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Conduit Coffee Company - Guatemala Finca la Esperanza

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Guatemala Finca la Esperanza (#207)

Conduit Coffee Company

Roast: Light roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Chocolate, Orange, Cocoa

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

Punchy and brunchy, with a tart orange flavor and a mellow fondue finish that our roaster calls “chocolate mimosa”. A nice variant on the typical Guatemala, which usually carries more notes of red fruit than citrus.

Conduit Coffee Company Story

Sweet, fruity aroma with a balanced body and bright acidity leaving you with a pleasant fruit aftertaste. Notes of cocoa and orange.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

20 customer reviews

"I really enjoyed this coffee- light with that hint of orange and chocolate. Not too fruity- balanced just right. Made in the french press."

"Absolutely delicious. We loved this chocolate-y blend! The hint of orange was perfect."

"This was my first time trying Conduit coffee. I love light roasts and this coffee did not disappoint. The first roast in my next sampler that I tried wasConduit. It too was excellent. I will try all of their light roasts that I have the opportunity to try. "

"Amazing coffee. Thin body, almost tea-like to some extent. Delicate mouth feel and a very balanced coffee overall. Would love to try this again, anytime!No wonder it's so good, given its variety composition: 65% Bourbon, 30% Caturra, 5% Pacamara (I wish BeanBox would provide variety information...)"

"I am always a sucker for coffees with hints of chocolate, because really, what pairs better with coffee? This was delicious, easy to drink, and the chocolate flavor really came through for me. "

"Favorite coffee so far. So bold and flavorful! I even had to share this with my friend as it was fabulous! "

"I ordered from Bean Box using a Gilt coupon and was very excited to receive my box. This was the first one I tried out of the 4 and I instantly fell in love! It is very smooth, well balanced and the chocolate comes through- I used a french press and I am now hooked! "

"This was such a delicious cup of coffee. There were some defined elements of orange and it was slightly tart too. I really liked this one. It was delicious"

"This was very good medium-light roast. It had a rich, chocolate taste with some sparkling citrus aspects as well. Very balanced coffee. Brewed with a chemex. "

"It tastes like a chocolate mimosa! I would highly recommend this one, especially with my chocolate creamer. Loved, and would get again!"

"A very nice, rich chocolaty tasting coffee. As I have a sweet-tooth I'm a big fan, however it's not a daily drinker for me. Has a boldness to it that is very satisfying and a great flavor."

"For this coffee, we used the aeropress. It was the perfect choice! The smell was awesome and the flavors incredible! It had a perfect level of sweetness with fruity notes"

"Even though it's a light roast, it still has a lot of flavor. Nice and bright while still maintaining a decent kick. Loved it when I brewed it in my chemex. "

"My favorite coffee of the four that I received I was pleasantly surprised by the boldness and fruitiness of this lighter roast coffee. "

"Could taste the notes of chocolate and orange. Well balanced and enjoyable to drink."

"This is a pleasantly bright and fruity coffee. I enjoy this one very much. I used the pour-over method (funnel + paper towel = fancy). I have always been partial to dark roasts, but I am realizing how delightful lighter roasts, such as this one, can be (thanks to my Bean Box subscription)."

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