Westlake Avenue Blend (#9)

Conduit Coffee Company


(Earn up to $1.73 in Bean Box Credit)

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Cocoa

Bean Box Breakdown

The wonderful flavor of this blend entranced the entire team! Reminiscent of a rich bar of pure dark chocolate, this cup is smooth and low acid with a touch of caramelized sugar. Try it with a splash of cream for a truly decadent experience.

Conduit Coffee Company Story

A lively medium/medium-light roast with a creamy chocolate body and intense brown sugar. In pourover brew methods, it finishes with a tea-like mouthfeel.

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Ships roasted-to-order on Aug 28 (1-3 day typical delivery).
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Customer Reviews

82 customer reviews  write a review

"Dark chocolate and cinnamon notes - like a Mexican mocha. Great as press pot with a splash of cream. "

"This coffee is not great, with bitter, muddled flavor. Flawed, entirely forgettable."

"Great medium blend! Love the dark chocolate notes. Sweet molasses at the end. Would buy again!"

"Love to drink this coffee black or with just a splash of heavy cream"

"Is expecting more but it's a lovely dark cup of coffee. Surprised to taste so much tobacco when it was supposed to be sweet and chocolatey. "

"Middle of the road roast. Was nice and light. Brewed drip. "

"This is one of my favorites. Perfect breakfast blend."

"I cold-brew and primarily drink iced. When I was reading up on iced preparations, this variety was recommended in an independent blog, and so far it is my favorite. Note that I am a newbie to coffee and still find it too much for me straight. I'd think this would be a good "starter" coffee."

"This coffee was very smooth and paired great with chocolate. I brewed it with a french press and it left great flavor."

"I thought this coffee was ok. The flavors just weren't there for me and I love a chocolate/brown sugar combo. "

"I loved how this one smelled but the finish was a little off for me. It was a little bitter at the end of the trail of chocolate."

"3.5 stars! Consistent smooth taste. Mild & flavorful (not bitterish as most others I've had in past 9+ months.) will reorder."

"A solid medium roast; the flavors weren't overwhelming and paired well with dark chocolate."

"Very, very smooth! Enjoyed it with a french press - it goes extremely well with chocolate! Flavor not too "complicated"... simple, good coffee."

"This sampler went along with the biscotti gift and the recipient loved it! I'll be ordering for all my coffee loving friends in the future."

"This is the perfect coffee to drink with chocolate! So good! I was super sad when I poured my last cup!"

"Loved this when I first got it but the flavor seemed to diminish after awhile. Still good but not great. Nice smooth tones. Definite chocolate flavor with just a hint of brown sugar sweetness."

"Not a very strong flavor. A very mild roast. A solid cup of coffee but not a ton of distinguishing flavors. "

"This was a bit too sour for me. Not to my taste. I think it would work for some who like a slightly lighter blend, but my tastebuds might prefer a mightier brew. All in all, good tasting experience-- i.e. good mouth feel-- but not the flavor profile I'm looking for. "

"Excellent roast! I really enjoyed this bean, stand alone it was great! "

"Didn't get too many of the tasting notes and it wasn't as strong as I would have liked, but it was pretty good."

"Love this blend. Works great as a pourover, and is heaven iced. It has a chocolate aroma and taste, and doesn't go bitter iced. Easily a daily staple. "

"Really enjoy this smooth brew. Velvety and decadent throughout."

"We enjoyed this one brewed in a french press! It is a lighter blend but we made it more bold by adding more grounds than usual. It has a very earthy but sweet flavor and it was one of our favorites. "

"Delicious! My favorite from Bean Box so far. This seems like more a medium-dark roast than medium-light to me, but maybe I just made it extra strong. I tasted the dark chocolate but not as much of the brown sugar. I used an aeropress and drank it black. "

"I really liked this coffee, although I think it would have been better if it was a little darker. I really sense the notes of chocolate and brown sugar."

"I didn't taste any extra sweetness; seemed pretty mundane, though not terrible"

"The brown sugar is the stronger of the tasting notes. I like that the after taste is not very bitter."

"This has a warm, sweet flavor. It used it for pour over. It was good, but it didn't stand out for me. I thought the coffee flavor was a bit weak. "

"Nice, full body. Almost spicy. The brown sugar notes hit the more molasses-y kind of brown sugar flavor--not just rich/sweet."

"I didn't care for this one. It tasted over earthed to me. I brewed using a press."

"Melted butter aroma, smokey cocoa-nib flavors and a final uplifting tang of vanilla extract. The lack of fruity notes mean this coffee stays low to the ground, pleasant for all manner of medium- and dark-roast fans."

"OBSESSED with this one! And omgosh with the triple chocolate chip biscotti... I could wake up to this every morning."

"Liked this coffee. Was good in french press. Enjoyed It. "

"Hand ground, brewed with a pour over. Definite sweetness, with some subtle bitterness. Has the smokiness profile of a darker medium roast, without overpower the lesser powerful flavors of the coffee beans."

"Not wonderful and not terrible. Very average. But the chocolate profile was quite nice. Smooth finish."

"Can really taste the chocolate in this one! Have enjoyed drinking this in mornings. Although this is a stronger blend than I usually drink it is not bitter or off-putting. I make this in a french press."

"I really enjoyed this coffee. You can taste the chocolate and brown sugar. Amazing."

"A fantastic cup of coffee. It's smooth and comforting while keeping a strong flavor throughout. I'll definitely be ordering a full bag sooner or later."

"Absolutely delicious! So yummy. You can taste the subtle hints of chocolate and brown sugar. I'd get this again for sure!"

"It's def a cooler weather coffee but excellent as a cold brew!"

