Caffe Vita - Holiday Blend 2017

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Holiday Blend 2017 (#557)

Caffe Vita

Roast: Medium roast coffee, whole bean, 12 ounces

Type: Blend

Tastes: Nutty, Marshmallow, Chocolate

Scarcity: Seasonal

Bean Box Breakdown

With cozy, nostalgic notes of dark chocolate and creamy toasted marshmallow, this medium-dark Brazilian blend conjures the all the childhood joy of a mug of hot cocoa. Pair it with a chocolate cookie, a roaring fire, and story time.

Caffe Vita Story

This holiday season we've created the perfect blend to share with your family and friends - a medium-dark roast featuring the coffees of Brazil, in the region of Campestre.

Balanced with low acidity and a rich, full body. Decadent aromas of caramel and baking spice. Flavors of dark chocolate, nougat and roasted marshmallow, with a praline and cocoa powder finish. A great companion for the holiday season!

Not Available

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Customer Reviews

24 customer reviews

"Loved it. Marshmallow nutty flavor, delicious. I thought this one was sweet and tasty like a campfire treat. "

"Solid blend. Delicious medium roast with a nutty flavor. Perfect for the holidays :)"

"Excellent in the french press with a splash of milk to bring out the nougat creaminess!"

"Yum yum! Great for holiday dessert, lots of delicious things happening here."

"Good cup of coffee. Enjoyed sample. Didn’t order though. "

"Got this last month around Christmas. Was pretty good but not my favorite per se. Would have again though. "

"This coffee was good, I think I made it a little weak so I didn't taste the flavor I probably should have"

"We made this delicious coffee in our french press and it was smooth, velvety, chocolaty and yummy. Would order again!"

"Brewed in a french press this one was true to its description. More on the medium side and smooth for a darker coffee. "

"Delicious dark marshmallow flavors! Made an excellent mocha."

"This one was my favorite in this box! It was the best holiday mix. "

"Yum !! one of my absolute favorites !!! Very amazing coffee. Great roaster, very good coffees from the box. Mild coffee with slight chocolate flavors"

"Very good coffee. Had this great sweet under taste so much so it makes a great snack substitue! I imagine it would be even better to enjoy with a bat of dark chocolate or some French toast. Also had a nice coffee forward taste, but for with the taste of a nice light blonde roast. Overall really good"

"Really enjoyed this, especially through the recent snow day. It was the perfect companion to a day off watching Star Trek while curled up with the dog and the cat."

"Sweet, smooth and rich but thin body. Not our favorite, but perfectly enjoyable."

"Yum!! Great holiday blend, good in the Keurig but even better as a french press. Flavors are just right and not to overwhelming. Definitely would get agan!"

"A flavorful coffee with sweet notes. I almost ruined it by adding my usual amount of sugar. Go lightly and add to taste. I thought this might have been an artificially flavored coffee at first because it had such distinct sweet flavors. Really pleasant. A great holiday blend."

"This coffee was a perfect balance! Not too strong, but just enough to give you a kick. I think the marshmallow was a great idea for the holiday season. "

"We brewed this coffee in our drip machine for a small group of friends with some cake and homemade cookies. Perfect flavor! Great compliments from our guests on the aroma and the flavor. Not too strong, small notes of sweetness and not too chocolatey. By far the best that we have had (holiday blend)"

"This coffee has a great smooth taste, and it has small hints of marsh-mellow. This blend is a great blend for the morning, not to strong, but not weak. "

"Very nice subtle coffee. Perfect for sipping at breakfast or through out the day "

"Witty, charming, full of whimsical delight. I hath never witnessed a fever pitch such as this. A bag of beans that none have ever witnessed in it's truest form as it is here. To be said, the truest treasure, the kind that men have fought and died over."

"I loved the nutty marshmallow taste of this coffee. Excellent flavor - a perfect wintertime coffee - a reminder of hot chocolate, only better because it's coffee. "

"A comforting, quality holiday blend - perfect for this time of year. We enjoyed it in the chemex and aero press- with creamer and without."

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