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Caffe Vita - Mexico Sierra Sur de Oaxaca

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Mexico Sierra Sur de Oaxaca (#134)

Caffe Vita

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Single Origin

Tastes: Cinnamon, Almond, Spice

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

Buttery smooth mouthfeel, spicy body, and a pleasant almond-cookie finish: the perfect base for Mexico’s traditional Café de Olla (just add a cinnamon stick!)

Caffe Vita Story

We found Sierra Sur to produce the sweetest, fullest, and most complex coffees of Oaxaca. This is a creamy medium roast with notes of plum, dark chocolate, and panela.

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

34 customer reviews

"This is a great flavor. A solid light medium cup of coffee. "

"This one was my favorite out of the coffees we received. Perfect day off morning coffee or before work taking a minute to enjoy your coffee coffee. Lighter, but not too light and not dark either. It was just right"

"Tasty, sweet, caramel, slightly fruity, great finish, deep and pleasant linger."

"It was too strong for me and taste was a little bit unusual. "

"Yummy! nutty and rich. This was a smooth coffe that blended well with creamer. "

"This is a smooth, easy drinking coffee to start your day! I can taste the chocolate and almond notes and enjoyed a cup over Christmas morning! "

"This coffee is everything I want in a breakfast coffee. It has delicious cinnamon notes with hints of dark choc and pairs well with a buttered english muffin. No acidity. I like to drink it with heavy cream and a dash of cinnamon. It is a medium roast that is not too bold and warms the belly"

"This was a good, above average blend of coffee. I would probably say it's up on my favorites list. Good, solid flavor. Great for every day brewing."

"This coffee has almost a tobacco scent to it when ground and brewing, which is kinda off putting. I am not a smoker, so this throws me off. However, after half&half and stevia, the tobacco notes subside. Overall good body and medium body for a hot cup at any time of the day. "

"Ok or decent. Don’t particularly like this type of coffee. "

"It's ok. I was expecting something unique with the plum and cinnamon, but just didn't cut it. "

"A solid coffee. I would rank this slightly above average for a premium coffee. I liked it, but I thought it lacked the character I seek in coffee. I will enjoy my sample but I won't be buying a full size bag."

"One of only a few coffees I can drink without cream or sugar. The ONLY coffee I enjoy without cream or sugar (but prefer to add a little sugar to enhance some of the flavors). "

"Love, love, love! I am not a coffee aficionado. I mean, I cannot describe you the flavor profiles etc. but I know that I love this coffee without cream or sugar added. "

"Bought this coffee for a cold brew and loved it. It had a rich cocoa, nutty flavor with a sudtle spice that seems to come over stronger when brewed hot. Overall it is a great coffee hot or cold. "

"Hand ground, brewed with a pour over. Great coffee for a lighter medium roast. None of the harshness the more darker medium roasts I've had before, and does not lack body either. You get a subtle sweetness too, which was well received. Some nuttiness too, but that might have been imagined. A fan."

"Wonderful blend, very soothing for a relaxing cup of coffee day or night"

"Nice medium blend with a hint of spice, chocolate, and sweetness."

"I'm so happy I was sent a bag from this! This is my favorite flavor profile by far."

"Brewed with a french press. Huge chocolate notes that go great with milk. "

"Strong taste. Pleasant to drink, but I have tasted better Mexican coffee. Couldn't really make out the tasting notes."

"Lovely cup of coffee, not as bold as what I usually drink but still a nice flavor."

"I flew through this bag. The taste was a little more bold than I thought it would be, but it was so smooth and was a favorite for everyone I made it for"

"Slight spice on this one, wasn't my favorite, flavors were not balanced enough. The fruit notes left an odd mouthfeel."

"There is a rich, smooth mouthfeel to this coffee. It tastes of chocolate and cinnamon in a light and fresh way. This is not a coffee that jolts you first thing in the morning. Rather it awakens the senses gently, starting the day in a relaxing way."

"This was such a pleasant surprise for a light roast. It was bright and sweet with a definite chocolate taste. "

"Excellent coffee with notes or almond and milk chocolate, with a smooth and buttery mouth feel. My favorite coffee from Mexico."

"This was my favorite brew of the box. A very smooth yet bold brew."

"This was my favorite coffee in my bean box. Vita never disappoints. brewed pourover. "

"I am not usually a light roast person but this coffee is delicious. A tiny bit darker would've been great but the taste profile lives up to the promised almond cookie and buttery feel"

"Brewed chemex and v60 iced. Excellent strong flavors that I can't pinpoint. Very smooth and has a bit of spice to it. Instant favorite! "

"I love Caffe Vita coffee and this was no exception. It is a great fall coffee for the medium roast lovers!"

"My favorite coffees generally fall somewhere on the light to medium roast scale, and Caffe Vita's Mexico Sierra Sur de Oaxaca falls right in the sweet spot. Not too light, not too dark, flavorful but not too heavy or overpowering. This coffee is perfect any time of day, with a meal or on its own. "

"This was the first coffee we have received and it was very nice. I loved the chocolate taste to it and it didn't have an overpowering spicy taste to it. My husband thinks we waited to long to drink it (a month) but it was sealed and still tasted great! "

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