"This was a really good blend, We are new to testing freshly roasted coffees and I can tell you there is no turning back now. "

"Awesome chocolate smell and sweet delicate taste. Good for Moka pot and for french press, as americano and as latte/cappuccino it was super yummy. Really enjoyed this coffee in the Morning! It was like a dessert :) One of the best from June box. "

"Not a bad cup. But I found no notes of chocolate whatsoever. Only a bright tangy citrusy zest taste with a light brown sugar note. Light body and medium acidity make it easy to drink, but its notes are nothing spectacular to me. Would probably be delicious iced."

"Delicious!! Would definitely buy on my own! Could be a breakfast regular."

"I brewed it hot and added some coconut milk, and it was amazing. One of my favorite samples received so far, I'm going to order a full bag!"

"I liked this coffee quite a bit. The flavors really came through and I quite liked it."

"Very tasty mild coffee with full flavor. Brewed this coffee using french press, brewed up nicely, with perfect cup after 4-5 minutes."

"My husband brewed this coffee via drip. He said it was delicious and very smooth. "

"This was my favorite! Super tasty! A great mix between light and medium roast."

"These beans were super fire!!! I loved having a cup before work so much that I made another cup after work."

"Solid roast! Conduit rocks! pour over, french press, cold brew; you name it you'll love it."

" This was a good coffee but I found it to be a little bit mild which would require more coffee grinds per cup that I would normally use to counter act this. I found the cream to be a nice accent to the chocolate undertones. "

"aeropress. Served Black. A nice solid coffee. It won't blow your mind but it gives a nice consistent coffee, it's got a nice smooth feel, and some dark notes. Maybe a hint of acidity but quite nice with a pastry. "

"Nothing too exciting about this coffee. I am not a huge fan of the lighter roasts though so I am biased. My wife and I both said it seemed a little nutty. Not acid, so it was pleasant to drink. "

"I was excited to try this coffee just based on all the other reviews, but I have to say, I'm quite disappointed. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good either. I was left feeling sad..."

"I usually used a french press to brew this coffee. I made a large batch for my coworkers one day, and they insisted it must have been flavored coffee because the tasting notes were so prominent. "

"It has a great smell but the taste was not up to par. It was a little too bitter for our taste."

"Very, very, smooth and very boring. No fruitiness at all to it. chemex brewed."

"Ohhhhh yeah this is a good one. Totally can taste the chocolate and with cream it's insane."

"This coffee is very nice. I enjoy the slightly bitter dark-chocolatey flavor. I added a little cream and sugar once, but found that I prefer it on its own. I feel like I need to add more coffee grounds than I normally do to get the best brew, but overall, this is a really good coffee."

"This is probably my favorite coffee that I've gotten so from Bean Box. It made especially notable cold brew. The chocolate and brown sugar really came across. Also had success using it to make pour over coffee. "

"Love it! It's a pleasant mild brew that's a great wake up call in the morning. "

"This coffee was delicious! It was smooth and light so I was about to enjoy at different times of the day. "

"This is by far my FAVORITE coffee found on Bean Box. I grind it medium-fine and use it in my Keurig. It's PERFECTION."

"Such a versatile bean. Excellent for cold brew, expressos, and pour-overs!"

"Really lovely medium roast coffee. It's on the sweeter side--both brown sugar and chocolate flavors are noticeable but not overpowering. Great for enjoying on a leisurely morning. "

"I prefer darker roasts, but this is a pleasant lighter roast. It has a natural smooth flavor that doesn't need any sweetener. I brewed this with a french press and added a little bit of creamer. I think this would also make a nice cold brew coffee. "

"I did not make iced coffee with this - perhaps I should have. This played like medium-bodied, non-offensive regular coffee to me. Totally drinkable but nothing noteworthy. I would drink it regularly and make it an every day coffee, but I didn't get particular enjoyment out of it."

"I used this medium blend for my iced coffee. chocolate flavors are subtle. Good blend. "

"One of the best medium roasts we've had. Well-balanced and interesting with a tea-like mouth feel and brown sugar notes. "

"Right away after brewing you can smell the brown sugar. This blend has a good balanced body (brewed with a chemex). And as others have said, it definitely has a sweetness that makes it enjoyable even for those who usually wouldn't like black coffee."

"This coffee was very pleasant. I could taste the notes of chocolate and enjoyed it. I brewed it using a pour over and drank it black. It was very enjoyable. "

"My favorite coffee yet! It's a nice medium- not too light and not too dark and overwhelming. I can actually taste the chocoately notes in this one! I drink it black or with a hint of whole milk. It's a perfect everyday coffee. Brewed w/ aeropress @ 175 steeped for 2 minutes, just past the 2 line."

"A medium roast that has a lot of flavor and is in the sweet side. Great as a change of pace and needs no sugar. "

"I like really dark roasts but this one is definitely a winner!"

"Light and sweet, with a great aroma. I usually take my coffee with cream and sugar, but was able to drink this black. Just for kicks, I went ahead and adulterated the brew with my usual additions anyway, and found the resulting taste and mouthfeel to be very reminiscent of hot cocoa. Yummy."

"This is a great tasting coffee. Very smooth, creamy and tastes great as a hot cup of joe or an iced coffee. Highly recommended for beginners to the world of coffee."

"Definitely a sweeter, lighter medium roast that is very enjoyable. "

"Smooth, and just sweet enough. Can't wait to pour the first cup of the morning! Just a little cream is all that's needed here. Blissful!"

"This is the one that has me waking up before the alarm just to get to it. A pinch of stevia and some heavy cream it's like desert. Are you sure they're not sneaking cocoa beans in there?"

"One of my preferred coffees for a morning cup, that needs no sugar, since there's a real sweetness, almost caramelized, in the foreground."

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