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Ship Canal Blend (#167)

Conduit Coffee Company


(Earn up to $1.75 in Bean Box Credit)

Roast: Dark roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Caramel, Chocolate, Spice

Bean Box Breakdown

Named after the waterway that connects Lake Washington to the Puget Sound, this superb dark roast is as caramel smooth as the passage of ships along the canal, and as mysterious as the deep waters below them....

Conduit Coffee Company Story

A warming blend of Central and South American and Sumatran beans. Sweet and full bodied with an excellent mouthfeel, with rich, almost spicy, chocolate flavors.

Reserve Now

Order by 3PM PST. Get it by Friday, July 26. Can also ship roasted-to-order on Jul 31 (1-3 day typical delivery).

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Customer Reviews

32 customer reviews  write a review

"A really good blend. Loved the flavor and balance. I would recommend."

"Nice coffee with notes of cherry , sugar, and chocolate. Made in a french press and drank black. "

"Nice, rich, cherry-like fruitiness. We liked this one. Good with food or by itself."

"From my husband: this coffee is a good, strong dark coffee. With a little bit of sugar you can really taste the chocolate and the spice is a nice aftertaste. A great coffee to enjoy!"

"All of Conduit Coffee Company are a pleasure. This one isn't my fav, but might be a hit with more classic coffee style drinkers. It is very minerally. "

"Very bold smell (I could smell it through the box!), and a bold taste. This one will wake you up in the morning!"

"Yet another favorite. I loved the balance of sweet chocolate and spice. I typically sweeten my coffee, but I didn't need to with this one."

"Great dark roast! The sweetness and chocolate notes didn’t overpower the coffee flavor."

"Sweet coffee complete with hints of caramel and chocolate. This decadent coffee served more as a dessert than it did a straight coffee, but that's not bad!"

"I liked this very much, very complex and spicy notes. I don't drink my coffee black but this blend could convert me. "

"Warm, comforting, dark flavor. Best part of my morning!"

"Excellent dark roast coffee. Truly a dark roast with the essential oils of the bean brought out during roasting. Deep flavor and aroma without being bitter or harsh."

"So, so, so, so very good! It made an amazing cup of coffee and even my non coffee family loved the smell of it!"

"Great coffee! I could definitely taste a rich chocolate but not as spicy and robust in dark flavor as I had hoped. I would definitely purchase this coffee though...the rich flavor is wonderful."

"Stands up to cream and sugar beautifully, lots of chocolate and caramel."

"Love this coffee. Bold not bitter at all. Almost Carmel like flavor. I drank it with a little cream and no sugar. "

"Just a great Sumatra. Can't explain the notes because I typically had this running late so I was unable to sit and fully enjoy but would defineintly​ get again"

"We really liked this coffee. Only gave it four stars because we've received others similar in flavor profile that we liked better. But still a great coffee. "

"Very smokey flavor. Not a fan. But if you like a heavy smoke aftertaste this one is for you..."

"Very smooth. I can taste the chocolate notes throughout. Bold without being overpowering. "

"Good, tangy coffee. I don't really taste the caramel that's supposed to be in there, but it's definitely earthy and strong. "

"This is great coffee! I have tried a couple from this roaster.They have all been amazing. I am so happy to be able to order this fabulous Coffee from Seattle. It makes me just a little less homesick for that fabulous city I will forever call home ❤. Every cup is soothing and enjoyable. "

"I received this as part of my monthly subscription service. I've received about 10 coffees so far and this is my favorite (Chase Your Dreams follows with a close second). I brew in a chemex. It is dark, full bodied with no acidity."

"It's a very good dark roast but not overpowering the flavor! "

"Decent cup of joe. Not too dark or overpowering but full bodied. "

"One of my favorites out of the sample pacl I've received. Really good and rich with their sweet and chocolate notes while still remaining a dark roast. "

"I made expressos from these. It was very smooth with a hint of dark chocolate. These were also good when prepared using the pour-over method and served with a drizzle of condensed milk, which brings out the caramel flavors."

"Really smooth, absolutely delicious. I both cold brewed and french pressed and thoroughly enjoyed both preparations. "

"The caramel note in this blend was wonderful. I cold-brewed it for 12 hours and drank it over ice, and it was lovely."

"Drank this black, french pressed. Beautifully dark and rich, no sharp acidic bite. Richly dark but overall, very mellow. I'd buy this one again."

"This is a really good blend. Delicious, even reheated. "

"Dark and somewhat smoky, with hints of caramel and an almost nutty, spicy finish. Not as sweet as I expected given the description -- I tried it black but preferred my cup with sugar and a little cream. A nice, solid choice for fans of dark roast."

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